Sketchbook: Dabinyol's Hidden Sketchbook of Wonders

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    Dabinyol's Hidden Sketchbook of Wonders

    Hello, my name is Dabinyol, and this is the sketchbook of mine. Been lurking around the ConceptArt forums for a while, decided the time is prime for making my own sketchbook. I'm a 15 year old college student majoring in art (spoilers: I like drawing), and I decided to take art seriously about half a year ago. I reside in Sacramento, California and am a half Filipino/French bastard child. Updates will probably be erratic as I get used to my college schedule, so don't ding me on that.

    As a forward note: I don't know how to compress images so I have to use outward links for my pictures till I learn how to use the attachment manager ;_;.

    Page of doodles.

    Another page of doodles, after playing Morrowind for a couple'a'hours.

    Was trying something out with colored pencil.

    Another forward note: I don't just limit myself to an anime/cartoon style but it's what I prefer sketching in. Probably gonna be uploading a bunch of studies later in the week.

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    nice sketches, I like your anatomy, it's similar in a way to concept of Metal Gear Solid 1, the upper part of the body specially.
    Keep up the good work

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    hey, you started up a sketchbook!

    I like your style, nice variety here. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

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    A lot of shit came up this week and I actually didn't draw too much. I am a faggot. Here's some simple stuff I sketched up, gonna try harder to draw at least a bit every day.

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    So it was my birthday last Saturday, I'm 16 now. Getting my first college paper assignment this week, and two mid-terms ;_:, wish me luck

    Kikudo Onizuka - That's pretty funny that you mention MGS, cause when I was a lot younger I really looked up to the artwork of that series ha ha.

    Rocketcandy - Thanks! Dunno how frequently I can update this but I hope I can make this sketchbook worth looking at.

    Sorry about not responding to those sooner, still getting used to this whole sketchbook thing T_T.


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    Nice start! For 15, you're doing awesome.

    Yeah, it's the animu (anime) that gets a lot of people into drawing, but unfortunately many people don't take steps to get better.

    It looks like you're not one of those, though. Nice studies. Keep those up, as they will make your anime style better.

    Keep working!

    Thinking connects desire with creation.
    How good are you?

    The Road to Perdition
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    Great start on the studies! Trust me you have it in you to get your self even pumped to be doing studies. It just takes the right motivation to just sit down and do it! But you can't just be doing it to do your time right? You need to sit down and really love doing it and think really hard!!!

    And anyone can do that I belive!

    Yeah, algens vespa women gave me the idea to do the NHK thing actually hah!

    Ill be back for more =) You are off to a very nice start!

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    Haven't updated in 2 weeks, mostly been too lazy to scan images, mostly had too much stuff to do. Anyway, here's some of my incomprehensible images that have been accumulating over the past two weeks.

    p sage: It's kinda funny cause I wasn't much of an anime dude until last year when I spent most of my summer having nothing to do and having discovered that I could stream it over the internet. What's also funny is that when I decided to start taking art/drawing seriously I didn't want to have an anime style but it turns out it's what I have most fun doing.

    Dy.laneA: Hey dude! Thanks for checking out my sketchbook! Yeah you're definitely right about the motivation part, lately I've been drained on that part but I'm just gonna man it up and do more of them.

    Every sketchbook needs a scantily clad devil/demon/thing chick.

    Doodlin' a torso when all of a sudden he starts to look like a guy you wouldn't want to make friends with in prison.

    Last edited by Dabinyol; September 28th, 2009 at 03:00 PM.
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    Nice! I like your style and man, you're only 16?! That's crazy.

    As I said, I really like your style, lovely sketches. But it seems to me like you're having some issues with the shoulders and the arms' attachment to the torso in some of the sketches. I'm not really sure though, as that's one of the areas I'm having problems with myself. But some studies never hurts, right?
    Oh, and the lady in with the pin-stripes and the sword in the last sketch made me think of the manga 'Dogs- bullets and carnage' for some reason.

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    Well dude this is just great! When I was in highschool I barly drew at all. Mainly becuase I would draw something then get self contious of how bad the drawings were and wouldnt draw. It happens almost everyone I think. It was a matter of removeing my self emotionally from my drawings and realizeing it was the frist step that my drawings were bad. Had no idea that even profetionals don't like there drawings ahahah!!

    I was basicallly the same way I never really was into anime or what have you, but lately I've been haveing a ton of fun drawing it. And now it's like, damn I want to get insanely good at drawing this stuff.

    Keep at it!!! Your tottaly on the right track! Come early adult hood your going to be freaking HOT!!! While most people are just starting (like me) mwahahahahah

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    to much MANGA! Not that it is the worst way to start it, but don't get hung up. Move on to proper anatomy, and then back to manga if that is your true passion


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