I found this place in Montreal, a small atelier that offered classic drawing classes. I got to talk to one of the teachers there and he was really nice so I asked him a bunch of questions about the school. My goal is to learn to draw, from the ground up and then start digitaly in photoshop. He told me the school is perfect for you then, we offer classes for utter beginners like yourself looking to get better. He then explainned to me the methods of how he works with the students and from what I have noticed everything was drawn on pretty large canvas (23"x35"), graphite pencil and charcoal (not sure if I translated that correctly, its "Fusain" in french ). I then explainned to him that I was sort of used to drawing differently, sitting down and usually on smaller sizes. He told me that it's actually much easier to draw while sat down in smaller sized canvas and that drawing standing up is the classic method, etc.

So from what I understand the school is focused on classic drawing techniques and we start by drawing cubes, cones and then move on to anatomy later on and everything. Mediums are graphite pencil, charcoal, indian ink. So for someone like me who's looking to eventually focus on using the computer/tablet to work, is this a place you would recommend for me? If not, what should I be looking for in my search for drawing classes? The thing that sort of "scares" me about going to this specific one is that since theyre working on such large canvas, how is that going to translate into a much smaller one like on the computer where youre using a tablet that is much smaller. Are the charcoal/indian ink mediums something that is going to really help me learning to draw in a way that I can translate digitaly once I start on photoshop?

Also if anyone knows a good place around montreal for drawing classes I would be interrested in hearing about it.

Thanks for reading.