Hey, I just stumbled across this site from a t-shirt forum I was one. Just looking through some of your portfolios, I can say that the quality of artwork here is amazing!

I am looking for a t-shirt designer... something much simpler then what I see here. I'm looking for a one or two color design that can be easily screen-printed. I'm not doing DTG printing. I'm looking for a style like what is seen on http://www.threadless.com/

My concept is a mountain climber scaling a mountain. The image should have the climber with his gear (ropes, cams, clips, helmet, etc) going up a mountain cliff. I'm not really looking for any text on the graphic.

I'm a graphics newb, so I hope I say this right. I'll need the .psd's and the vector files. The image will need to be like 300dpi and big enough to print on a t-shirt (8x10 inches?).

I have no idea how much designs like this cost. So I'll say that I can pay $50 paypal for this design. If no one responds I can up the offer.

I'll also need the artist to sign a contract signing over to me the copyright/ownership of the image as I will be printing these for resale.

Please PM me here, or email me at