Yeah... well. That's my first post here. I'm excited.

At first I have to apologize for my bad English. School's over for one year and I'm totally out of practice. Same for drwing. :/ I've been a little bit lazy in the last few years. Some scribbles here, one painting there. My biggest problem is that I'm totally stuck in that Anime-stuff. I love the style but I want to detach myself from that and veer toward a mature and realistic way of drwing and painting.

The aim I want to achieve is the application and acceptance for art studies. I'm gonna work very very hard from now and I think this sketchbook might help me. I have to motivate myself and kick my ass to draw and work constantly.
I'm sure that it's gonna help to see my own advancement step by step and to hear some critics from other people.

At first I noticed that my way of drawing faces sucks so bad and I decided to practice. So everyday I draw some faces from magazines and then try to reproduce them from head. Cannot really recognize the structure. It's really hard. :/

So here are the first photo studies. They're too detailed. Should be more loose and soft. I'll try it the next time.

It's fun to draw different faces and to analyze their structure. Especially the men were interesting. I feel some kind of free when I'm drwing men's faces. In my head is always a voice that tells me that women have to look beautiful, soft and clean. With men... I can mess around.

So... then here's a little creepy self-portrait from my sketchbook. Tried to draw myself from head. It failed. I look like Lindsay Lohan.

And at last one sketchbook page with some stuff just crossing my mind. Trying to use what I've learned from drawing my first few faces.

After finishing my face-study-phase I'm gonna buy that big fat Bammes anatomy book and study all the rest of human body. Still a long way to go...

Oh, man. I'm talking waaay too much. So good night.

Advices and critics recommended. (: