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    Love Tank: Spreadin the Love

    EDIT: New philosophy on art and life
    So it's been well over six months since I've updated this sketchbook. Shame on me. It doesn't mean I haven't been drawing! But I also haven't been improving like I wanted to, and I couldn't understand why. It's been really frusterating, until about two weeks ago I realized - The essence of art is form and structure not anatomy and lines alone! All this time I thought that anatomy would make pretty drawings for me, but I learn all the parts of a skull, and go to draw a face... my knowledge of a skull dissapears, because I face isn't a skull!

    So I decided the entire way I approach art has to be different, and it's been tough. I am going to go back to basics instead of spending another 20 years biting off more than I can chew and not improving.

    And no more self loathing! Every art piece I will ever do will be a failure, because it wont be the best that I can make it. There will ALWAYS be something I can improve on or do better on. However that doesn't mean my drawings and renderings can't be successes, because they will be successful if I actually DO improve on those things. So if I look at art this way, nothing is a failure and it all is steps towards finally making an artist out of me.

    So my new focus has been form, form, form.

    What I need from you guys-

    Please tell me where I'm having trouble, show me the problems, encourage me where I'm succeeding, but most importantly - tear this stuff to shreds.

    Okay, so here's a background-

    I haven't drawn in years. I was a digital animation major, but found out - I don't like spending 12 hours a day staring a computer screen. But I do enjoy drawing, and I miss it, so I've started back again.

    I've already posted this sketch in the critique thread, but I think I'll post it here too. Please critique anatomy, form... and pose. His name is edward. He's something of a bisexual, very slight effeminate thief. The sword is meant to be a bit of a phallic symbol, showing his bravado. I want to do more with this image, eventually turning it into a painting. Think the phallic imagery is oevr the top? I've never tried using any kind of sexual symbolism before .

    Also, is his pose effeminate?

    And... I also drew some grafiti today, because I've never tried that. It was actually a lot of fun -

    The perspective on the nose, and other features is meant to be off in kind of an avante-garde way. Does it work, or does it look like I'm bad at what I'm doing?

    I wanted to draw graffiti, and couldn't really think of any symbolism to use, but this is what I came up with off hand- the word is ROME, and... I dunno... something about a fallen city as it relates to Rome? Meh... whatev it's graffiti.

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