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  • Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

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  • Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    10 3.09%
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    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    1. Each Team should Choose ONE member to submit for the whole team. No multiple entries, please!

    2. ATTACH your work to your post. Each portrait should be submitted as a separate image, at the least. If you wish to also submit a presentation, you may do so.

    3. Also ATTACH a thumbnail to represent your team. Up to 300px by 300 px (no bigger please), with the team name, and each of your team members. THIS IS WHAT WILL BE VISIBLE IN THE POLL - so you may want to include a shot of one/more of your characters, but you don't have to. People will be asked to vote after looking through the whole thread.

    4. Provide a link to your wips. Linking to your thread in the sketchbook section is fine.

    5. Name your images properly. In this case, TeamName_TChow_composite.jpg and TeamName_TChow_hero.jpg, etc, would be appropriate. Do NOT name them hero.jpg, etc, or I WILL cut you, and probably by accident when my computer writes over your entry!

    6. Also include the descriptive paragraphs for each of your characters.

    To be eligible for prizes, please make sure you're in format.

    Do NOT comment in this thread until the poll is up, as I will delete them and grumble darkly.

    Poll will take anywhere between 1-24 hours for me to set up after I close this thread, so please be patient.

    Deadline is 11:59 pm on Monday Evening, August 31st, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Which means if it is a minute to midnight in the world somewhere, you are still good.


    As of this post, you have one week left. Good luck!
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    Team Steam Boat

    closing the steam valve!

    Light Human Brawler: 20 and 8 a grappling expert he has also earned the nick name stone fist for his powerful punches. A hard working farm hand he grew up competing as a slave in illegal fights. After a win against a odds favorite he won enough money to buy his freedom. He now seeks a fight against the heavy weight champion to earn enough to put a bounty on his former owners head.

    Light Elf Brawler: 25 and 10 master of the mule kick technique. After her shocking upset win, she left and joined the Welterweight division to conquer and claim her second champion ship title. Cocky and bold she often takes issue with betting officials when they don't pick her as the favorite before a fight.

    Dark Human Brawler: 30 and 1 (TKO) a master of the hammer head fist. His formidable fighting skills have made him a rich man and the only human to participate in the super heavyweight division. It is rumored that he sold his sole to the Ogre king in return for more power. A showman he often inflicts more damage than needed in fights to please the crowed. His power and brutality makes him the most feared of the superheavyweights

    Dark Elf Brawler: 22 and 9 a specialist in the hammer head griffin technique. Once obsessed with beauty her vanity led her to seek a witches magic to guard her face in fights. She is now cursed never to show her beauty again. Her powerful gauntlet and her iron helmet make her defense almost impenetrable. However this has proven a liability as she cannot keep up with agile opponents and is not as strong as some of her bigger adversaries.
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    I'm a bit afraid to be the first to post here. But here's my group's submission (Daemonic Squirrels):

    I hope I did everything correctly...please don't hurt me daestwen

    Here is the WIP/Team SB:

    Anyway, the Team's goal isn't to even remotely win or come 3rd place in this contest, but to instead have a bit of fun, and most importantly: To learn. And learn I did .
    "Never regret thy fall from grace, O' spirit of Icarian flight, for the greatest tragedy of them all to face, is to never feel the burning bright"
    Believe my lies, for I tell the truth about them. Or would you rather me lie about telling the truth?

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    Doomsday dream clan final entry

    Team members: Swordhand, Clanlord, n1va

    The WIP thread for our team can be seen here:

    If you view the thread above you will see how the work breakdown was conducted but here is a short summary:
    • Swordhand organized the team - he did the initial groundwork in contacting Clanlord and n1va to get the team started.
    • Swordhand provided the initial sketch fot the Spellcaster concept
    • Clanlord developed the detailed drawings which were used for both elves and spellcaster finished characters
    • Clanlord also provided initial writeups for all 3 characters
    • n1va provided the initial idea for the Level 1 Angel/Devil character
    • n1va Painted all 3 characters
    • Clanlord provided finishing touches to the digital paintings which incuded effects and letters
    • Clanlord provided the symbols of good and evil which were used as a theme throughout all of the character drawings
    • n1va completed the frame design to showcase each character in both good and evil version
    • n1va edited the character descriptions provided by Clanlord and was in charge of making the finished character concepts

    We entered the challenge a bit late and had some technical issues, this allowed us to only finish three characters which are shown below.

    Elven Archer Arthane (the golden healer)

    The legend of the mythical elven archers states that they have the olfaction of wolves, the sight of an eagle and the endurance of a bear. The elves are a humanoid race and have a rigidly structured society which may appear very strange to unaccustomed observers. Usually elves keep to themselves and are not very talkative. The most significant difference between them and the humans is that their strive for perfection is beyond the human comprehension. Also the natural lifespan of the elves is on average three times longer than that of the humans, though tales of thousand year old elves are not so rare. The ultimate task of these creatures is to preserve the balance in nature and they were created by the Gods for this purpose alone.

