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    This was my second Team CHOW competition and I felt it was a lot more successful than the first one for me. This is likely due to having attempted it once so I was a bit familiar with the concept, but I also enjoyed the topic more and I really liked working with my team. I also learnt a lot in the process, so itís definitely a worthwhile experience!

    I think the time for the competition is very fair. A month is enough to explore, develop and produce a concept, and its good practice for working to a deadline. I think any longer would be too much. Of course sometimes with life getting in the way you may need that bit extra but I guess thatís just something that happens. I know I lost a week due to travelling to visit family and not having regular computer access but I still managed to finish in time, so I think the deadline should be strict for this.

    Sizes of teams should probably be at a maximum of 6 people...and maybe even thatís too much? I think 4 is a good number, seems to work well. I think itís only fair though that, as with this project, the work load can be altered slightly depending on the amount of people in the team.

    As for how often the competition should run, maybe every 3 months? Not really sure but definitely sometime to think about. I think if it runs too regularly it might affect the entries for the other weekly topics, which are also great to take part in. I know Iíd find it hard to complete both the weekly CHOWs and do Team CHOW at the same time. Also I think itís nice that itís not on all the time because then it makes it more of a novelty to do something that bit different from the normal CHOW competition.

    The only thing I regret not doing is commenting more on other teamsí sketchbooks. I think more feedback between the different teams would be great. I also think that when voting people should try and give more feedback to the different groups if they have any helpful advice or comments, as all the teams put in a lot of effort into producing and submitting their entries.

    All in all I think itís been very well run thanks to you (Daetswen) and anyone else who may help run and organise the competition. Iím sure it must be a lot of work! So well done

    The only complaint I would have, which has already been mentioned, is there not being a clear format (size limit etc) for the final entries to be submitted at.

    Some points mentioned earlier by Razorleaf, which I think would be worth considering is having the teams set up and organised before the competition begins, that would save some time and organisation in the long run. Also the point about having a format in place for a team member dropping out would be good too, though I guess the workload could just be altered to make up for the lost member.

    Anyways, I'll be looking forward to Team CHOW III

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentinel. View Post
    Some points I'd like to comment on:

    On the prizes being awarded - everyone please remember that daestwen had no control over that. Jason threw it in as a bonus. This activity wasn't set up with a prize initially, and if downloads to CA educational activities are what Jason feels like donating, there's not much to say other than thanks. He didn't have to award anything at all.

    I don't think that's what people should be focusing on anyway - it's what you take out of the collaboration itself that means the most. You don't have to win the poll to win at the activity. Hell, my team didn't even finish and I'm still extremely happy with what I got out of it.
    You are very much correct in this regard. It's definitely worth thinking about in the future though if they'll offer prizes at all. I'm really thrilled about the whole thing as it was but the comments which were originally raised by someone else were very valid imo. Bottom line is that no good deed goes unpunished, in this case there's bitching about prizes that really shouldn't be the focus of these challenges.

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    All these statements here are correct and I agree with this! Daestwen is very busy organising this whole contest but this is his work and he accepted this and he does it perfectly well inspite of some issues the teams had on this challange in the beginning but there is no perfect man. Of course we had a wonderful time. The contest was very original and the idea itself appeared to us very interesting.

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    Hey!! I got back from my vacation yesterday. Now and again I was thinking about Team ChOW II because I was in, then I had to go. I do wish I could've joined in more, but I'm looking forward to the next Team ChOW! I think I'm gaining more and more confidence to help with the team! ^___^

    Because of work, school, more school and my vacation, I really couldn't have joined in. The theme this time, however, was just awesome to me, I was grating my teeth at first, aching to do something! O_O Just the timing for me. I sure hope many people had a great time doing this one!

    I can't wait for the next one, and I still gotta figure out where this finals thread is. o_o;; Heh... *looks*

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    just throwing some ideas on the table here--not very thought out.

    If there was another team CHOW it would be interesting to have something like a mentor/leaders--- we could still pick teams the way we did this time, and if any of the more experienced people were willing, they could go around to team SB's and give their two cents and advice based on their experience with weekly and team CHOWs.

    I think we all learn a great deal from doing the weekly activities, and that kind of constructive help could benefit us all.

    Like i said this is just a rough idea, it has a lot of problems---not everyone has the time to help out others, none the less for free, and everyone is on a diff. skill level. or what determines who is experienced or not.

    Just some thoughts for the future because I think the interaction between people is what gives us all some direction to work towards so that we know how to take our pieces to the next level.

    bah i dunno.
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    Just had a quick rough idea... I know it would probably be a bit tight as far as
    preparation time for a Team CHOW but I had the thought today that a
    Halloween themed Team CHOW would be awesome. ... Lords of Undeath? or
    Elder Gods? or Monster Mash? or Noir Horror movie cast? or something maybe?
    <shrug> Just an idea
    WAAAAAY WAAAAAY way out of Date!

    My Sketch Book
    I'm always trying to improve.
    Any help, encouragement, crits,
    or comments are greatly appreciated!
    Please let me know what you think

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    Adam: As much as i would love to do an october team chow... that would start tomorrow. We'll have a fun halloween round for the regular chow, though, you just wait!

    Team chow will likely run again in january/february, since october is too soon, and posh and I are both super busy in november, and I have a feeling that december is out for the holidays.

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