What type of paint should I use to paint an acrylic globe?

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    What type of paint should I use to paint an acrylic globe?

    I'm doing a lighting project for a class and I decided to make an eye that projects light.

    My current plan is to get a gooseneck, and a frosted acrylic globe, along with some EL wire for optic nerves.

    My current question is: What type of paint would I use to simulate blood vessels? I've never touched an acrylic globe so I have no clue what type of paint would be used. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

    Thanks in advance all!

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    Acrylic takes paint pretty well - a fine-art friend did some very cool stuff with oils on sheets of perspex, but I'd be tempted to suggest wargames-type acrylics (they don't contain the thickening agent you get in arty acrylics an are a tad more durable, also they're quicker than oils/enamels). I've recently been using up some Vallejo Model Air paint - they have some nice semi-transparent colours that you might be able to do something cool with. Or FW inks maybe? Anything like that.

    Depends how/what you're doing though.

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    Any enamel or acrylic paint that is sold in hobby model stores that won't dissolve acrylic (it will have warning on bottle).

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