    While elves are not known for fighting great battles in close combat they are very accurate with their handmade bows. If they have a chance to stalk their enemy and sneak up on them they prefer to use their ritualistic knives Majaira (pronounced: Ma-hai-ra). These knives are quenched in poison to which the elves are somewhat immune, but to most enemies even a small scratch from a Majaira will lead to certain death. Disgraced elves also use the Majaira to commit suicide.

    The word hunt in the elven language is commonly used to describe art of war and killing an enemy. Their society places great religious importance upon the preparation for hunting. Usually they put three or two feathers of the most beautiful bird called Eol on the top of their bows. They believe that the feathers will give them the strength to execute their tasks with absolute perfection.

    The clothing and armor worn by elven archers also has great significance. To knowing observers there are many signs upon an archers outfit which tell about the warrior's place in the social hierarchy and tribe of origin.

    Arthane, depicted in the image above is a famous Archer-Healer. While he endured lots of conflict in his life and suffered grievous losses as his family was killed in a war, his soul was saved by the Church of the Holy Sun and he is one of their most famed warriors now.

    Appearance: slim, tall, medium width shoulders
    Face: long oval, pale complexion
    Hair: long, blond
    Arms and clothing: Majaira, long bow, leather vest, leg pads, arm pads, leather belt, bag, leather bandages

    Fares – Corrupted Elven Archer

    Even before his corruption Fares was one of the best fighters in the elf clans. World renown as a true master of the art of war he was well respected by his fellow hunters. With his deadly magical crossbow he fills his enemies with fear. He is known with his accuracy and close combat abilities, unlike most elves who prefer to fight at a distance Fares has been known to fight on the front lines and is proficient in the use of multiple heavy weapons.

    The Narayah Priests noticed Fares due to his heroic feats, singled him out from his fellow warriors and placed a powerful curse upon him. As the curse ate away at Fares' life, his family and his town his soul bled and everything seemed lost. At first Fares turned to the powerful Church of the Holy Sun but the priests there would not help him and could not even remove the curse. Eventually, after promises were made, Fares turned to the Narayah Priests to be healed. The dark ritual to which Fares was subjected altered him forever. Once his tutelage at the Narayah church completed Fares emerged into the elven society and wreaked such havoc from within that the entire Elven Empire collapsed as internal wars wrecked their social and religious order.

    Fares was once upon a time from the good side, but know the dark seal has been rammed into his heart, mind and soul.

    Appearance: slim, muscular, idealistic, wide shoulders, long arms;
    Face: pale, long, long nose, dark eyes with red touch, rough shapes, long ears;
    Hair: long, ginger;
    Arms and clothing: crossbow, leg pads, arm pads, helmet, kilt, belt, bandages

    Lorian – The Spell Caster

    Lorian is acknowledged as one of the most powerful magicians of all time. He is considered the supreme magical leader of the forces of the Church of the Holy Sun. He is also the most reviled enemy of the Narayah Faithful as he has personally slain hundreds of their priests over the centuries. Lorian's true age is unknown though written records of the Narayah Priests confirm his interference in their matters from over a thousand years ago. Other less known texts of the Church of the Holy Sun confirm Lorian was born over two thousand years ago and even at the age of 10 he had surpassed all of his teachers in the magical crafts. Many magicians have tested Lorian over the years and he has proven himself proficient in the use of every elemental magic, though he seems to prefer using the forces of Nature.
    One thing is certain though, Lorian was not immune to the effects of greed and his lust for power led him into a trap a few months ago. Word had spread of a powerful magical artifact hidden in the Dark Emperor's Tomb. Lorian quested for the artifact and eventually broke into the Emperor's Sarcophagus, but before he could obtain the magical amulet he was ambushed by Narayah Priests and taken prisoner. Even though his imprisonment was short he was tortured and the evil Narayah Priests managed to extract a large portion of his soul and magical power.
    Eventually Lorian did break free, no known force could hold him prisoner even as he had been weakened and diminished by his recent ordeals. As he fled from the Narayah Syndicate a new enemy trailed on his footsteps...

    Appearance: heroic build, tall, bony, muscular
    Face: Arabic lineage
    Arms and clothing: holy root staff, kilt, hand bandages, round shaped hat, amulet, scroll collar, massive boots, belt;

