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    What made you depressed today?

    I deleted this because it's years old, irrelevant, and slightly embarrassing.

    Anyway, list what has made you depressed.
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    One thing to try and remember is this will all change in a few years. Your life then will not be as it is now.
    But you also have to want to make positive changes in your life and work towards them.

    And if it gets really shitty, go see a counselor/psychologist or whatever. It's what they do for a living and they can help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Kobrin View Post

    The most prominent element is my lack of all social support. I have no friends, for reasons unknown, and I have never, nor could I ever in my immediate life, have any sort of romantic relationship (for which I so painfully long...) I don't understand why I do not have friends, and that is where the immense unfairness comes to play. I consider myself to be nice, intelligent, unique, funny (though that depends on your sense of humor and what mood I am in), and in a few certain areas talented. In the past 5 years or so I have committed no intentional harm towards another person (physical or emotional) and yet I am constantly hurt by others (most often those who are "closest" to me.)
    Being completely honest, I must say that I have noticed a lot of your posts here have had to do with how much you hate the people you go to school with. Do you think that might have something to do with the fact that you have no friends? I know just how you feel Jake, I really do. This was a huge problem for me especially in middle school. By the time I got to high school, I realized that there are friends to be had from all social circles and areas of life. The only real way to remedy your problem is to reach out and force yourself to make friends. I know it's tough. It seems awkward at first. But like art, with practice, it becomes extremely second nature. I was never one to initiate conversation when I was younger. Now I talk far too much.

    I'll be praying for you.

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    you need some sun and fresh air. GTFO and start jogging.
    Sitting home all day without moving much your internal organs don’t get enough blood, of course you start getting depressed and down. That’s a number 1 syndrome.
    You have to start changing your lifestyle because that is the origin of your depressions.
    You might develop anxiety disorder or panic disorder some day. If you have this kind of symptoms
    or if you feel very uneasy going out in public, looking strangers in the eye, you need to see a psychologist.
    They have medication, antidepressants and they will help you to find the roots of your problem.
    You need to move your ass, go out and make new friends. Go party. Do SPORTS, start running every day (you can run across your house if you are too shy to run outsie) you will see results after 1-2 weeks already.
    Having depressions is usually a way of your body telling you that something is wrong, it often is a physical problem, too less movement, too less vitamins, dehydration, stress, going to bed much too late, lack of sun.

    Get your shit together.

    It does not take a scientist to tell you have depressions; a quick look at your painting is enough.
    You sound almost suicidal.
    It’s good that you posted, I hope someone can talk some sense into you.
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    And the number one thing.... TAKE RISKS!

    It sounds obvious but taking big risks will more often than not result in something good . Its only when i started doing that did i start to get a lot happier .

    (dont take stupid risks though, you still need to live life intelligently)

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    Well I have you as a friend on facebook and I see some of your status updates. I'm pretty jealous you're in San Fran. So that's something to be psyched about. It seems like a pretty cool place. You're about to or went to Coro's art show, another thing to be very happy about. That's two things right there about your life that are cool, at least in my opinion.

    Making and keeping friends can be work sometimes. You may be a great person but it doesn't really matter if nobody can see it. You have to show people what you have to offer them, your friendship, humor, culture, etc. I don't really know what you do outside of school, but just go and talk to people. Even someone at a bus stop or something. Strike up a conversation about anything. I know it may seem silly to talk about meaningless things but it's the interaction that counts.

    High school is complex, but it's over in a blink of an eye. There are good kids there, you just have to find them. They just might not be what you expect at first.

    If you want to talk to a girl, just go up to her and compliment her shoes. That gives you a reason to talk, captures her interest, and you don't use any cheesy lines. Not saying that all girls care about is shoes, it's just an easy ice-breaker.
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    Seconding what Randis said.

    Exercise and take care of your body!

    Not only will that make you physically healthier, it'll also make you happier and more confident = nicer to be around = more friends!

    And as for romantic relationships, these often start by simply making friends.

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    First of all, it's a great thread idea. With a kickass start!

    It's better to rant to the internet than pour yourself out to a counselor, which they'll probably take too seriously. (Unless you have a huge depression problem)

    You can take little baby steps to try and solve problems in your life, or you can go out and get a mutha' fuckin' revelation! Do something stupid, go to an extreme, combat your worst head-on, and try to live afterwards And then depression about little things like friends, love, family, can't touch ya.

    What made me lil depressed today...My sister misplaced $180, and blamed me. I almost felt guilty enough to give it back to her.

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    You know what's depressing me? My hernia's acting up again... It felt a little funny last time I went bicycling, but this morning it's really tender and painful. I had surgury what last April? and I'm hardly doing anything to upset it. Hardly any heavy lifting, and if I can't at least bicycle... I've been a wuss all my life and I've always promised myself to finally exercise and get stronger. I'd hate to be limited by this stupid hernia, forever...

    If only my brother hadn't kicked me when I was four. That's when I first got it.

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    I have to third randis' advice. Apart from the therapists and drugs, you probably won't need any of that. I used to be overweight, long haired with worn pants and band shirts. Luckily for me i still managed to keep a close circle of friends. But no matter how you look at it, looking a certain way will always make people see you in a different way before they speak to you, no matter what kind of person you might be.

    Exercise is a lifesaver. And a lifechanger. What randis says is true, a healthy mind requires a healthy body. And if you're looking for relationships, a healthy body certainly won't hurt. And its not just the "chicks don't like fat" thing, but being healthy makes you radiate a different kind of energy that people pick up on. Oh, and people ARE shallow. Every last one of us. We like healthy looking bodies, its not a choice, its not about being shallow, and its not about "not caring about the beautiful inner part of a person".

