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  • Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    8 2.47%
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    10 3.09%
  • Team Obsidian (no thumbnail)

    6 1.85%
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    29 8.95%
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    214 66.05%
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    10 3.09%
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    33 10.19%
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    59 18.21%
  • Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    9 2.78%
  • Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    10 3.09%
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    Team Fluffy Fledglings

    Attachment 767264


    Eventhough AvisNocturna and Katanasoul didn't have the chance to finnish, they were great especially during the initital (and most crucial) stages.

    Race: Ogre
    Class: Bard

    Av'Oig was born deep within the dark mountains of shak'dath, the home of a brutal axewielding ogre clan. Av'Oig was noticed at his very birth as someone special, this due to his rare gift of having two extra arms. Ogres with six arms were always handpicked, and trained from birth in the use of weapons. They were to become berserkers, the most feared warriors known to this world. Av'Oigs Masters trained him every day, the young ogre was hitting everything that could be hit using all his arms simultanously, but to no avail. What Av'Oig did learn though, that no one else noticed, was how the sounds he made when using the weapons affected the mood and morale of those nearby. He got better and better at his skill, but no one else noticed or knew of this possibility. He was soon considered useless and thrown out of the clan, told never to return. (continue at either good or evil from here)


    That very day Av'Oig decided that the typical ogre life was nothing for him, and decided to use his skill for good. He travelled around the world, making instruments, playing for everyone he met to make their life better. Eventually learning how to even heal wounds through music, and rumors even went of the travelling ogre bard that could ressurect the dead.


    Av'Oig was filled with rage, and swore to one day get revenge. He left that day, and practiced day in and out playing sounds for sentient beings that crossed his path. Eventually learning how to both kill and torture through his "music". We don't really know how he got his revenge, as there were no survivors, but what we do know is that he succeeded. Av'Oig still wanders and spreads fear through the world.
    Attachment 767263

    Elen'oir Liz
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Butcher

    Elenoir Liz is a strange name for a Dwarf. Every little girl in her village got an axe the day she would make her first step. Once she killed a polar bear and she was still 4 years old! Due to a supernova collision with a lazy asteroid at exactly 34.21 light years from her and due to a wizard training spells at exactly the opposite face of the earth... well , the polar bear's soul never left the fur of the of the corpse... since it was no more confined in an animal body the soul could speak, well,of course he could speak... as if he couldn't. Anyway she now is a wild runaway, sometimes work as professional chef or as wood and iron artigian looking for adventures


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    team cobra yawn -
    process /wip

    Adronath is an unrivaled swordsman and travelled the land fighting the strongest man he could find in everywhere he went. He’s never seen without his platemail and is almost always scowling.

    Both shamans are traveling mages and potion masters that travel the land in search of unique ingredients, for application in their potions. Both collect many unique items that correspond to the type of magic that they use, one focusing on the destruction of life, the other the creation, and rebirth. The evil of the two is a worshiper of the night, and draws on its creatures and plants to be the basis for his potions; the good is a traveler of the day, getting his materials from daytime creatures. Both the mages are of elderly age and thus they carry their supplies strapped to a brace located around their neck and across their shoulders. The purpose of this is to allow them to quickly access these materials. With these ingredients they mix up potions and fix them to their belt, in order to be able to quickly dip their sharpened finger in, and apply their magic. Both shamans travel only at the time of day that they collect their goods, and have thus never seen each other, however only the hand of the other shaman can counteract each one’s magic.

    Embraced by the shadows this faceless assassin uses his dark cloak, long gangly appendages and endless collection of masks to slay his targets. With no actual face under his warped collection of masks, this night creature is completely untraceable and can walk among all facets of life unrecognized. With a barrage of weapons, in-human agility and an endless obsession to fulfill his objective this dark fiend can locate and slay any target.
    Normally found in black markets and dangerous bazaars, this unnamed assassin is always for hire and is willing to make a deal. With no use for money apart from purchasing his endless collection of masks, he is purely in love with the hunt. Armed with small daggers and poison tipped needles, this unnamed killer also has the innate ability to overpower and strangle his enemies with his long muscular arms and fingers.

