One of the particular issues I have with my painting process is that the end result will always require adjustments when situations start getting complicated (AKA not on a white lighting). Objects of various hues all start looking independent with each other.

It comes down to a few things. Let's assume that the values are perfectly conceived in my mind. Background colour is placed. Local colour of various hues are placed in a picture. How do I make sure the local colours work with the background (this might be blatantly obvious but I want to make sure)?

I start working over the local colours. How do I make sure the lights of the objects relate to one another (including the light source) in such a way that it doesn't destroy its initial colour identity?

I know by now it's not the smartest idea to mix in what the colour of the light source is as it will make them really muddy (which destroys the object's colour identity). Am I looking at this the wrong way, first of all? If I am correct in that assumption, how else can I relate them? The way I do things right now is opaque-by-estimation-and-hope-for-the-best or opaque-by-reference. Neither is reliable for various reasons. I've seen Jason Chan's painting videoes multiple times and he would accurately pick out colours right off the wheel. What is possibly running through his mind when he's picking the colours in that everything relates so perfectly with one another (consistent with background, lighting, AND with other objects)?

It is one of the most aggravating things in my mind right now. Over the past few threads here, I have learned how to logically render an independent object out of my mind (the "Specular Highlights" thread cleared up pretty much everything) but I have been unable to reliably relate several substantially different objects under one lighting situation. Manley has spoken about how there are lighting patterns like warm/cool, though I'm at the point where warm/cool patterns of different objects are clearly not aligning with each other.

Thank you in advance. One thing to note is that I'm trying very hard not to use adjustment layers.