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    Red face What is your equipment?

    Well, I don't know if there is a similar post on the board already, I looked but I didn't find anything.
    I was wondering about what kind of gear do you use when it comes to do art

    What kind of pencils do you use?
    Mechanical pencils?
    What about your desk, the place where you make your art?
    Etc etc etc etc

    I think you know what I mean.
    I just thought that it would be something interesting to find out, well, at least its something that I would like to know.

    I often sketch with just HB normal pencils, but when it comes to give it a little more detail I start to switch to 2B, 4B.
    Although I am getting pretty attached to mechanical pencils, I was using a very old one I have, it doesn't say the brand, but its very small, and light, just perfect for my, unfortunately it broke (?) and now I can't find another one.
    As for digital painting, I have a Wacom Bamboo, which is not the best, but I live in Argentina, and over here Wacom tablets are quite expensive.
    I don't really paint with oils or watercolors, its something that I would like to get into more though.
    I am not too picky about what kind of paper I use, since this is just a hobby for me now, and I don't have to do presentations or anything like that.

    I just sketch everywhere, mostly at work now, and when I do it at home, I usually do it on the bed, since my desk is too messy.

    Well, what about you?

    PS: Sorry about my english.

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    Your English is very good.

    I use very cheap mechanical pencils on Vellum Bristol to draw, and for paintings I use acrylic with color pencil on rag illustration board. For digital work I'm looking at building a rig around the brand new (today?) Intel i7 860 cpu. 2.80 Ghz for $299 sounds good to me.

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    I do a little of everything art, so I use tons of different stuff.

    When it comes to acrylic painting, I've taken to Liquitex paints, and for oils, I don't really have a preference, haven't been doing oil painting long enough to get attached to any specific brand. I have a large collection of brushes I've amassed over the years as well, I tend to use flats, filberts, and liners the most.

    For drawing, I like Prismacolour or Derwent brand pencils (Derwent Inktense pencils make for a wonderful substitute for watercolours in my mixed-media pieces, I used them to lay down a base colour and go over them with coloured pencils for fine detail.) Illustration board is my favourite surface to work on, I tend to kill paper >.<

    My absolute favourite piece of drawing equipment, though, is my Rapidograph pens. A little high-maintenance, but worth it. The detail you can get with them!!
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