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    Attachment 767348

    Nobody remembers exactly when the zombie outbreak started, the only thing that everybody knows is that from one day to another, the most powerful kingdoms were plunged into complete anarchy. The civilized races have joined forces to protect each other from this devastated world, even some hostile races such as orcs and gnolls joined this crusade to survive the great plague. These are times of chaos and darkness, there is no law, there is no order, only death.

    >> Sketchbook thread <<

    Attachment 767338 Attachment 767337

    Attachment 767341 Attachment 767339

    Attachment 767344 Attachment 767343

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    Attachment 767394

    Deep in the heart of the forest, lives an elfin man who is said to have an amazing gift with almost God-like power, being able to heal all wounds, cure all sickness and restore life to all living things. Living in solitude amongst the wild has allowed him to lead a quiet life away from civilians who would likely end up selfishly exploiting his powers for their own means.

    With the power in his grasp to build a better world, the healer is held back by moral issues which plague him, does he have the right to use his powers to their full potential and play God? Or should he remain hidden and do nothing unless the opportunity presents itself?

    When an unforeseen event occurs the time comes for him to make a choice...

    The daemon armor calls from afar....

    Which path will he chose?

    Attachment 767362Attachment 767363

    RACE: Halfbreed (Elf/Troll)
    CLASS: Killer (Dark) & Rogue (Light)

    Light Description: words can't hurt me anymore. I know ignorance runs deep, but I shall endure and overcome...I've seen the goodness that is buried within. If it were not for them, if it were not for love and companionship, I fear what might have been.

    Dark Description: the meat-sacks have their fun.....night comes all the same. I'm not your dog to kick around anymore, I won't grovel for your affections, for your love...I don't need love. You can't use me anymore...not after what happened. Hmm, look at that one....yesss...he looks just like that bastard healer. Your nose will look wonderful in my collection...

    Attachment 767360Attachment 767361

    RACE: Human
    CLASS: Inquisitor (Dark) & Paladin (Light)

    Light Description: Brotherhood and humility, these are my daily bread. If we are not bound by compassion, we are lost to the void that is despair. After many trials and tribulations, our path lead a man to salvation, and perhaps redemption. With the healer's blessing upon me, I shall spread this seed of hope among the fallen and abused.

    Dark Description: Compassion?!? You speak of compassion! Pah, you've not seen the darkness in man. I have witnessed the insidious heart that beats within you all. I shall not stop until I have that bastard orc's head upon my mantle. The truth my dear friends is out there, and I shall seek it out and pluck it from their skulls.

    Attachment 767358Attachment 767359

    RACE: Human
    CLASS: Mage

    Light Description: The incident pushed her to the absolute edge, but she pulled through, and death was no longer something to fear. She accepted her place in life, and vowed to live out her remaining years to the fullest, spreading her vast wealth of magical knowledge as she travels through new towns and cities, eager to explore the wildernesses she was once afraid of.

    Dark Description: The incident brought the terrible childhood memories back to her, stuck in those devillish jaws, screaming for the handsome prince who did not come..the trauma of battle mixed with the pain was too much for such an old soul to handle. It cracked, as did she, now hopeless and devoid of humanity, she wanders, causing death and destruction as she passes through...

    Attachment 767353Attachment 767351

    RACE: Orc
    CLASS: Fighter

    Light Description: Its been 9 days since I put on this God forsaken armour, 9 days since I felt it slice into me and take hold, 9 days since the first time I felt it breathe, speak to me and try to bend my mind to its will. The others...if it wasn't for sure it would have consumed me, I owe them my mind, my life, my soul. I can't let this abomination from the depths take me.

    Dark Description: That armour...that beautiful armour. 9 days since it took hold and still its power surges through me, changing me. I no longer see it. I no longer see anything. I feel it all around me. Power, pure, surging and infinite. I am no longer alone. Nothing will stand in our way, the hunger has begun.

    Attachment 767355Attachment 767357

    RACE: Elf
    CLASS: Healer

    Light Description: Choosing to remain on the boundaries of civilisation in the aftermath, keeping his gift hidden from others, the elfin man is contented living besides nature which flourishes around him. As a man of the forest he is happy harvesting and growing herbs to make his own cures and medicines. These healing potions for common ailments he distributes amongst the towns folk when passing through. This allows him to help others without having to reveal the extent of power he has in his grasp. Despite preferring to keep his gift hidden, the healer is prepared, if such an opportunity arises, to step in and help those who seek out the need for his amazing power.

