Pardon my first entry into, Im currently an animation student still picking up the aspect of it. My presence here marks my learning and exploration journey seeking any critics and advices knowing for the goodwill for my works. Definitely not forgetting meeting people with the interest alike.

These are some of the stuff I did. Comments and Critics are welcome 'U'

Time's Play

Year 2006

To realize the manipulation of time, despite the fact that we can't run away from it, it has become part of us, a system, a puppet with strings attached infinitely to the essence of time.


How We Forget The Icecream Man


To understand human use of expression, especially mask that gives external expression that hides away from the real one. Using the ice cream man as a symbol of growing up, a character which saw the childhood in everyone after receiving the ice cream, triggers different expressive mask after the first taste of ice cream, which one forgets the ice cream man when enters the self-isolated society.


I'm A Clown's Clown

Year 2007

Personas of clowns are always perplexing, underneath their excessive made up lies the actual performer, performing in a comical space where audience triggered the laughing button.

Here in this animation, where symbols of the pop influences, handphones, signages, etc marching in the Tower of Babel attending the performance by two clowns pulling pranks at each other, eventually
their pranks gets more violent and the audience gets delighted more after transitions from door to door outside the Tower of Babel.