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Thread: Drawing again?

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    Drawing again?

    I once drew but I never had any "formal" education in drawing, just what I picked up along the way. I decided to start drawing again "from the scratch" and this time to do it "by the book" so to speak. Perspective (faking with line weight, colors), colors, shading, ..., types of pencils, pens, inks, ... everything . I'm interested in, and would like to start with, pencil drawing and later on I would like to "do" ink and markers.
    I do/learn 3D modeling and animation so I plan to use my drawing powers doing concept art, storyboarding, and just drawing for the pure fun of it.
    I want to learn and practice but I just don't know where to start. I'm completely lost. I read some of the tutorials on line and here on the site but I'm still lost :'o) What do I need to start? Pencils, paper, books, good online tutorials,... ? What should I draw? How to practice?
    I know there are a lot of questions but if anyone can help me, either here or on my mail I would be really grateful.

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    hey welcome! maybe those two links will help you a bit with knowing what to do.

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    I would begin by just taking a standard number two pencil and start in on something. If drawing is really new to you, do basic exercises such as drawing shapes and paltonic solids (spheres, cones, boxe, cylindars) and shading them from single light sources. Draw still lifes, to train you to observe from life.

    Remember, at this stage you're doing training, not art. Teach your hand to do what you want, your eyes to see honestly, and your brain to kick in only when it's needed, but always when it's needed. Do some drawing every day. Train like you're serious.

    For now, stick to pencils. Graphite only, at first. No color. Master one dimension of control before adding others (such as color).

    As far as what to draw, still life is one of the best training tools around. Draw whatever interests you, but do so from life as much as possible. When you can correctly see and reproduce what you see, then you can better judge what is not right when you're working from an imaginary source. But all imaginary images are derived from real imaged, not matter how remotely. Learn to draw what you see. If figure art is of interest, find a life drawing class or group in your area.

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