    Dark Description: Giving in to his intoxicating power in the events aftermath, the elfin man quickly becomes a saviour to the people who are instantly in awe at the extent of his healing abilities. Through the use of his gift he gradually begins to exploit all who come to him for help, charging them for home made remedies and the curing of any ailments or injuries they may have. He becomes a figure who is revered and feared amongst the townsfolk. Lost in the depths of megalomania, the healer’s original good intentions for his gift have been warped turning him into a power hungry man who cares little for the feelings and needs of others. He is not well liked and even nature, where he is always been at home, has begun to wither in his presence.

    Attachment 767365Attachment 767364

    RACE: Gnome
    CLASS: Summoner

    Light Description: Tiny, yes. I am very small. Yet, within me, like this small bird, lies a great power. No, not magic, you silly. Unity. Individually we are weak, however, together, united, we are invincible. As the healer has taught us, it is through unity, compassion, and love that we shall triumph over the darkness of night.

    Dark Description: Everyone...I can see it. They look down on me. They pity me...weak and insignificant little me. Ah, but things have changed...I've power now...I am strong...the deamon armor has taught me well, and you will know me by the trail of the dead.

    WIPS, Planning, & Discussion:

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    Team Obsidian:


    The wandering swordsman, Taliriktug.

    After swearing vengeance against the demented tribe that ransacked and destroyed his village, raping and killing his wife, and defiling his family's burial grounds; Taliriktug sought out the lands for a trail to their lands with his ancestral battle gear. His blood hot with rage, and his body unrelenting moving against the cold frigid landscape he finds what he's been looking for. His family and friends' murderers making camp across the snow dunes. Now not even heaven nor hell will stop him.


    The murderous blademaster, Tukugaq

    This fiendish man wielding a most unusual blade has been infamous across the Great Northern Territories. It was said that he was a warlord's vice general until slaying him and his entire platoon of soldiers all with a smile on his face. His massive set of scars that run across his body, a signature of his battles and a measure of his skills as a swordsman.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Foxtayl Icerunner

    Born in the wilds of the arctic tundra Foxtayl Icerunner was fostered by the local inhabitants until she came under the tutelage of Elder Andrake in her seventh winter. Skilled in the arts of healing and herbal magik she soon adopted the ways of a true healer. News of her astounding abilities soon reached the ears of the Vanic Council and she was asked to provide aide to the outlying villages. Upon witnessing their plight she applied her skills and protected the small populace, acquiring a reputation of fierce loyalty to those clans dotted along the remote rim of the icelands.


    Silverfrost Icemoon

    After receiving a blow to her head and left for dead Silverfrost Icemoon awoke to find herself one of the few survivors of a bloody massacre. Witnessing the rape, mutilation and slaughter of so many of her family and friends she found herself emerging with a renewed purpose, to make them pay. In one brief and unexplicable moment Silverfrost found herself ripped from her world and thrust into one where all she could feel was hate and vengeance. Blind rage pumped through her veins until nothing of her true self was left. From this point on she would live on the edge, scoffing at the laws and leaving a swath of destruction from city to city.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Female Human Mage


    Female Human Mage

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

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    Milk of Amnesia

    Member: Burtzum, Fluorine, Nightblue

    Attachment 767421

    Dwarf - by Burtzum

    The Good

    Attachment 767416

    The Evil

    Attachment 767417

    Personal History

    Attachment 767418


    Elf - by Flourine

    The Good

    Attachment 767423

    The Evil

    Attachment 767424

    Personal History

    Attachment 767463


    Human - by Nightblue

    The Good

    Attachment 767432

    The Evil

    Attachment 767434

    Personal History

    Attachment 767436


    Character Lineup

    The Good

    Attachment 767441

    The Evil

    Attachment 767443


    Sketch Book


    Special Thanks to Moai, you created some great characters, and we had a lot of fun brain storming together~ Too bad you can't be with us till the end Hopefully we can work together in the next Team Chow
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    thx for the great time people!

