Reposted from the 'Non-paying' forum as we have come up with a small budget for this...

I'm currently working with a small group of people to develop an iPhone title.

We're at the stage of having a prototype up and running on hardware and we're able to evaluate and tweak gameplay... however all art is currently programmer-art. (which is kinda embarrassing!)

The style of the game is bright and vibrant, but not too cartoony. Think 'Everybody's Golf' (golf series for PS1, PS2, PS3 -

We're looking to find a 3D artist who can produce a character model (low-poly, exact tri count TBD but will be given well in advance of deadline) with a couple of variations and create multiple texture sets (maybe 8) to populate the play area with a few varied characters.

We're using 3D Studio Max for the project.

If you want any more info, or want to provide any links to folio work, please PM me or email at - please include your proposed fee for this so I can evaluate applications.

Thanks in advance,