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    This lecture was awsome!
    It was nice to see how Andrew just went along painting not knowing what to make, and then in the end make it into something absolutely fantastic.
    Good job people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoitisi View Post
    Klevr: What's the issue exactly? Does it totally not start (maybe update your browser to carry the mediaplayer app.) or does it say you don't have access (in which case you need to check if you have the right url in your browser bar)?
    Not sure, i was at work and didnt have time to really mess around with it, i was planning on watching while working and around seven O'clock in the evening it kicked on and played, so i missed the interactive part, though i wasn't going to be able to do much with that anyway. got through first couple of clips that night, some the next and finished it up this morning

    Good lecture! Going to be re-watching throughout the month to get my money's worth, and watch it from start to finish next time around. Thanks for the content CA, back to the grind...

    "Today, a young man on acid, realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves... here's Tom with the weather." - Bill Hicks

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    hey folks, I can't seem to be able to see Android' s attached images? It renders empty space

    okay, fellas, it's all okay now, and this is some extraordinarily inspiring work!!!!

    I understand, Jason Manley. I hope you'll raise enough funds and find a solution. Best of luck!

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    the image attachment issue on the forums comes from us needing more the reason for doing these streaming classes. I just placed an order for 25k worth of equipt for the coming year, which is really quite a lot of cash to spend in one sitting. Ouch. But we are going to run the sale this weekend and hope to recover some of it. Fingers crossed people support the site. Thanks to everyone for picking this up. It means a lot and has helped us get the order placed for the new equipt.


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