    Delamar – The Darkmage of Narayah

    Delamar is a dark wizard and the arch nemesis to Lorian. As one of the most diligent acolytes of the Narayah Faith Dalamar climbed up the ranks of Priesthood in the span of just a few years. His control of the magical elements was so potent that his strength was the main factor in Lorian's imprisonment at the Dark Emperor's Tomb. Upon capturing Lorian it was Dalamar who took possession of the Emperor's Amulet which opened up his mind's eye to arcane rituals long forgotten by the mage clans. While it was Dalamar's idea to extract Lorian's power in order to destroy the Narayah's ancient enemy he could not pull of the feat by himself. But with the help of the most powerful wizards of the Narayah Priesthood the ritual was deemed possible, and a decision was made to attempt the destruction of Lorian. However, as Lorian's power was being forcibly removed from him something went hideously wrong. After days spent in fighting the magical torrents controlled by Lorian it became apparent that Lorian's power was simply too much to be removed all at once. As the head of the magical circle Dalamar became trapped in the magical maelstrom and unwillingly absorbed a large portion of Lorian's soul and power into himself. This not only damaged Dalamar's soul beyond recognition it altered his physical appearance. Because of the physical changes, the Surviving Priests thought he was Lorian and attacked Dalamar after Lorian had fled the scene. Dalamar easily dispatched his attackers but his rage was not sated in the slayings of the priests. Within him two souls were fighting for power and neither could gain advantage, black madness descended upon him and he lost control of himself.

    As Lorian fled from the Narayah Syndicate it was Dalamar who followed him and as his newly acquired powers uncontrollably bled into the world. Despite all the efforts Lorian took to hide his trail he could not shake the abomination which was inexplicably drawn to him. Death, chaos and destruction trailed behind Dalamar and his madness spread like a disease through the Narayah Priesthood and their followers. This was the prelude to, and the ultimate cause of, The Greatest War.

    As years passed some level of sanity returned to Dalamar, but only because Lorian's essence and soul prevailed in the struggle between the two aspects. Dalamar's own soul remained strong within though, and it's embers could easily be kindled into a blazing inferno at a moment's notice.

    Appearance: tall, emaciated, elastic
    Face: pale, deep eye sockets, sharp ears, black lips, pierced eyebrows\ears\nose, no eyebrows, tattooed body and silver touched eyes, earrings
    Hair: single tress
    Arms and clothing: pelvis plates, lizard flake shoulder armor, kilt, boots with metal prickle on the thumb fingers, staff which can be used as an axe, belt

    The Omen Twins

    In a small fishing town on the bank of the Dunbar river a set of twins were born on a warm eve of the fall season. The two boys were the four and fifth child of a well respected human merchant who ran a small empire of fishing vessels down the Dunbar and into the ocean. However, this story does not have a happy ending, for the babies were extreme opposites of one another and clearly possessed by magic beyond the understanding of the humans inhabiting this town. Word spread like wildfire throughout the town about the babies and in two days riots erupted demanding the children's deaths.

    It was not just the appearance of the newborns which incited the riots, but the very apparent magical essence of them. One of the children was born beautiful by human standards except for a pair of white feathered wings upon its back, always smiling and seemingly lit up by a glowing blue light. This baby radiated joy and calm throughout the household. The other child was born mutated, ugly and deformed. The bloodcurdling cries of this baby caused discord and fear to enter into the minds of everyone in the town and was perhaps the main reason for the riots which ensued. The housewife who delivered the baby wanted to destroy the child due to it's hideous appearance, the head of the child was adorned by horns, it had a pair of leathery wings and a wickedly powerful tail. Worst of all was the very anger which radiated from this child, it seemed to affect everyone around in a bad way. Amazingly the town was spared from having to euthanize the children as seven days after the birth, both babies disappeared mysteriously. As soon as the town hall reached the decision to have the children destroyed men were dispatched to carry out the orders. The men who were sent to kill the babies were found slain by magical powers, consumed by flames from the inside or found pinned and suffocated by the roots of trees which had sprung up from the ground in places where there were no trees at all!

    The relief of tension in the town after the disappearance of the babies was the calm before the storm. As an all out war erupted which sent the entire countryside into chaos. Rumors from the battle fronts told of the mysterious magical toddlers actually joining the battles and sending entire crowds into frenzied warfare. The stories of heroism and self sacrifice were unbelievable at first, but eventually the tale of the magical twins and their incredible powers spread throughout the world.

    Character specs for Level 1 Devil
    Appearance: small, ugly (when it is irritated or doing something dad), pair of horns, devil tail, fat (but not like a big guy whose belly is full with liquor, it is like a newborn sweet baby)
    Face: round, chubby, small nose and ears, black eyes (become greenish when it wants to stab you),
    Hair: upright forelock
    Arms and clothing: pampers, trident

    Character specs for the Level 1 Angel:
    Appearance: small toddler, fluffy, short limbs, small wings;
    Face: full in the face, red cheeks, small nose
    Hair: upright forelock
    Arms and clothing: spear, pampers, biberon (pacifier)

    Final entries of individual character portraits as specified in the rules above. Special thanks to Jason Rainville for pointing out to me this is required:

    Attachment 766810 Attachment 766811

    Attachment 766812 Attachment 766813

    Attachment 766815 Attachment 766816

    Good luck to everyone, this was a great challenge for the entire community. Cheers!
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    Attachment 766738

    Team Interglacial Chlamydia set out to create a team of characters unified by a shared culture as well as, stated by the brief, “break stereotypes.” Our goal was to create characters who filled roles that would be considered unusual considering their race while having good reason to do so. The characters all live and adventure in the region known as Crace, a huge tropical bay with many islands to its south. Our characters’ equipment and/or abilities reflects this watery environment through their utility, and their tattoos and armor would be influenced by marine creatures.

