Good Illustration Program/Classes + Questions
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Thread: Good Illustration Program/Classes + Questions

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    Question Good Illustration Program/Classes + Questions

    Hi, I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school. I've recently been looking into what I want to do in the future and I've decided that I want to go into Illustration. But now I'm just trying to find a school that I want to go to. I'm pretty much just looking for a college with a really good Illustration program/classes and sooner or later earn a degree. Could you guys list some that maybe you've attended or have heard good things about? Location I don't think matters cause If what I asked below is true, I'd be in Portland for a few more years after graduation so my parents would pretty much send me anywhere in the US after that. (They don't want to let me go, and a birds gotta leave the nest sooner or later, lol.)

    I've also got a few questions

    Now, I don't have alot of knowledge when it comes to college, but I've been thinking about doing what Jason Manley said and first just getting the math and sciences and those out of the way first so I just have my art relative classes. Say I wanted to get those done with at a community college first or something, I'd later be able to transfer those credits to what ever school I would later go to and just be able to start all my art classes right off the bat, right? If I got college credit in high school would it count to that certain school as well?

    I've read that when trying to be accepted into a college they have interviews and resumes and such? What are some things that I could do for the school to accept me? Tips for the interviews? What I should have in my porfolio? Anything that could help would be great.

    And when applying for scholarships, any tips on what I can do to make me more likely to get accepted? I've heard of people sending out like 100 applications and end up getting only 2. If I want a scholarship, am I going to have to end up doing that?

    I'm really trying to just get this out of the way first so I don't have to worry about this later down the road, so any information could really help, I'm sure me and my father are going to be college hunting next summer and I'd at least like to give him a smaller list of what I exactly want to check out.

    -Alexis Nelson

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