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  • Lander

    3 3.26%
  • Arbinn

    1 1.09%
  • PowleyMan

    0 0%
  • Ironhead

    3 3.26%
  • Yor

    2 2.17%
  • lkjhgfdsa

    0 0%
  • Jerik

    2 2.17%
  • kimliatach

    2 2.17%
  • evolvingeye

    0 0%
  • StreetBehemoth

    0 0%
  • mobius-9

    7 7.61%
  • dwinbotp

    2 2.17%
  • Mr--Jack

    27 29.35%
  • ATAnderson

    6 6.52%
  • Crustibian

    0 0%
  • Verehin

    8 8.70%

    5 5.43%
  • Steve Somers

    0 0%
  • Dulcahn

    0 0%
  • NickTrip

    1 1.09%
  • MikeBurns

    0 0%
  • darkly

    2 2.17%
  • GoldenSerpent

    9 9.78%
  • GentlemanCrow

    4 4.35%
  • jsn

    0 0%
  • BlkCelebration

    3 3.26%
  • Izer

    0 0%
  • alive

    0 0%
  • The Searle

    0 0%
  • Lege1

    1 1.09%
  • Mike D

    0 0%
  • scorge

    2 2.17%
  • yoitisi

    2 2.17%
  • jrbarker

    0 0%
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    C.O.W. #153 -- Lean, Green and Mean -- VOTING

    C.O.W. #153 Lean, Green and Mean -- VOTING!!



    Topic: Lean, Green and Mean !

    Deadline for the voting: Saturday 12 September 2009

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!
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    Artist: Lander

    Concept: The Nepturian runner Cursitare Colidi
    Living on the endless plains of Nepturian 6 these creatures feast on the grazing herds of slow Mobawatuu. Once they pick up speed they easily fall into a killing frenzy and can kill off en entire herd of Mobawatuu. 'beep! beep!
    They are solitary creatures that like to cuddle for hours prior to reproduction.
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    Sculpt some more.
    My path of learning (sb)
    What I do
    Where I sell my sculptures
    Galleri Hantverket
    Where I have my studio

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    Artist: Arbinn

    Concept: Sugarsnake

    Lying in wait in front of most candy shops, the sugarsnake is dreaded by children all over the world. The creature has never been seen eating the candies it steals from kids but it is supposed to get exhilarated by sad screams and weeping children.

    The stolen goods, most often lollipops, can sometimes be found on the ground next to the lamp-post the sugarsnake was coiled around.
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    Artist: PowleyMan

    Concept: Leaping Gotanga
    Prowling high above in the trees of Fu'tan 7 the Leaping Gotanga ambush their prey, often cleaving the skull of the victim with it's razor sharp tipped jaw. The males retain their dorsal fin from its early stages of life, it would seem, for the purpose of attracting females. During its mating dance it displays a beautiful light show through the bioluminescence produced along it's neck. Truly a wonder to behold. Though at the point of consummation, the male is often killed and eatin. Hence the nickname for Lucy "The Gotanga" Mcbrill, renown man slaughterer on station Belu-6.
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    The mean blade of grass

    Artist: Ironhead

    Concept: The mean blade of grass
    My creature is a little monster who looks like a blade of grass.
    So it is easier for it to catch all the little sweet vermins

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    Artist: Yor

    Concept: Alien SoaB
    A mean little fella you don't want to encounter, it would dismember you without any hesitation,and suck your brains out like tomatojuice.

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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: HappyMoments
    colloquially called happymoments by the locals of North Queensland, the insipidious gudinea is a parasitic fish of shallow water ecology.
    It has a fantastic sense of smell that allows it to uneringly locate the fecal trail of it's prefered prey; the dugong.
    The parasite then enters the anus and begins feeding from the major arteries passing by the inner lining of the large intestine.
    The word ‘anarchy’ comes from the ancient Greek αναρχία in which αν meant ‘without’ and αρχία meant first a military ‘leader’ and then ‘ruler’. Anarchist society is one ‘without rulers’: a classless, non-hierarchical society.
    “You need people like me.
    You need people like me so you can point your grubby fingers and say, "That's the bad guy.""

    SKETCHY Book

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    Artist: Jerik

    Concept: Stygian Mandrake

    The Mandrake, the plant which wished to be human. Commonly a creature that developes into a child like form, helpless and malformed, ultimately doomed. However, some Mandrakes grow with influence into the human world, this initially not only results in a strange misinformed shape of the human body, a bizarre creature of Masculine and Feminine form. But sees a world of truth, the horrors of human capability, developing into a beast of malice and anger.
    "Can't you hear it? The sound of beating drums, constant, never fading and yet always getting louder... as if getting closer and closer"

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    Wow, some superb work here this week.

    This little fella is a predatory arthropod leaf mimic.

    Pen & Pencil on A4 Cartridge
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    Please check out today's character.
    Thank You

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    Artist: evolvingeye

    Concept: Green Terror

    It was five years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. We were all just sitting around the fire, telling stories, drinking, having a great time. Next thing we know something grabs Curt and pulls him straight up into the trees. We shined our flashlights up there and saw it.. this green.. thing.. I don't even know how to describe it. It was pulling Curt's arm off! I don't even remember running away or how we got home, I guess I was in shock. I still see it and hear Curt's screams every time I close my eyes.

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    Artist: Streetbehemoth

    Concept: Bardir Bird
    A rustle in the distance. The small Mappipat sits unaware of the approaching villain. A Lean, green, and mean predator, is ready for a snack.
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    Artist: Mobius-9

    Concept: Yellow-Headed Canopy Lurker
    Lean, green and mean... yup, sounds about right
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    ah , accidently posted a comment in final thread...
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    Artist: dwinbotp

    Concept: Root Hounds
    Mother Gaea created the Root Hounds solely to guard Her Inner Sanctuary against all those who would trespass and disrupt the peaceful haven reserved only for people seeking respite and pay tribute to her glorious creations. The Root Hounds are also the Gardeners of the Inner Sanctum, They are the embodiment of all things green. They move as fast as the wind and just as ill-natured of that of any force of nature.

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    Viridian Skreecher

    Artist: Mr--Jack

    Concept: Viridian Skreecher

    Large, fast and highly aggressive, Skreechers are gregarious beasts that live and hunt in small packs. Their diet mainly consists of rodents and other small animals but they will not hesitate to tackle animals larger than themselves, working together and using their wickedly sharp claws to slash and disembowel their prey.
    Much of their time while not hunting is spent in hierarchical fights, using their heavy necks and hips to butt one another off-balance. While often seemingly brutal these challenges rarely result in injury, as the whole pack relies on each other when hunting, and serve merely to keep the complex family structure in balance.
    it occurs to me that both my emotions and reactions are ill-placed.

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