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    Cintiq 12WX: Scratches easily, like the others.

    I sent away my Cintiq12WX for repairs a month or two ago. And I recently got it back. The reason I sent it off was because it had numerous scratches on the surface, which not only looked bad, but also affected the quality of my linework.

    I've had it back for several weeks now, and I've been FANATICAL about keeping it scratch free. I bought a "smudge guard" glove, kept my nails trimmed right down to the quick, and haven't worn any watches, jewellery, or anything. I wipe the screen before and after each use with a smooth, damp cloth. WHen I'm NOT using it, I cover the screen with a soft cloth so dust doesn't collect. I even clean the nibs before each use.

    And yet, just a few weeks after normal use... there it is. A scratch in the middle of the screen, vertical, about a half centimetre in length. That may seem tiny, but it's in an area I use a lot when drawing, and I can feel it plain as day every time my pen travels over it.

    I will be extremely annoyed if the next Cintiq model is made of acrylic again, instread of actual glass. I've had it up to here, and I'd honestly rather use a ZAGG Invisible Shield screen protector, with the "sticky" surface rather than scratch my screen up WITH THE PEN.

    Are there any other precautions I ought to take when using my Cintiq in order to prevent scratches? And furthermore, are there any invisible shield users who can describe their experience? I assume there's no way to actually get rid of the scratch without sending it away for another month.

    At least it wasn't as bad as the 21UX though. That thing scratched more easily than wax.
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    I've got the old 20wsx and it hasn't got a single scratch on it. I've had it for almost a year and a half, I use it every day (and draw pretty hard on it), I carry it around the house with me (and my laptop), and mine hasn't got a single scratch on it. That being said, I'm not sure if I've got a glass screen or an acrylic. I'm not sure when Cintiq made the switch.. I got my 20wsx just before they ditched it and went with the 21 instead. I'm sure that having glass vs. acrylic makes a difference to some degree, but I'm not sure which I have and all I can say is mine looks exactly the same now as when it came out of the box.

    Are you wearing sleeves with buttons on them? Do you have any watches/bracelets on that that might be accidentally brushing the tablet surface as you draw? Are you taking it with you and maybe there's something scratching the surface in the bag? If not something like those those, do you have any idea what is causing the scratching? I'd try and pin that down and see if you can't simply adjust the situation so that the scratching is reduced or (hopefully) stops all-together.

    When I draw on mine, I usually try and wear a soft-sleeved shirt (or one with no sleeves at all, depending on the temperature) so that it sort of buffs the screen as I'm using it (for the odd occasion when my arm might brush against the screen). I'm not a huge jewelry person so that's not usually something I have to worry about, but I'll take off anything on my arms when I go to draw; it's more comfortable anyhow. And, if I move it at all, I usually wrap a fluffy towel around it and then move it - it protects it incase I accidentally brush against something I shouldn't. (I'm a relatively small/short girl so it can be cumbersome to move it around.. I always wrap something around it just in case I get clumsy or if there are buttons on my shirt/jeans that might scratch it.. I usually have to lean it against my body to balance as I carry it. It's kind of awkward, but manageable.)

    I'd actually be curious to hear some more reviews/solutions on this - I'm looking to eventually get the 12wx so that I have something to travel with (because there's just no way I could with the big one..) and would like to know some more options for avoiding scratches on that particular model. I know the acrylic screens are definitely more prone to scratching than the glass ones - why Cintiq decided to switch I'll never know - but there has to be a way to keep them in good condition without having to resort to one of the screen protector options.

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    As soon as I got my Cintiq I put an acetate sheet over the screen and taped it in place. Not a really great surface feel for drawing, a little too much drag for my taste, but it worked and I got used to it. After a week I ordered a screen protector instead. It took some patience to get it down with no bubbles, but it's been awesome ever since. I think it cost $30 or less, which is amazing given that it protects a thousand dollar investment. I'd really recommend getting one asap. I don't recall the name brand, but it was recommended here on CA in some thread before we had the Wacom sub forum (I'm sure that helps a ton...). I believe it was also billed as fully removeable, which is a huge plus.

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    I've had my Cintiq12wx now for about 5 or 6 months (can't remember right now), but I don't have a screen protector on it, I use the plastic nib, although I admit I use the felt tip more and I draw fairly rigorously, but I've yet to see a single scratch on my Wacom Cintiq. I see these threads pop up every now and then, and the scratch issue concerns me, but from MY own personal experience I haven't manage to get a scratch on it yet. I remember Arshes Nei mention that there may be a bad batch of Cintiqs produced and has since been fixed. I'm inclined to agree with her. Are wearing a watch or rings? This may contribute to the scratches.

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    As I said before, I don't wear any jewellery, and nothing but the pen ever comes into contact with the screen. I don't move it around either.

    I wouldn't be surprised if I did get one of the "bad batch" of Cintiqs. I can tell you that when the next model of CIntiq comes out, I'll buy it to replace this old thing.

    Also, I just ordered a "NuShield" cintiq12wx anti-glare screen protector. Several people on CA recommended it in threads similar to this one. However, they never followed up on how it worked.

    I'll be sure to post my experience with it once it arrives. In the meantime, I'll have to draw LIGHTLY to avoid any more scratches.

    *siiigggghh......* Stupid Wacom. I send it away for screen repair, it comes back with weird stains, and now this.
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