Sketchbook: Igor Sandman's Sketchbook
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Thread: Igor Sandman's Sketchbook

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    Igor Sandman's Sketchbook

    I've started taking evening classes in illustration and drawing recently. Now is the time to start my own sketchbook!
    I think I'll post every friday so I can put up the sketches I've done during the week. This sketchbook will help me keep track of my progress and share my thoughts with you.
    Thanks for viewing

    So here goes:

    1) Drawing from life in the park. The teacher was testing us to see where we are with our skills.

    2) This one was done from life, but we were supposed to stylize it, so it's a failed exercice ._. We had a stuffed crow and a stuffed rat-thingie. I couldn't stylize the crow for some reason.

    3) The rat-thingie, stylized yay!

    4) first perspective class... I've learnt all that from books and a lot of practice so it was a bit boring. But still... I need a lot more practice so I'd better stay focused >.>;;

    5) drawing from life to relax after the perspective theory. This is Pascale. She doesn't look anything like my drawing xD I need to work on representing the recognizable traits of a person.

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