    Work in Progress thread

    History of the land of Crace

    History of the Sea Elves

    Team Activity:

    Team had one meeting via instant messenger before work began:
    - agreed that each member would have at least one character, and would illustrate the two portraits for each
    - agreed that elements should bind the characters. Was agreed that characters would have tattoos. Agreed that they would share the same setting, centered around sea travel/water.
    - Chaoticknight chose to create a human theif/mage hybrid, Jason Rainville chose to create a sea elf warrior, Lunaphobia chose to create a plant/man hybrid healer.
    Chaoticknight started wip thread
    Jason gathered references and wrote lore
    Everyone submitted WIPs and critiqued and commented on teammates work as they came in



    Haldis was a Demigod, a guardian spirit of stone and earth. Thousands of years before most races had even been seen in the world, he dwelt in the mountain named Nishtha, the highest mountain in the world. Inside the mountain's core, he resided in Crystal form, protecting the world and its nature.

    Then the Dwarves came, burrowing deep into the mountain, and the mountains surrounding Nishtha. In it's death throes, Nishtha broke Haldis from his crystalline form, and placed his spirit in the form of man, and then caved in upon itself. To this day Nishtha is not alive, nor inhabitable, just a lifeless rock that crumbled in upon itself.

    Haldis lived among humans in the west for many years, confused about his origins and the fact that he did not age as the other men did. He found that he had a strange fascination and closeness with nature, and eventually found the dryads on one of his many trips into the hills.

    The dryads knew who he was immediately, sensing the power within him, and told him of his true destiny and power. In his youthful nature, more in mind and experience than in body, he let his anger overcome him before he was ready. He was repelled from the land in his attempt to attack the dwarves.

    Since this time, Haldis has become isolated in the far corners of the world, staying near sand and water. He found water to be a willing ally, and so he stayed by it to meditate and learn what he could by himself.


    Attachment 766952

    Gender: Male
    Race: Stone Spirit Demigod
    Class: Earthen Mage/Mage assassin
    Alignment: Good

    Haldis became closer to the earth. He found a true power not only in his own element, but in the other elements of nature, especially fire and its ability to pierce even the darkest places of the world. His skin became like stone, and the powers of the elements burned within him. He sought allies to aid in the restoration of the world, for if the Crace was not saved soon, no one would be alive to share it.


    Attachment 766955

    Gender: Male
    Race: Stone Spirit Demigod
    Class: Earthen Mage/Mage assassin
    Alignment: Evil

    Haldis brooded as he meditated. He loathed the dwarves and the other races for being so blind to the truth. All he sought was destruction, for the only way to save the world would be to purge it of the disease known as the other races. He became filled with the power of water, drowning his spirit in a sea of hate, and his skin and his soul became as hard and lifeless as the dead Nishtha. He went back to the west with a group of like-minded individuals bent on destruction and death, and used the darkness to destroy all that threatened his world.




    Attachment 766760

    Gender: Female
    Race: Sea Elf (Mare Altus Magi)
    Class: Warrior
    Alignment: Good
    Primary Weapon: Paddle Spear/poleaxe
    Secondary Weapon: Rope & Anchor

    Dialda was born in Northern Crace, outside of the small town of Verdill. As a sea elf her time with other children was difficult; not only did she have to deal with the racial tensions between sea elves and western elves, her strength often meant she was unable to play safely with human or elf children and as a result she spent most of her time studying and training on her own. At the age of 17 she enlisted with the Confederate navy, within a year she was already a lieutenant on the longboat Firestone. While regularly decorated and respected by her superiors, elf and human prejudice took its toll. With mounting anxiety and growing fear of violence, she deserted the navy and fled to the islands of the southern tribes.

    She now works as a warrior in her small team of traveling adventurers. She’s never let her past troubles interfere with her moral judgment; though still hated by elves, she’s never hesitated in rushing to their aid. Her style of armor is influenced mainly by the Cracian Confederation. While heavy by southern tribes standards, her leather armor focused around the torso still ensures that swimming is comfortable and that the heat and humidity of Crace won’t take its toll. Her shell pauldron however shows a southern tribes influence, able to be detached when underwater swimming is required.. Dialda’s main form of transportation is her redwood canoe that she’s affectionately named “Turtle.” She uses two multipurpose weapons that also aid her on the rivers and archipelagos of the southern islands. Her paddle spear, tipped with a carved spade of jade, propels Turtle through the water as well as serves as her primary weapon. Her anchor serves its obvious purpose, but is also a devastating mid-range weapon. In a pinch, it can also be thrown to wrap around trees or high rocks so she can gain access to otherwise unreachable areas.


