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    Creature design and crazy ink illustration

    I have lurked about on the forums here for awhile, and finally decided to sign up and get involved.

    Creature design is my passion, but I do many different forms of art--oil and acrylic painting, pen and ink, sculpture, etc.
    My crazy detailed pen and ink drawings are heavily inspired by the work of illustrator Ian Miller. There's some of my older creature concepts and stuff in here that I still like, and plan on expanding.

    I will endeavor to keep this updated frequently.

    First critter thing. Comes out of the ether. Basically just playing around with how bizarre I could make something look.

    Second is playing with colour schemes and texture on a creature, put the patterns of a Regal Tang fish on a dragon.

    Third is called Gatekeeper. Why, and what gate it keeps, I have never found out....

    Fourth is another hideous thing with too many eyeballs to be healthy. What it is and what it does, who knows....I just thought it looked neat.

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    What geysers really are--Steam-pumping dragon/gargoyle things. These creatures would give off a sound something like a huge pipe organ as they blast steam. Working on more detailed information about them.
    Critters! Dinosaurs! Lovecraftian horrors! ~~~~~> My creature sculpting thread!
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    Some cool ideas here! ^^
    I think I should pass on a piece of advice that my art teacher drilled into me. Which is to watch your tonal variation, lighten your lights and darken your darks.
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