    Estaog Satyre

    I see the wind. My arrows ride the
    currents to their resting place in the heart
    of darkness a half days travel away. I do it for my
    people, to preserve their way of life.

    Estaog Satyr

    I have been robbed of my vision. My precious
    wind now whispers in my ears, begging me to give it
    the gift of death and I gladly comply. My only joy
    is the sound of your lungs crushed by my arrows.

    Grann Centaur

    My son should not need to know the wretched
    hordes I have slain. Had I have been stronger,
    faster, niether would my beloved. Every thrust
    of my pike, every stroke of my steel, a tribute to her.
    I know that some how she is able to see the
    good I have done in her name.

    Grann Centaur

    The took them from me. My sorrow filled my
    bones till that's all could feel. I was weak.
    Now the warm blood splashing against my chest
    keeps my alive. My memories fade into oblivion
    with every Moist shatterd helmet and tug of my flail.

    Isaan Human

    The day my sister died I made a promise,
    I would study, I would focus.
    I would learn the ways of beings not of this realm
    and use their power to right the wrongs of this world.

    Isaan Human

    The day my sister died I made a promise,
    i would harness the power of gods
    and use them to destroy those who would harm
    innocents. Until one of these beings made me an offer...
    ...the chance to become a god.

    Garrin Half-Giant

    The day I was born i was already this size.
    I was not born of a man and a woman but of magic
    I was hated for this, but some saw me as a
    friend, others a brother and more a protector.
    It is for these people I fight.

    Garrin Half-Giant

    They hated me, mocked me, spit on me and
    stoned me. It is only because they fear me.
    Soon they will all learn to fear me as I wipe
    their species out one by one.

    Sindor Wood Elf
    Beast Tame

    I travel with my faithful companion, who I have
    raised from a pup. The forest has served as our
    training ground and our home until this day,
    when we are called upon to protect it from those
    who seek to ravage this land.

    Sindor Wood Elf
    Beast Master

    I am the master and he is my slave.
    Much in the way that my armor has consumed me and
    is now guiding me to victory. Though my servant
    could crush me, I have broken him. He is mine to command.
    Together we will decimate anyone that dares cross our path.

    Rason Human

    In my mountain sanctuary, I am most at peace.
    This is where I gather my thoughts and prepare
    for the coming battle. It will be difficult but I know
    my faith will guide me and I will prevail
    with a pure mind intact.

    Rason Human

    What do you know of corruption?
    With a thousand rotting corpses at my disposal,
    I am unstoppable. And those that tremble and fall before me
    will soon join my ever-growing army of undead
    and I will sweep like a plague from sea to sea
    until there is no one left who
    does not answer to me.

    Dezba Avian

    Mastering the sword is a life long discipline.
    Its takes patience, focus and total commitment.
    To understand the blade is to understand yourself.
    And when you understand yourself you understand your connection to all things.
    I am one with this place as the sword is one with me.

    Dezba Avian

    I haven't spent my whole life mastering an art to simply waste away...
    I've been wandering this world, training my mind and body for countless years.
    Watching a creature die is truly something to behold.
    To take in the hot air rising from a corpse.
    To know that I have taken what god granted... That is true power.

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    Team Ken-Do-Pu-En-Ds

    Attachment 767481
    Team Ken-Do-Pu-En-Ds
    Sepu, AmbientSounds, vshen, SirKenneth and dwardo

    The type of game we wanted to make. A mixed bag.
    Like those mixed bag of lollies in grade 3. Remember.
    WIPS n Sketses

    Attachment 767505

    Attachment 767497
    Attachment 767498

    Attachment 767492
    Attachment 767493

    Tavarian Knights
    Attachment 767502
    Attachment 767503

    half minotaurs
    Attachment 767501
    Attachment 767500

    Attachment 767496
    Attachment 767494

    Character descriptions.

    Gender: Female
    Race: Half-dwarf
    Class: Mountain animal healer
    Alignment: Good

    Epu mountain dwarves are half-dwarf half Tasmanian. They love shoes and fake leather.
    Anything that's not made from the slaughter of animals they totally dig.
    They love shiny things especially found mage sticks for those dark mountain nights.
    Real earthy souls that can tame short, dangerously built, little big horned, hybrids.