    Attachment 766762

    Gender: Female
    Race: Sea Elf (Mare Altus Magi)
    Class: Warrior
    Alignment: Evil
    Primary Weapon: Bloodwave (shark-tooth axe)
    Secondary Weapon: Teeth/nails

    Dialda was born in Northern Crace, outside of the small town of Verdill. As a sea elf her time with other children was difficult; not only did she have to deal with the racial tensions between sea elves and western elves, her strength and rough nature often meant she was unable to play safely with human or elf children. As a result she spent most of her time brooding and training on her own. At the age of 17 she enlisted with the Confederate navy, within a year she was already a lieutenant on the longboat Firestone. While regularly decorated and feared by her superiors for her vicious skills in battle, elf and human prejudice took its toll. With mounting anxiety and growing fear of violence, she snapped and slaughtered the eight men under her command as they slept, suspecting they had been insulting her behind her back. Wanted by the navy, shed fled to the islands of the southern tribes.

    She now works as a warrior in her small gang of traveling brigands. Her experience with prejudice has fostered her intense and insane hatred of western elves; when not on a mission with her other gang members, she systematically hunts down and kills any old world elves she can find. She has discarder her heavier equipment and her new armor is very open and focused on the limbs in the style of the southern tribes. She adorns her armor with teeth and shells, and its open nature allows her to display her tribal tattoos.

    A descendant of the southern tribes’ standard paddle axe, Dialda’s Bloodwave serves no purpose as a paddle, but is a fearsome weapon carved from a single piece of Lignum Vitae (ironwood) and lacquered with coral wax. Though the weapon is still technically wooden, it has little to fear from steel bladed weapons. Bloodwave’s “underbelly” is bristling with shark’s teeth, its topmost point sporting a crystal pick. When used in a slashing motion, the shark’s teeth loosen up an opponent’s flesh or armor for the crystal pick, allowing it to dig even deeper. Bloodwave’s “back” is crowned with a single large coral crystal (the concentrated excrement of sentient coral collectives) Bloodwave is therefore a multipurpose weapon, able to slash and tear at unarmored or lightly armored opponents with its teeth, but still able to crush armor with the its dorsal crystal. As with most named weapons of the southern tribes, Bloodwave is considered a soul-eater. Tradition has it that whenever an enemy is killed with a soul-eater, their essence has been conquered and their spirit imprisoned in the weapon. Whenever a weapon has earned a name (usually as it passed from one owner to another) it becomes a soul-eater.

    Dialda happened upon the weapon as she was adventuring deep in the jungle islands of the south-east. She entered battle with a western elf who she was hunting who was fully converted to a native way of life. He carried Bloodwave, while Dialda was armed with a shell axe she managed to fashion herself. The quality of both weapons were tested, and the lazy, arrogant Dialda saw her makeshift axe in splinters. She sunk to her knees and begged for her life. As the trusting elf approached to console her, Dialda swept sand into his eyes and restrained him. She tied him to a rock and ritually cut of both of his ears. She also slowly made incisions along his body to slowly bleed him out. Sputtering through bloody lips, the elf told Dialda the story of his weapon. Even though he was ashamed to have it passed to such an evil creature, he did not want the history of his companion to die out. Dialda gleefully accepted her gift, a weapon that could take advantage of her greater physical strength.



    The character is an interpretation of a healer with human characteristics, but formed by ocean debris and coral. Where the good healer allows life to thrive, the evil version of the same character is corrosive and destructive. While formed from the same substances, each version of the character takes on different characteristics in shape and motion. The pieces were created with cut paper, collage, watercolor and ink.


    Attachment 766782

    Gender: Male
    Race: Ocean Man
    Class: Healer
    Alignment: Good


    Attachment 766783

    Gender: Male
    Race: Ocean Man
    Class: Corrupter
    Alignment: Evil
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    Team Brotherhood of Heel enters the ring:
    Attachment 766899

    RoboMonkey (Ent)
    GunTrouver (Witch)

    Attachment 766874 Attachment 766875

    Friendly Gipsy Witch
    This witch is very old and travels from town to town, where she gains a bit of money by telling people their fortune or reading the cards for them. But she can also heal with her witchcraft, knows a lot about herbage and is always very friendly.
    Because she’s so old, she is very wise and can rumble someones means at the first glimpse.

    Gender: Female
    Class: Light Witch
    Alignment: Good

    Gipsy Cannibal Witch
    Every year to Walpurgis-Night the old gipsy witch overcomes an insatiable hunger for human flesh. This is the evil side of the friendly old witch. It’s deviant to the core. She uses her dark witchcraft to endamage everyone and everything that crosses her way. She takes out her old rusty witch-blade on which she rides through the night like on a broom. When she has chosen a victim she beats it down, cuts it into pieces and eats its raw flesh.

