A while back I asked the good peeps here at CA to help us get the word out about the first ZhangLu Video I did. We are still doing what we can to see the funding that comes in from these videos go to a good cause which is to help finish the host of new technology which will be free to use here on CA and hopefully scholarships for the upcoming online program we are building.

I already put in the order for 25k in new servers for this year (gulp!) and without everyones support over the past months we could not have done that. So thanks.

That being said, Chris Hatala's presentation on dynamic poses is coming up as is the two day special program by Marko Djurdjevic. Here are the links if you have a moment to help get the word out. The download of your choice is yours if you do, and they are not DUPLICATE posts.



Please pm me with the links to the five posts you make and I will take a look and send off the downloads as soon as I return from Singapore in a few days. Any art related sites, facebook fan pages about art, or anything else of the sort are places which this info is going to be beneficial to people.

Rules: please do a search on the forums you post in, or such locations. Duplicate postings are not allowed as we are just trying to help get the word out and not be lame spammers. These are good programs and artists will benefit from them so please be very careful when posting. No duplicate posts will be allowed. Please say thanks in the places you post in. Proceeds from CA are going to support the growth here, as said.

i cut the price solely for these two presentations by 20 dollars each, per day over the normal price as a show of thanks. I really appreciate everyones support. Personally, I feel both are topics which artists will really benefit from hearing and seeing. If not for the sale this past weekend, we would not have been able to do this. We do our best around here to try to keep costs low when we can. So thanks for the support. Really. It is coming back to the art world, in many ways, and in ways which will make everyone who is online pursuing art have a better chance to be successful, and learn.