September 14, 2009, Hollywood, CA/ -Evolve CG (formerly known as Evolve 3D) announces the call for entries in its first annual student Challenge, “The Hunter. This challenge will be open to all students currently enrolled in any computer graphic art or animation program, or who has graduated within seven months of entering this challenge.

This challenge asks participants to study and conceptualize the perfect Hunter. We want to understand what makes them so effective at tracking their prey. Is this human or creature or not even of this planet. Every detail, from the clothing they wear, to the gear and weaponry that enables them to be the best at what they do. What or who are they hunting? Where are there hunting grounds, is it some far off distant out back planet or a future earth.

So let the hunting begin!

Challenge Sponsors
We are proud to announce our amazing line up of sponsors; Pixologic, ImagineFX, 3Dworld, Protodemon, Anatomy Tools, Jason Ryan Animation, Digicell, and CGMA.