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    Edward Kennedy Dies

    As I was driving into work this morning this came over the news. Sad, and the end of an era. Always associated with Chappaquiddick
    which clouded his career, he was undoubtedly a huge figure in American politics.

    Veteran US Senator Edward Kennedy, the brother of ex-President John F Kennedy, has died at the age of 77 after battling a brain tumour.

    The Democratic Massachusetts senator was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in May last year.

    He became a member of the Senate in 1962 to replace his brother when he resigned to become president, and was re-elected seven times.

    He has been an active supporter of current President Barack Obama.

    Correspondents say Senator Kennedy - universally known as "Teddy" - has been a dominant force in liberal American politics for almost half a century, especially on issues like healthcare and education.

    The BBC's Richard Lister in Washington says he will be remembered as one of the most effective and popular legislators in American history.

    Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said the Kennedy family and the Senate had "together lost our patriarch"

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    Though I'm a Liberal, I found most of the Kennedy family just slightly annoying and never could warm up to them. BUT...Teddy may well be one of the most important and powerful people to ever hold office in the United States, and knew how to play the game to get things done without resorting to the permanent vicious attack mode that so many so-called politicians today are engaged in. He may have had faults, but I think he truly believed and acted in the name of the people he represented rather than spouted the narrow-minded ideological political nonsense many of his "enemies" do.
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    I have to agree wholeheartedly with most of what Kitten has said. Ted Kennedy didn't start out with the best future planned, with all of the happenstances surrounding him. But he grew into what his family legacy was being built upon and came into his own. He will be missed in the senate as a politician who had clout and sound judgment to get things done that needed to be done. I liked all of the Kennedy's, truly ahead of their time when it came to the American people and the future that we now have. They had a major play in it and it should never be forgotten. If Bobby hadn't been killed, then he would have fixed or at least started working on our current climate issue way back in the 60's/70's. Now there are no more Kennedy's in the world who will carry this legacy on.

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    There's still more Kennedys left there Stark, just not in office... yet. (or maybe ever, who knows)

    If I recall right, Caroline Kennedy, JFK's daughter was wanting to make a play into the senate or congress... I could be mistaken.

    My condolences however to Ted Kennedy's family and loved ones.

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