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    Exclamation [General]: Welcome to the Rusko-Berger Painting Course--buckle up...

    Hey, Everyone...and Welcome!

    This is my Oil Painting Series for CA artists, of all levels, who want to learn about oil painting and the attendant visual & mental processes that make it possible.

    This series will be primarily about how I approach Oils, though there will be times when Acrylics pop in. Since it's based on the way *I* do things (I'm not going to get into "How to Paint Anything in Any Style in Any Medium") keep in mind that I make absolutely no claim that this is the only way to approach painting. At the same time, however, you will get a very concrete and usable knowledge-set based on the fact that you're seeing a Vertical Slice of one man's methods.

    Format: I'll post the articles & examples with a general trend of Basics first, more advanced later. I'll title them descriptively and add a generalized "level" designation. That way, if the Spirit moves me and I want to post a skill level-blind topic for anyone, it'll be clear. As a side note: don't ignore posts with 'skill-levels" that you *think* are beyond--or below--you. You never know what'll end up being useful!

    Crits (critiques): Public posting of work for crits is essential & required--eveyone benefits from all crits. If you post a piece for crit... include the title of the Topic in your post. I'll delete posts that don't have that for obvious organizational reasons. If that happens to you, simply re-post according to Format. (Example: If I post: "[Basic]: Copying a Master Work; Landscape"--and you want a crit--you'd post something like "for crit, RE: [Basic] Master Landscape Copy". I am direct, fair, and step right up! Other artists will, of course, post their thoughts, too.

    Pre-requisites: A basic knowledge of drawing and translating what you see, via a series of marks, to create a decent image. Beginning painters are most welcome, just keep in mind that my crits are going to focus, specifically, on the topics I'm talking about. Beyond that, I'll certainly help you in harnessing and guiding those basics, as they apply.

    Your Part: If you're asking for a crit by posting your work: be serious, put in the time, and be able to take constructive criticism. Once again to make it very clear: be serious, put in the time, and be able to take constructive criticism. We'll be golden.

    Materials: I'm going to teach using the materials I use--I've spent many years winnowing them down to what I find useful, and I have my reasons. As I describe them I'll briefly explain the underlying function, or "why", of the choices. Obviously, you don't need to replicate my materials in brand--or even in exact color--but the underlying function should be reasonably replicated to achieve various technical results (more on this later).

    Master Examples (and "Masturbate Examples") : I'll use examples (the good, the bad, and the ugly) to illustrate various things. Note: this won't be a call to debate or flame. This requires everyone to be an adult (even if you disagree), and take the overall point I'm making. Thaaannk you.

    If I edit a post, it'll have [ADDENDUM] added, so ya know.

    First, I'll be copying a brief Bio of mine to this thread. The first Painting thread will be on Materials & Set-up, and the first Philosophical thread will be about the importance of Right Studenthood (at *any* point!).

    I'm really amped up for this, and I hope I can be useful in your journey!

    Paint-ily yours,
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