    Gender: Female
    Race: half-dwarf
    Class: Wastelands disease spreader
    Alignment: Evil

    Ultura's are half-dwarf and half-necromancers. Turning dead materials into fashion accessories.
    With the power to communicate with spirits, they instigated the war that began the internal
    conflict between the anitos.
    As initiially planned, the war has transitioned into the human world. More accessories - Excellent.

    Bonus fun fact: Ultura's can transform rough bearded knights into half-Minotaurs.


    Short History.
    The anitos were first borne out of the 'A' section of an old book on Asian Mythology, the page
    preposterously ripped out by a dude named Edward, and used as a bookmark while researching for Team CHOW II -
    He left it within the pages of 'Classical Mythology' by William Hansen. (ISBN 0-19-530035-1)

    In time (0-4 days) they developed and learnt to live within the Greek and Roman mythology stories.

    Gender: unknown
    Race: spirits
    Class: Peacemaking troublemakers (they can't decide)
    Alignment: Good

    The good spirits have transitioned into the human world.
    As shape and colour, with no mouths, their actions are the only way they can communicate to humans.
    [Actions speak louder than words].

    Gender: unknown
    Race: spirits
    Class: Troublemakers
    Aligment: Evil

    anito -
    The evil anitos live in their natural habitat, in the subconscious of any being
    who yearn for world domination, no matter the cost.
    An anito’s sole purpose is to outlive time… (and be ) like a god.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Unknown, but he looks Filipino
    Class: Rogue Ranger
    Alignment: Good (sometimes)

    Minotaur-ED likes to take things appart and put them together.
    He likes to Wacom and occasionally play around with dangerous rusty looking weapons.
    Siding with the humans because he likes a good challenge. He's very eager to take on the
    war monger half Minotaur on the other side of the mountains.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Baywatch hair and half Slow-motion
    Class: Warmonger
    Alignment: Evil

    Luscious just likes a good fight. Old rusty weapons, a favourite.
    He doesn't like his extremely pale greenish skin, and salvates at the day when he'll have
    that perfect tan. [Never gonna happen].

    Tavarian Knight
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tavarian
    Class: Warrior
    Alignment: Good

    Tavarian's are known for their aggressive expansion.
    An Empire constructed on war and domination.As
    the civilization grows in power they push into new
    realms, facing new foes and bartering only in blood.
    Once the Tavarian's gain control they rule through
    order and prompt justice. The communities flourish
    and fuel the ever growing empire. The saying of the
    Military leaders is "Through war we make peace"

    Gender: Male
    Race: Tavarian/Minotaur
    Class: Warrior
    Alignment: Evil
    These creatures, once strong Tavarian leaders and
    soldiers pose a great threat to the Empire. It is
    believed that a rogue dwarf witch helps the Minotaurs
    enslave them. They fall ill or disappear for a time
    Usually cowering in the bowels of the fortresses as
    they transform into the abominations. The creatures
    develop a feverish craving for Tavarian flesh (much like
    the Minotaurs) and hunt their friends and family in
    the night. The attacks have the entire Empire cowering
    in fear and calling on the Gods and Spirits for help.

    Twins, borne of the same mother, with different life paths. One is a 10 and
    the other a 21.

    The good demigod is as corruptible as a human.
    The bad demigod knows how he is already.

    Members and position.
    The group pretty much worked like a secret society (freelancers) made up of different cells.
    The occasional Internet connection each member actioned was to update the collective thread.
    After this CHOW II, one wonders whether this secret society will ever collaborate again.

    Sepu: Guidance councillor & first place getter.
    -Checked on the rules and enforced the rules, like a witch from the east.
    -Finished first with her characters. Woohoo!
    -Strict disciplinarian. She drops the bomb and they exploded next to our ears n eyes mightily.
    -She has alien eyes. Googley.

    AmbientSounds: Future animator, poet, mechanical engineer. A sleeping tiger, scratching panda.
    -The deep set gaze holds within funny ideas and quick wit.
    -Has a fawdness for fauns. Diggity!
    -She could rule the world if she wasn't so easily distracted.

