I've been given a huge opportunity to take both a trip to Europe, and also stay there for a while studying industrial design and architecture.

Problem is, I have no idea on how to start this search as it's a pretty big subject.

What are some good art, industrial design, and architecture schools in Europe that take English speaking students?

I'm very experienced with 3D modeling, however my fundamental drawing skills are rather poor due to lack of use. With the job market the way it is, I thought it would be good to go back and make sure I can design stuff on my own to model, rather than relying on my 3D skills which can (and have boon) outsourced.

As such, I'd be going in as practically a beginner despite having my degree in animation.

If European studying doesn't pan out, I would consider schools in the US/Southern California, but that's a different topic that I can probably search for easily.