First time posting here- but I'm hoping to be contributing in the future, now that I have finally replaced my old tablet. =)

I was wondering though- has anybody had any trouble getting their eraser functionality to work in Photoshop?

I remember having issues with this on my Intuos3 for awhile, but it seemed to fix itself. Since then, I've gotten very used to just "flipping" my pen when I am working in photoshop to erase quick mistakes in sketching/inking.

I'm loving my new Cintiq, but it's very obnoxious to get out of that habit of "flipping" the pen- since now Photoshop treats the eraser part of the pen as the pen. It won't quick-swap to the eraser the way it did with my Intuos. =(

I've tried googling around- but there are no answers out there. I figured if -anybody- would have solved it though-- it'd be the people here.