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    Mikhail's Sketchbook

    I am new to this site, but I've been looking at it for years.

    Caution: My artwork is pretty crappy. I've seen peoples' SKETCHES trump my FINISHED work no problem here. So please, forgive me for hurting your eyes, but spare me not your wisdom. I could really use it.

    I have one painting and a few guns so far, from months ago. My art isn't so different now than it was then, so it's a decent indicator of where I'm at. I really want advice on painting above all.

    To paint this, I took a picture of it and then painted it all on one layer in painter. As for the gun, I know I'm an asshole for drawing on lined paper, but I though it was kinda cool, ya know?

    After this, I'm never uploading anything drawn on lined paper ever again.

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    I did a self portrait this morning. Tried to go for a much looser feel.

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    "forgive me for hurting your eyes" haha your killing me, your not that bad haha just hit some anatomy studies and im sure you will be great
    "The whole point of practice is to do it until you can do it right." - dpaint


    Sketch Book

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    I quite like the gun lined paper or no lined paper.
    Donít put yourself down so much, youíre not even down there with the eye burners. People can officially look at you stuff with no ill effects If you arenít sure how to paint, paint things from life, pay attention to the values and colour and go from there.

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    Thanks for the encouragement and advice, guys!

    I actually do a lot of ink studies, but I still need a great deal of practise to get the "looseness" that I want, because my work still feels really stiff to me. I'm probably gonna go to an art school where I can learn intensively, like most of you guys on here.

    I really admire all of your work and I'm pretty glad that I decided to tackle art, but that's enough of my rambling.

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