    I used to be overweight, long haired and shabbily dressed. I didn't care about grooming too much either. Its not really a coincidence that my luck with the ladies wasn't the greatest. If you want my advice from personal experience, hit the gym, eat healthy, groom and get a haircut. I know that the knee-jerk reaction to the last part would be giving up your identity, sense of belonging to a sub-culture, selling out, mainstreaming, conforming etc etc. But you won't stop liking your music. Your personality won't change. Its hair. protein filaments growing out of your scalp. And if you want it back, it will grow back. There's no need to shout your musical tastes to the world, in the end its a personal thing. Long hair can also bring with it a certain amount of androgyny, and thats not gonna get the chicks' juices flowing - so to speak.

    But yeah, bottom line: get some exercise. It will make you hotter, it will give you more energy to paint, play bass or chase skirts. It will make you less depressed, maybe rid you of depression altogether. It will also give you confidence, which helps the positive cycle spiraling upwards.

    PS: Hating people is quite useless. It only narrows down your potential relationships with people severely. And don't forget to consider what other people might think, having a certain stance might make you blind to a lot of things. For example, if you see a girl in a pink skirt with bleached hair in science class trying to figure out how to work a computer with the biggest durrface, i bet you already judged her and locked yourself from getting to know someone potentially awesome. And on the flipside, when she sees you she's probably just gonna see a chubby metalhead and judge you accordingly, no matter what sort of wonderful things you might have to offer. You are in school right? People your age are usually very confused, with a need to belong, most haven't even really started finding their identity yet. One of my friends used to be a jock, is a semi professional bodybuilder and likes spraytan. If i had judged him on that i'd miss out on a really funny friend who is a linux geek, very intelligent and interesting.

    Bleh, i hate sounding preachy. I just speak from my own experience, take it or leave it.

    PPS: Don't waste your lucid dreams on substituting real world relationships. You can have that in the real world! (no really, you CAN.) If anything that'll turn you into a freak. Spend your lucid dreams slaying dragons, playing poker with attilla the hun or visiting mars, then you'll have something awesome to talk to girls about, instead of being awkward because you boned her in your dreams last night.

    Oh, btw, there's always something to be depressed about if you choose to. The trick is to see the bigger picture and see which things REALLY matter. I don't see the point in these kind of threads. People get depressed over the silliest of things, and most of them are within their grasp to change. And even when things are out of your hands, focusing on all the negatives and how much your life sucks because of it is rarely gonna help. I hesitated to share this cuz i don't like whining and i don't want to sound like i'm digging for sympathy but i'll edit it in just to make a point; I have two herniated disks in my spine. They pinch the nerves going down my legs, and cause great pain. It keeps me from doing a lot of things a normal person can do. And since i had a herniated disc in the same spot, and got surgery for it when i was fifteen, the doctors can't operate on me again unless its an extreme emergency, because the accumulated scar tissue might do as much damage as the herniated discs do in the first place. Its probably only gonna get worse as i get older, and on top of the pain i might lose bowel- and watercontrol and other downstairs functions that no man would want to be without. But do i mope about it and let it depress me? FUCK NO! That wouldn't change a thing, and on top of everything else I'd be miserable. fuck that. Because of my back i have also developed sleep problems, which has made it difficult to keep a 9-5 schedule and job. No biggie, i'll work freelance. My girlfriend also had to leave the country for a month and a half yesterday. It sucks balls, but moping about it won't make her come back faster. I'll just look ahead and focus on other things. I'm happy, I have great friends and a wonderful girl, i get to work with what i love, and there's lots of adventure in the horizon. Life truly is great!
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    Thanks Slash... hahaha

    The part that really makes the most depressed is that I've DONE ALL OF THIS SHIT. I've been through a lot of therapy, I've taken meds, whatever. (That's the psychological stuff) I've lost about 40 pounds, I talk to more people than ever before, etc. (that's the socio-physical crap) And yet, in all of this, I've made utterly no progress... I have LESS friends than when I was first feeling depressed years ago and made a stance to change it.

    My hair is actually quite well taken care of. I have "girl's hair" not "metalhead hair" hahaha. I don't know why everyone tells me to cut my hair, the ONE fucking thing I like about my physical self!

    p.s. Slash, I don't "bone" girls in my lucid dream. I just can't stoop down to that, it'd be too awkward. Plus... you... er... wake up as soon as... er... not that... er... I'd know first hand... or anything...

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    I've been there. I really have.

    Bobby Chiu got me rocking

    Everythings been said that I would of said, I'm glad you posted this instead of keeping it to your self. Comeon man! Get it together!

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    Friends and romantic relationships do not a happy life make...

    Other people are nice toppings to the icecream of life, but they aren't needed to enjoy the life-cream for its creamy goodness.

    Find goals! Work towards goals! Be a complete person and fix whatever is wrong with your life!

    Stop worrying so much what other people think of you and just chat with whoever is next to you (not because you want some long meaning relationship, but simply because you are bored and feel like chatting). Say something completely stupid and then just smile...basically, have fun!

    If you really want friends, just start talking to someone....chances are they want friends too (or want more friends).

    Life isn't so serious...loosen up and you will enjoy it a lot more (because people will respond to that and your enjoyment of life will spread to those around you...drawing people towards you and making you even more successful).

    Oh yea, and exercise is good too....simply because it sucks to be out of shape and makes you feel better / more energetic when you get a little movement in your diet.

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    I'm considering asking a mod to delete this thread... it's very embarrassing. I should have gone by another moniker to post it.

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    Perhaps realize that your happiness/mood should not be dependent on people and the relationships (you want) with them. Both of those have immense possibilities of letting you down.

    If someone can accomplish happiness alone, I think their personality could radiate towards others as being a more approachable person.

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