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    Interesting to know about Britain

    Now, before you start thinking I'm against Islam, I'm not (though the videos I have posted are). I know a few Muslims and they are great kids. On the contrary, however, the videos bring up an interesting point concerning Britain and the Muslim community present within its borders. In fact, I have read articles that discussed the Muslims actions in Britain, some of which impose radical Islam, and, quite frankly, I think Britain should stand up for herself.

    Anyone keeping tabs on what is going on in Britain? Anyone living in Britain that can attest to what is going on?

    Is what is being said in these videos true?



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    She should talk to Geert Wilders from my country, they would make a great fear-spreading couple.

    Fear sells and her video almost looks like a promotion for her Londonistan book.

    You know what amazed me after the attacks on London subways? The way the people in the UK just picked up their life again contrary to what seemed to happen in the US after the attacks a couple of years earlier.

    I see no reason to spread fear. The UK has a long history with terrorsm (IRA anyone?) and never gave in to it. Nowadays people seem to allow themselfs to be terrified, exactly what terror is all about. Melanie is helping those guys big time. Thanks Mel!

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    Wiggles, I'm worried about the political situation in Texas. You guys are all crazy secessionists, RIGHT?

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    Wiggles, this really isn't the forum to deal with difficult political challenges related to Islamist expansionism. There is real danger involved, real fear, and heavy political indoctrination, which means emotions will run hot.

    There are other sites for this debate. Here you will get all heat and no light.

    At least Icarus tried!

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