    SirKenneth: Rock and Roller.
    -Founding member of Team Ken-Do-Pu-En-Ds
    -Brought about rule with his 4 Ws.
    -Star gazer and rendering machine.
    -He eats bears in the wilderness.

    vshen: Render artist. Light and Magic.
    -Has a MAC BOOK Pro that loses Internet connection occasionally.
    -His mobile phone loses connectivity sometimes.
    -Busy schedules eat up most of his brain.

    dwardo: Spammer
    -Presses the send email button too early
    -sends random dandom messages that hardly makes sense and it's always, always, full of
    grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Always.

    -The End

    This message was brought to you by '-'
    Team Ken-Do-Pu-En-Ds/KDPED/Kendo-PED martial arts/Martial arts of Kendo foot.

    In order of appearance

    Attachment 767481

    Awesome month! Thank you everyone who participated.
    Catch up sleep anyone?
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    Made through crunch time.
    our WIP thread:
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    Red face team baguette!

    fantastic entries all. Brothers of Baguette: present arms!

    Team Baguette SB
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    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Team Roles :
    Kvick - Supercoolmasteroftheuniverse(or team leader ), wrote stories, painted & created Russell Whitewater, Drae, and Hungorr
    Desian - Token Korean, Painted & created Krushgroove, Violet, Sean Locke
    Chaser226 - Organized website, COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN , Painted & created Krahr, and Shawshank

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil
    --- Rebel Captain Russell Whitewater --- Rebel

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Pirate Lord Sean Locke --- Pirate
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Drae --- Rebel

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Shawshank--- Pirate

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Krushgroove --- Rebel

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Violet --- Pirate
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Hungorr --- Rebel

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Krahr --- Pirate

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Great entries everyone.
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    This was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone for all the inspirational work!

    Attachment 767508
    Adam Schumpert
    Team Sketchbook

    Noggrin - Goblin Paladin
    Attachment 767512
    I want to show the world that we aren't all savages.
    My people can be better than the filth the world has
    made us out to be. My people can bring light into this world,
    and I will prove it. I will be a light in the darkness,
    I will be the shield in the night.

    Noggrin - Goblin Blackguard
    Attachment 767511
    I wanted to show the world that we weren't all savages, and I did...
    but they threw it back in my face. They slaughtered my family, burned
    my people for sport and forced us to be their slaves, but no more...
    I gave them a gift and they betrayed me... Now I will give them my hate
    and they shall burn in the fires of my fury.
    Their blood will be my wine, their flesh will be my meat,
    and their screams will be the lullabies of my children

    FeyVictus - Litch Tyrant
    Attachment 767516
    Countless years I toiled. Begged at the feet of sages,
    served wise clergy on my hands and knees, always hunting for knowledge... for power...
    and I came to realize that it did not matter who I served or where I studied
    how studious or penitent I was, I would never gain the power I sought
    in my life time... I came to realize the only way to gain power... true power
    is to take it. Take it and destroy anyone who rivals you.
    Consume their power and make them bow before you.
    FeyVictus, suffering to the conquered! All of creation shall bow before me!

    Attachment 767514
    How many years has it been... I can not remember...
    I'm haunted by the nightmares of my youth... can it really be called youth?
    I guess I was young and foolish... oh so foolish... I can never atone for
    the evil I created... for the evil I was... for the evil of my very existence...
    I know that now. My soul is damned, cursed to slowly deteriorate in this husk of a body.
    I will never be forgiven for what I've done, but I still have some power within me.
    Never again will I allow darkness to rule this world.
    I shall become the unbreakable stone that stands in defiance of the raging storms,
    the one who will stand his ground before the insurmountable host of darkness!
    I have wrestled death and I have thrown him bloodied and broken
    to the ground!
    I will stand upon the crest of the world and throw back the tempest of Chaos!
    For I am and shall always be InVictus ~ the Unconquered!
    Last edited by Adam Schumpert; September 1st, 2009 at 11:35 AM.
    WAAAAAY WAAAAAY way out of Date!

    My Sketch Book
    I'm always trying to improve.
    Any help, encouragement, crits,
    or comments are greatly appreciated!
    Please let me know what you think

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    The Real Atelier

    Attachment 767522

    Team The Real Atelier team

    Attachment 767517
    Yrbrid il Maustrel
    "A glowing sight met me at the base of one of the great cliffs. A traveler, gilt in white and gold, bleeding from a grievous wound. She seemed to take no notice of the gashes in her side and beckoned me to the waterfall. 'Share some peace with me, friend. Life is short.' What else could I do but sit down?"

