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    Into the meatgrinder. Fishy's Sketch book.

    Time i should start one of these.
    I use my live journal for the last 2~3 years as a sketch blog, But i am hoping for more feed back.
    Please feel free to critique any and everything. I am here to learn from mistakes i have over looked.

    I am a freelance Illustrator, hoping to make it into game concept art. i have had no real schooling artistically, so everything is based on trial and error. I am trying to achieve realism, or life to my art, without losing the style i am starting to develop.

    Sketches from my book, along with pieces jazzed up in photoshop.
    I few water color pieces.
    Along with a few digital pieces i feel are unfinished, or concepts i need to go back over some day, and refine.
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    First set of images is a large piece i recently finished, I felt like posting the original inks for it, along with the color studies i did up for it, and the finished piece.
    sketches, watercolor paintings after that.
    I need to do/post more life studies.

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    Hey there, neat stuff in here so far, nice start to your sketchbook!
    I really like what you're doing with the watercolors, The Baphomet piece is great, and i like your take on SPY vs. SPY. good stuff.

    You said that you wanted to improve without sacrificing your current style, I like your attitude, but you wont really improve if you warp your studies to match your style. All true great "stylized" artists get their foundations set in basic realism. I'd love to see some studies from you (Andrew Loomis and George Bridgman are a good start) and I look forward to see how you apply what you've learned to your style.

    I smell good potential in here, keep updating please!

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    Agree with austenFM, i would like to add Glenn vilppu an Walt stanchfield for capturing life in drawings..welcome .. cheers...
    Vinay Vikram Singh
    Life is beautyfull..

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    Thanks for commenting on my stuff. I actually had to google what you meant by atmospheric perspective, but after I did i immediately realized that it was a major problem with my older landscapes. Thanks for pointing that out. There is so much stuff... focus on this, focus on that, sharpening this, blurring that, image integrity and composition and the list goes on and on. I never drew or were interested in art before and I don't know why I decided to start with landscapes. But I guess I felt like characters have even more rules around them.

    Now to your art, and I have no problems calling your stuff that. From top to the bottom.

    Your lineart feels deeper and heavier then lineart of others. It's like if it was telling a story. Partly because of canvas used, partly because of lineart itself.

    The city elements series. Colors are obviously well chosen and I can recall what's going on on every one of them. But their simplicity, although obvious and wanted, makes them not-so attractive. That would greatly depend upon use of course.

    Three figures are well done, but I have no idea about that sort of art. Anatomy seems a tiny, tiny, tiny bit off (1st one nose, 2nd one left arm and the third one right arm) but as I said, I don't really know what they represent.

    Your entire monster section is amazing. Trees growing out of heads reminded me of Fallout 2 NPC Harrold. If I was to pick two images I love most from your gallery it would be the pink haired kobold rider on his mounted dragon, the huge arrowish spear is a nice touch. I LOVE the colored versions foreground. The rock on the left is too blurred for that distance, for my taste anyway. Kobold looks too cartoonish, although his claws are remarkable. I don't like the repetitive and too synthetic reddish texture on dragons skin. And the blue dragon resting on the rock, it combines elements of both western and eastern dragons and it's very interesting to look at. I like that one best.

    Your style of art is beautiful, one can see you know what you are doing and I can see lots of experience from your work.

    Your style is very traditional and artistic thus a bit harder to read. That is great for art as it is, but might be a problem for a work of conceptual artist.

    Best of luck with your artistic carrier and have fun doing what you do.

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    Great to see a familiar gracing conceptart with drawings. What I am seeing so far really tickles my art bone, not sure which that would be, maybe all of them. I really like where your art is going from what I've seen if your older works. As for style, a friend and instructor once told me focusing too much on style is like "moving a wagon without the horses." The great thing about it is that there is not much we can do to escape our style, it's a very wild thing and it simply evolves as we feed it from our experiences and practices, and observing art we admire. Imo that is why style is such a beautiful thing and why art communities such as this are extremely important.

    I could see you benefiting from possibly trying out Corel Painter. I had to look up some video tutorials to get started on it since it's a bit different of a creature than PS is, but once the basics are understood it can be a joygasmic experience for doing sketches, drawings and paintings.


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