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Thread: Are there any jobs for artists that are not freelance?

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    Are there any jobs for artists that are not freelance?

    Hello, I am in college and the stress about the 'real world' has been overwhelming.

    Before photography and the computer, being an artist was one of the most important jobs a young person could have had. These days you only see pieces of art in small newscasts given for people who want to seem as though he or she is intelligent or actually cares about preserving culture. My confidence in this field has diminished over the years since nearly every artist out there is freelance.

    Working in freelance frightens me greatly, if I have to be an art teacher and do another job for a company just to get by, I feel as though I've failed somehow. Having been hired by someone I've known for nearly my entire life I've had a few months to experience teaching others art (the actual teacher only showed up for a few days so I was the one in charge most of the time). Teaching is a great career for those who enjoy it, but I'd rather not have to do it on top of another job (including the fact that it is not something I enjoy).

    This shows that I wasn't good enough of an artist to make it on my own.

    In short, I ask no plead those out there who know of a job where an artist can make a decent amount of pay. Basically a non-freelance career but not necessarily a fashion or advertising sort (fashion no, though I actually would not mind it if you listed a possible advertising job). I've also heard that video game designers (as in illustration, not programing) is a 'permanent' setting, is this true as well? If you have any information about the possibility of storyboard work or art directors with a background in cartooning/illustration (or at least someone who can get a job like that with those majors) it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for listening, I apologize if my words offend someone or seem a little down.
    “Nothing makes me so happy as to observe nature and to paint what I see.”
    -Henri Rousseau
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    You've got some good drawings, you should learn the fundamentals like anatomy and color theory and if you get good enough you can really get whatever job at whatever pay you want. If you can be one of the best in your field of course you can make good money. If you are just average you'll make average pay. There is plenty of work as concept, storyboard, animation, background, any artist job, but there are more people who want the job than are qualified. Whatever and how much you put into making art, money, career, you'll probably get as much out of it as well.
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