    Attachment 767518
    Lhor il Kulphicet
    "I turned from the murder before me, startled by the screams of the angry ghosts rushing up from behind me. I closed my eyes and held my shaking arms around me as they rushed past. I heard the murderer's receding voice above her steps, 'You'll have to wait another day, spirits!' And then it was all gone, and I was alone with naught but the corpse for company."

    Attachment 767519
    The Good Elf Sorceress "Every time I fix something up nice she goes and ruins it, she hangs up those skulls and lures those dumb men back to her cave... she really is an evil mistress"

    The Evil Elf Mistress "You know I'm just trying to have a fun time, But all that goody two-shoes can do is get all up in my business... Honestly she should care less about me and more about herself"

    Attachment 767520
    Igor Crumb
    The elite guardian of The Great Cloud Towers, he's tougher then a ten ton rhino and has defeated entire armies on his own...but if you ask any of the lovely orc ladies, its his luscious flowing locks of dark hair that he's most proud of.

    Attachment 767521
    King Thunder
    Leader of the Northern Orc Armies. If he's not plundering or looting he's usually killing and murdering. He finds his great strength in eating the beating heart of a Unicorn...the last unicorn.

    He is the W.I.P thread

    "If you ever give your best... well give it better"-Maniac...

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    Attachment 767694

    Team Tall, Grande & Venti consists of the following members:

    Daestwen :: Dished :: Sunroamer :: Yoitisi

    The Team Sketchbook can be found here:
    Team Tall, Grande & Venti Sketchbook


    Below is our teams effort. A short note here, since we are with four team members but only delivered 6 images. Due to health reasons yoitisi had to resign in the last week and take some rest, and since there was not much point in creating a character which showed only one side instead of both good and evil we decided to leave it at six.

    Attachment 767797Attachment 767798

    Name: Ren
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Cleric

    Having grown up as one of the highborn in the xenophobic human nation of Imperium, Ren too carried a deep hatred for the so called demons and the wretched pagans who collaborated with them. From when he turned 13 years old he had always been prepared for his warring duties, which included physical and mental as well as magical training. Finally, when he was 20 years old, he first rode into real battle, soon becoming one of the most feared Dux militum in Imperium's short and bloody history.

    Still drunk on the bloodshed of a previous slaughter, Ren and his soldiers were ambushed during a campaign deep within heathen-territory. Taken by surprise, he only managed to barely keep his life, however he lost his right arm. In fact, he only survived thanks to his panicking horse which ran off and pulled him along, throwing itself into a river running nearby.
    He had passed out and, when he regained conciousness, found himself bandaged and obviously treated by a skillful physician, however still too weak to move. To his great dismay he soon realized that he had been saved by the demons he'd hunted down so vigorously before: the rebellious elves of the Magoth deltas had saved him, although his armour and weapons had clearly identified him as an enemy. Even though he was distrusting at first (in fact, the elves were too) he came to like his saviors over the time and even helped them out. He learned much about them and he found it largely confusing, because these people definitely weren't the demons he'd been told of.
    Then, one day a little war band of Imperium soldiers raided the village and started to slaughter all its inhabitants; knowing full well that they would leave nobody alive Ren made his final decision: he turned against his former comrades, his patria, his familia. He decided that they were the true demons.

    Still drunk on the bloodshed of a previous slaughter, Ren and his soldiers were ambushed during a campaign deep within heathen-territory. Taken by surprise, he only managed to barely keep his life, however he lost his right arm. Even though rendered defenseless, he survived as he was favored by Imperium's deities: as his blood gushed forth and his enemies' blades came down a last time to take his head, he unleashed powerful magic which seemed to spill out of his wound just like the blood did, breaking all the heathen warriors and gruesomly deforming them into they were utterly unrecognizable.
    When he returned to Sanctum, the capital of Imperium, he was declared Divinus by the Pontifex and forever cherished by the people, becoming one of their greatest heroes.

