Been a lurker for a while, I've honestly been rather intimidated and was unsure of posting anything. But thought I'd bite the bullet and try to become active in the community... Part of that comes from that I've only been doing art in any frequency for about a year now, before that I'd maybe sketch something every few months at most. Same story as many I'd assume, in that I was discouraged from doing art as soon as I could hold a pencil because it's "not a real career". Bought a tablet and Mac about two years ago for something to do as a hobby (because of a friend of mine who'd done the same) and it marked the beginning of a massive change for me.

Since a year ago, I quit basically everything and decided to focus on art, I work contracts just enough to let me survive monthly and I live minimally. I actually just spent an entire months worth of resources to take advantage of the sale going on ;P

So to say it far more simply, I am utterly terrified of, excited for and in love with art. And the same goes for the communities =) Any feedback is of course, greatly appreciated!

And after that overly verbose introduction, here's some of my art in various forms of completion from every couple of months during the last year, newest first and oldest last =)

A good chunk of the pose is from reference, hair/eyes are a placeholder, never finished because of unhappiness with the glazing I attempted. Done in Painter. Was an art jam with a women who loves doing pinups =)
Name:  Art_Jam_1.jpg
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Study from a photo reference, rushed the legs and sphere due to tiredness. Done in Painter.
Name:  Metal_Statue_Study.jpg
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Another study from a photo reference, rather happy with this one, also done in Painter.
Name:  Pocketwatchstudy.jpg
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Partial photo reference again, done for someone where the concept was "Not every wedding ends in a happy ending". Done in photoshop.
Name:  WaitingforHappyEnding.jpg
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Done shortly after starting out, I still like the concept (A mad scientist trying to be good and make toys, but whose creations still end up being evil) and the little pieces I put in. Done in photoshop.
Name:  The_Evil_Toy_Factory.jpg
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My nickname is "Penguin" and I have a little sketched character based on that, this was spawned by a fun conversation. Done in photoshop.
Name:  Zombie_Penguin_Luvins.jpg
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Am sure I'll be doing a lot in the next little while from what I learn from the streams/downloads. Thanks to CA and MB for providing this place and the resources, and glad to make acquaintances with everyone here.

Be well and happy arting!