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Thread: Win 7/Vista Users Please Read Before Posting: Tablet PC service vs Wacom Driver

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    I was having the darndest time since reinstalling Intuos3 drivers for my tablet (haven't used it in ~2 years(?)) --- my linework was coming out all wonky. Didn't realize it was a driver conflict issue till today! What a huge difference disabling the Win7 driver makes.

    However, I'm still running into the issue where occasionally while I'm working the pen pressure sensitivity will go bonkers and act as if I'm pressing down with all my might --- sort of like a digital ink blot.

    Will rolling back to the previous Wacom driver fix this problem? I thought all the pressure issues were fixed after disabling the Windows (non-Wacom) driver..
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    I love this thread, because it means I'm not alone. I've been uninstalling and re-installing drivers for hours trying to fix this. Touch wood, disabling the Tablet PC Input Service will do the trick. I've just put a shortcut on my desktop to the services window for easy access.

    Somewhat related, I was so perplexed when I was painting yesterday and my canvas suddenly flew off. It 'flicked' it..!
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    hey guys, long time ago i found a little program that can be helpful for those who suffer from the plague of the win vista/7 "circle". basically the phenomenum is caused by flicks and tablet pc input features. sometimes, or more like always, a ring thingy comes out while using a pen tablet of any kind, because win drivers overtake the hw ones, causing very annoying situations. there is a little yet helpful software, called fixmypen, that deactivates these win features in order to let your hw drivers to work fine.

    here is the website of the program, if you want to take a look
    the program download link is on the right. easy to use: make averything good fix the problem, make everything bad reactivates win built in drivers for tablets.
    here an example of appearance:

    this little program solved me tons of problems, you can give it a try. and the solution is quite permanent, as long as you don't reactivate the features by this app.

    just felt that this could be helpful and better fitting in this thread.
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    my god, you gotta be kidding me. after the years of horrible lags and driver crashes you people solved it all ;__; imma cry

    sankyu, sankyu ;___;
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