    Attachment 767799Attachment 767800

    Name: Vaerach
    Race: Half-Orc
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Shaman

    Vaerach always found within her the innate ability to connect with all things living, whether they be sentient or almost barely truly alive.

    Living as an out-cast from both cultures, Vaerach lives on the outskirts of the empire, silently trying to re-grow the burnt down forests and destroyed land left in it's wake. Covered with tattoos to increase and control her power, she channel's the earth's energy to do her will and heal itself.

    Captured by imperial forces, she was tapped as a power source for their mages, using her body as a direct line between them and the earth energy she so naturally called upon. Overloading on the energy, it twisted her mind, body and soul, and she coldly killed every one of her handlers in a power-frenzied state. Covered in slave-tattoos from the empire, she can no longer reintegrate with society - not that she would if she could. Her mind half gone, she hunts down any that cross her path - Imperial or otherwise - and rips the life force out of them. The corspes she leaves for her slugs.

    Attachment 767801Attachment 767802

    Name: Cressech
    Race: Lizardman
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Warrior Monk

    Born in the hot and humid swamps of the regions south of the Empire, Cressech is the sole survivor of his nest. After brutal fights for survival while growing up, both with predators and their own kin, he and his sister emerged from the swamp in search of ancient knowledge hidden in temples and libraries spread across the world. They were a couple that fought side by side, a rarity amongst their solitary race. However, as soon as they hit the Empire they were betrayed and his sister killed by the xenophobic soldiers of the Empire, though she took at least two dozen of her foes with her.
    Though his hatred for the Empire started here, Cressech himself was saved by a few sympathetic souls and helped past the lines of the Empires forces. He now roams the world to continue what he and his sister started out to do, though any soldier of the Empire crossing his path is in mortal danger.

    After the death of his sister, Cressech decided the Empire needed to be wiped from the face of the earth. Although being just a single warrior, he set out to seek ancient knowledge of evil and dark arts to enhance his skills and powers, crossing the line between good and evil. He is a feared enemy of the Empire, and kills without remorse. His might in battle and skill with his weapons, powers he obtained from ancient scrolls and masters in the dark arts, makes him a warrior like none other.

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    Team Supreme


    Name: Merehim
    Race: Druid
    Class: Cleric
    Gender: Male


    A lonesome soul, Merehim wanders the defiled forests of Kandor in search for peace. Using his gift to bring new life into what once was decayed and rotten, a memorial more than a calling, he mourns the loss of one most dear to him. Waiting.. for the call that never will come.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Contaminated by the essense of Kandor, Merehim turned to the blood of innocence. For too long had he wandered among death and decay, seeing nothing but hatred. His once lifegiving gift was captured and twisted into a tool of darkness. He walks no longer as a giver of life, and no longer does he have a cause. He justs wants to see the world bleed as his heart could not.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Name: Narcelus
    Race: Narcelii
    Class: Brawler
    Gender: Male


    The last known member of the lost Narcelii race, Narcelus has been fending for himself in the Kandor forest for practically his entire life. However, when he encounters a druid also living in the forest, they form a bond and help each other survive. Together they have survived in the forest while avoiding hunting teams from the nearby human village.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    The last known member of the lost Narcelii race, Narcelus has been fending for himself in the forest for practically his entire life. Due to being constantly hunted by a nearby human city, Narcelus has developed tremendous hostility towards humans, and none who have attempted to track him down have survived.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Name: Ophelie
    Race: Human
    Class: Theif
    Gender: Female


    Ophelie is a thief, but not in the usual sense of the word. She is more of a reclaimer someone who is able to relocate lost or stolen items. Items of much greater worth than any peasant could lay claim to. Her clients usually include lords and ladies who's treasure larders had been ransacked by bandits or jails who have misplaced some convicts. She was raised in a traveling circus and spent most of her formative years as a carefree girl. She is a free spirit and claims loyalty to no one.
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Ophelie works for the township as a gatherer of information and a woman who knows how to get things. Orphaned and homeless as a young girl, she learned the art of theft and the ability to avoid being seen to survive. Her formative years were spent alone and in darkness. She owes her allegiance to the lord of the land for giving her a home and she carries out his every wish, even dealing death at his word. She has become a bit of an urban legend, her masquerade mask has become a symbol of tyranny and fear.
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil
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