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Class: Dark Witch
    Alignment: Evil

    Friendly Ent
    The good-hearted Ent is a friend of nature. Birds build their nests between his branches and squirrels love to fool around on his back. It cannot hurt a soul living in the forests and it loves to play around with its inhabitants. Sometimes it just sits down and watches the sunset, while his little animal friends make their bed in his treetop.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Ent
    Class: Guardian
    Alignment: Good

    Vicious Ent

    Nobody knows if these evil Ents are born like this or if they „turn“to become vicious beasts. The only thing mankind knows is that these creatures are wandering the wasted lands. When seeing one of these beings, one realizes how powerful an Ent can be. Wandering the dark steppes, they tear and consume every living thing that is left between the rocks and rotten plants that define the landscape.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Ent
    Class: Daemon
    Alignment: Evil

    I hope everything is correct and if we made a mistake please tell us! For information about our groupwork and for WIPs and sketches check out our Group-Thread-->Brotherhood Of Heel
    Good luck everyone!

    EDIT: Ok, one told me that a rifle isn't "high fantasy" and that this would be a reason to be thrown out of the poll. I changed the rifle to this.
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    Team Birthday

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil
    wip thread here and
    hope you like this. ^^

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    Super High Five Squad
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Style/influence: The worlds and creations of Guillermo del Toro
    Unfortunately, it seems two of our team bailed and the finals of another character, being created by tron-one, will unfortunately be delayed and not ready for the deadline (see sketchbook soon for an up-date). However, I did just managed to finish everything for my character so I hope it's ok to post here.

    -Link to team sketchbook

    Good name: Tempi (translates as: That which echoes in the mind)
    Evil name: Tempus (translates as: Those who fell and wander)
    Race: Diskface
    Class: Bard
    Gender: N/A

    There is a single, small passage in the 'Valdic book of Myths and Legends' that is dedicated to a curious character named Tempi (sometimes known as Tempus). The passage describes it (I say 'it' because the gender could never be ascertained) as being a tall creature dressed in a long, concealing robe and strange accessories. It is said Tempi was a bard and that when it spoke the voice appeared to emanate not from the body but from the surrounding area as though it was carried on the wind from some other place. Those who met Tempi commented too on the manner of its movement, they say it glided along rather like some hovering sprite or pixie. Nothing is truly known about its race but the belief at the time was that they could only speak in riddle and rhyme and that they dwell in the realm of Middle Distance which lies between Somewhere and Nowhere. The truth is of course, Tempi is the only Diskface* known to have visited our world. Soon after Zarin's victory in the Hills of the Meiflocks, Tempi's whereabouts were lost and time soon covered any tracks.
    *A term made popular by King of that which binds the seven axes.

    A quick word on Tempus
    Though Tempi was much loved by its friends, there was a dark side which lurked always close by. The beautiful music which gave many a strong sense of strength, power and joy was the work of Tempi. That which turned all who heard it mad was the work of Tempus.

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    Final Random 1 Team

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Back in a time now lost to even the eldest of storytellers, there were two lands. Divided as by the breath on a cold mirror, they existed side by side without ever touching, until the greed and ambition on one side caused a terrible event, fusing the lands together, and bringing both sides of the mirror crashing into eachother.

    on one side, the Anai, content with their life and the cycles of their world, having trancended ambition their magics no longer searched for power as much as it strived for cooperation of the living world.

    on the other, the Vret, a culture consumed by ambition and progress, their magicians somehow bridged the divide and saw the world of the anai, a more unspoilt version of their own land as an easy price to take by force, just as they had imposed their will on the spirits of their own lands, taking from the land what they wanted.

    After the merging of the worlds, the Vret realised they were mistaken in thinknig of the Anai as an easy target. Their quiet composure showed to contain an unbending will to defend their own world, and after a long tome, an uneasy stalemate was reached.

    Today, the world is known as the realm of the twiceborn. On both sides exist an opposite number of every living soul, and as this realisation sank in, so did the importance of the individual rise.

    Now the need for champions grows ever more important. On both sides, bands of adventurers and paragons of each side are formed with the knowledge that somewhere out there is their mirror image, and that sooner or later, the fate of who will rule the world of the twiceborn will be decided on a battlefield where you will not face your brother, but yourself.

    Lineup Good:
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Lineup Evil:
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Gender: Female
    Race: Fairy
    Class: Spellcaster

    Fairies are natures protectors. They make sure the balance is perserved and are able to correct the imbalance when needed.
    They are masters in magic. Their phisical apperance doesn't allow them to participate in melee combat making them practice magic and wizardry for generations.

    Fairies with a pure and noble heart gain the power to weild the elements at birth. The can control an element they choose. This means they have to give up other elements to be accepted by the element of their choise.
    The element takes a spirit-like form to guide them trough their training. In battle it is these spirits that fight for the fairies.

