Hello all! I am looking to become a concept artist/illustrator/character designer (NOT animator - there are so many programs in animation but it seems not so many in digital illustration) and wondering if to those of you with experience in the field this sounds like a good education plan. I've been reading this forum a lot and this is the plan I have drawn up based on what I've read.

Note that I am one of those artists that does really well in a school environment, but despite passion to create seems to not find enough time for it when not attending classes. This is a major reason why I think I would be far better set up to succeed if I do go to school, rather than teaching myself. Note also that I have little interest in working traditionally in a career - digital is the way for me.

- Jason, if you aren't too busy and wouldn't mind contributing your opinion, I would really value it.

Bachelor of Fine Arts at my provincial university
-I'm Canadian. The program I would be attending is largely drawing/painting focused, but I know that students are able to do digital work in it if that is their interest. One of the careers which you are supposed to be able to come out of it into is illustrator.
-Some courses at an animation school nearby, a good one supposedly, in character design & storyboard, advanced lighting and texturing, introduction to the gaming industry, etc., to supplement my Fine Arts degree and give me more of a background in gaming/film specific-ish art
-ConceptArt.org workshops, Gnomon DVDs, etc.
-Subscription to ImagineFX magazine and valued use of ConceptArt.org

Alternately I could take the 3D Animation or 3D Game Animation program at the local animation school. That's Centre for Art & Technology. It's just that I have no interest in animating and most of the courses in those programs are, logically, animation courses. The thing about them that still catches my eye is that two of the careers which you are supposed to be able to come out of them into are "digital artist" and "concept artist".

I REALLY look forward to the valuable comments and advice that I know this community can offer me on my education plan. Truly, any time you take out of your probably busy days to respond on this will be sincerely valued. Thanks in advance!