Hi everyone, Im just starting to move myself a little further into concept art. I basically have no subject to start off with, and I go from coloring and blocking something out from no where. So Ill start posting my concept art for comments. Ill be really grateful for critiques. Please welcome yourself. Cheers.

No.0000 Concept Art - Crow

Approximately 1 hour without textures added.

My first concept art. Didnt have an idea what to do, but I took the advise from ~leventep, he said "Its more about "seeing" color,shape and light as you paint. Concept is just a subject. Once you have those three the rest will follow."

So I give it a try and there it is...actually, I dont know what Im drawing too. Hahaha...

Medium: Photoshop CS3, PainerIX
Here's a breakdown of how it started:http://www.flickr.com/photos/3960736...21428/sizes/l/

No.0001 Concept Art - Dragon Sky

1.5 hours without texture

Have no idea what to draw. So came out with this, some sky, something on the sky...Its going to rain soon, I hear thundering. blargh...

Medium: Photoshop CS3, Painter IX
Here's a breakdown: ttp://www.flickr.com/photos/39607369...17605/sizes/o/

Thats two piece of concept art for now. Hope to hear comments and critiques from everyone here. Thank you once again =)