    A fairy with evil in its heart loses all the abilty to use the elements. Instead they use the power of certain gems nature has to offer to gain magical abilities.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Therianthroph: Human who can morph into an animal form.
    Class: Warrior

    Character description/ Race details: Ursos can morph into a bear and a mixform between human and bear. He can stay in each form, al long as he want. The transformation take 3 minutes. Clothes don't transform, so if he change from human to mixed form wearing clothes, they will tear.
    He use to stay in human form for his allday life. Meeting with friends or at official partys. In his human form, he is like all other humans, without any special abilities.
    When he's travelling in dangerous places (and thats often, since he's figthing for his people) he prefer the mixed form and wears armor. Alltime ready to fight.
    In this state, he is stronger than a human, faster and better protectet trough his fur. he can't speak al well as in human forn, but good enough to say easy things. And he understands the other peaple very well.
    The bear form has best senses. He can fight too, but not hold weapons or something like taht. He can't speak, but understands other people still.
    He use to stay in this form only for spying.
    He's a berserker. If he lose control over his anger, he automatically transform in the mixed form and begins to fight. If no enemy is around, he can atack his own people.

    only the good one: Fortunally he's a cosy person. He like eating, relaxing and listen to music. But he's loyal to his people too, so he learns to fight and decided, to help as good as he can.

    only the evil one: To be a berserker is a real problem for the bad-tempred Ursos. Fortunally for his people he looks like someone who should be botherd, so worst case is rare. And he use his anger to fight against the good people.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Orc
    Class: Bard

    Amongst the orchs, the son of krath the bladeforger started hearing the whispers of the world all around him. The whisper can be shaped around a man, filling him with joy, a will to fight or a desire to live. Arath uses his flute, traditionally bladed in the way of the orchs, who are pragmatic about things like musicians on the battlefield, to rally his fellow soldiers.

    In the dark mines of the excavated mountains of krath the iron forger, His son wielded heavy hammers, striking into the hearts and roots of mountains until suddenly he started hearing the pulse of the world around him. Taken in as a war drummer, Arath disrupts the pulse of the world to cause fear and panic around him, while beating his enemies down with his macelike drumbeaters.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Ranger

    Rangers are regarded a special forces unit, usually wokring in small teams or by themselves they are able to disrupt or even disband enemy armies through the use of Gorilla tactics.
    They don't believe in the honor of battle just what ever it takes to achieve the objective. Through their training they are trained with a personal animal and the bond they share makes the two very lethal weapons.
    The Rangers that twist on over to the darker side of things are very unstable, and usually skin the faces of the fallen foes just to wear them in the following battle to unnerve their opponents.

    Team Random 1

    World ideas: All together
    Brief: LostFayth and mimer
    Colorpalette: mimer
    Backgrund: skorpi
    Human Ranger painted and drawn by AhChu.
    Fairy Spelcaster painted and drawn by LostFayth.
    Orc Bard painted and drawn by mimer.
    Therianthroph Warrior painted and drawn by skorpi.
    Forgive me my bad english

    my sketchbook and my homepage

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    Team Coco Meowza- Good & Evil

    Attachment 767059

    Team tasks

    Character design- AsaB, Pretty_Angel, 3mMajster, Sekino
    Linework/inking- Sekino, AsaB
    Colouring- Pretty_Angel, Sekino
    Presentation- 3mMajster

    Team Coco Meowza's sketchbook

    Attachment 767060


    Attachment 767066 Attachment 767068

    Simans are kind nature spirits and have control over the four elements, which they use only to ensure balance in the world. For centuries, their duty within the Land has been to preserve nature and the species within with wise use of their magical expertise. Simans are also playful and whimsical beings who enjoy a good celebration and singing and their ancient tunes fill the Land as the sun sets each day.

    Eons ago, a breach happened within the peaceful race of Simans. More and more individuals became unhappy with their mundane tasks and wanted to spend more time on developing their magical skills for their own agenda. Today they reside in the dark outskirts along with the dark Renomeks, manipulating the elements in a destructive way. They’re also known for being excellent at making enchanted artifacts and their craftsmanship is highly sought after by both dark Renomeks and Amods.


    Attachment 767064 Attachment 767065

    In the beginning of time, Renomeks originated in the far fringes of the Land. At first they were a barbaric tribe, but a good deal of them were seized centuries ago and trained to be the reinging Elder's guards. Today their descendants have long settled in and still uphold this noble work, being respected as skillful warriors. Renomeks are charismatic and kind-hearted creatures. They put their duties above all else and would never betray their own kind.

    Originally a barbaric tribe on the Land’s border, the dark Renomeks still maintain loyalty to their savage native grounds. Today they’ve established an advanced but scattered society along the dark mountains where they practice their combat skills dauntlessly every day. They are first-class weapons and armour makers and get their resources from the precious metals and stones they mine deep within the dark mountains. These are used in an alliance with the dark Simans who use them when fabricating their magical artifacts.


    Attachment 767062 Attachment 767063

    The humans of the Land, called Amods, are agile and stealth. They are ideal candidates as scouts and messengers. They don’t have permanent dwellings as they constantly wander throughout the Land, but make camps wherever they please. Most often acting as emissaries, and because of the strong oral tradition and a preference for communicating through messengers rather than written words, they have a strong knowledge of geography, are skilled hunters and usually adopt a neutral position regarding conflicts.

