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    What frauds, phonies, and idiots have been banned in the past?

    After doing a searching for the word "fraud" I discovered several threads involving incidents of cheaters, frauds, phonies, attention-whores, and dipshits on these forums who've been subsequently banned.

    In my search, I found the "Steve Yi" thread which I was involved in, that took a look at Steve Yi's copycatting of various artists (notably, very poorly painting over the top of a Jason Manley image for one of them) and passing it off as his own.

    Of course one of the most disgusting of these incidents that I uncovered was that of "renone."-Some fuckhat who acted like he was 10 years old (but was actually 20-something, which is the scary part) and kept posting copies of other people's work/ideas/etc as his own. (Also, he stole images from other people in the daily sketch forums that he put up on his own site.) When people called him on it, he would unapologetically and self-righteously defend his bullshit in poorly spelled incoherency formatted in typical "look at me!" one-line-at-a-time attention-whoring retardo-speek. He would claim that people were being "nazis" for calling him out on stealing artwork, and that HE was the victim...fucking moron.
    He also did stupid shit like threaten to DOS attack the site if he was banned (oh yeah, that's gonna go over real well there fella ) and some other dumb shit that I'm too disgusted at the moment to remember.

    Anyway, in addition to hearing more about the renone saga, I'd also like to hear more about other trolls/idiots/frauds/copycats/miscreants/etc. who've been banned from these forums in the past. I'm all ears!
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    Landmate got banned, im not sure of the details but it seems he had some tension with davi and manley.. I miss his artwork, it was ace.

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