    Ages ago, wandering Amod groups got lost by the Land’s edge. They were captured by the dark Renomeks but these soon realized the Amods were of good use. Shortly, the two made an alliance and today their lineage has grown considerably. They mostly live through theft and poaching. They are also hired as assassins and occasionally form alliances with renegade members of other races.

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    this is all i had time to contribute. my partner had even less time then me.

    sorry daestwen. please just let this post ride. thanks

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    Goddamn I'm tired

    It seems there's no time left o_o

    Attachment 767089

    Here's what we did. We really enjoyed this whole thing, especially since we teamed up in real life to be able to work together more effective and with more fun And it's been a lot of fun, honestly. Baking cookies, making stupid jokes, and doing some painting on the side, what more could we ask for!

    As for how we worked, our sketchbook is here ->
    We did all of everything together, from the ideas to the designs and compositions, the colors, rendering and stuff, though extra credit needs to be given to Jana who after my hand started acting up again finished up most of the characters. She's awesome, and Alex is too!

    We wanted to make our characters interesting not only by their design, but also through their personality, so each of these is not two different versions, but the same individual at different points of their life, after an event that changed them completely.

    So here goes:

    Ynnub Iruy, Dryad Druid / Dryad Witch
    Attachment 767097

    Born in the deepest forest, each dryad is from its first breath tied to a spirit of the woods. This spirit is to be their companion and protector, their friend and guardian. But it is also a part of their soul, and if one dies, the other cannot live. One with nature, they are shy, but gentle creatures, rare, but powerful in their connection to the elements that surround them. Blessed with the power to speak to the woods, and to give birth to new life, they are the keepers of the forest, and if you will not harm them, they will do no harm to you.
    Ynnub Iruy one was the most loving of them all, often to be found whispering to a fox or forest cat or healing a butterfly with a broken wing.
    But as the sky turned dark and the water grew foul through the influence of the dark mage, the forces of nature started to become corrupted, and the forest changed. Evil creatures appeared, the balance of life and death was destroyed, and what had been peaceful became monstrous and agressive, and the trees that had protected and nourished the animals now started devouring them. And as the very soul of the forest turned dark and destructive, so did the spirits of the dryads, and they grew malicious and spiteful. Now she lives in the horrible stenches of the dead marshes, luring victims into the bottomless swamp with faint, flickering ignis fatui.
    Attachment 767119

    Raeb Odep, Orc Barbarian / Orc Peasant

    Attachment 767117
    Once Raeb Odep was but a tool, without will or soul, controlled by a dark mage who had bred this horrid type of creature to wreak havoc on the world of humans. With pale skin, almost blind eyes and terrifying strength, no enemy stirred up more fear in the weakening armies of mankind.
    But the tide changed, and as the dark wizard and his forces were thrown back, Raeb Odep was wounded, and in the chaos of retreat, left for dead. He managed to survive, buried by rocks, feeding off roots and dead leaves. And as the power that his creator had had over his mind vanished, his thoughts cleared, and began to see the world through his own eyes. When he was finally found and rescued, it was by creatures he'd have least expected to help him - humans. Children found him while playing in the woods, and their initial fear faded quickly, as they sensed that there was no evil in him. They started to bring him food, and he was like 'Nom.' And when he regained his strength, he begged the humans to let him stay, but they turned him away. It was only later that when a pack of wild wolves attacked the villagers, he got a chance to prove the he was not the evil creature he was believed to be. So he was accepted into the town, and celebrated as its savior. But when he was asked to also be its defender, he declined, as all he wanted was to spend his remaining days in peace, together with the children that had saved him.
    Attachment 767101

    Regit Atohs, Human Scout / Human Rogue

    Attachment 767099
    Born as the the second of five sons of the leader of a small tribe of nomads, Regit Atohs was a cheerful and responsible lad. He respected his elders, helped his companion catch and tame the giant jellyfish his people lived off, scouted new hunting grounds and took every day as it came. He might not have been the smartest, and it always seemed that people looked a little bit past him, but he was fancied nonetheless.
    But as all parts of the world, his tribe could not evade the destruction brought about them by the war machine that the dark mage had built, fueled and started, and so it happened that one day Regit Atohs came home to find his clan murdered, their homes burned down, their jellyfish raped and slaughtered. Eww.
    And here it was the moment that his strength to the test, and he failed. He broke down under the despair and anger, and his strength of will left him. He was torn apart by hatred and fury, yet too weak to take revenge, and so he spiraled down and became a thief and a rogue, leaving behind all the values his elders had taught him.
    Attachment 767118

    Yllana Depar, Human Princess / Human Queen
    Attachment 767104
    Yllana Depar was the princess of the most prosperous and cultured kingdom of the old world, only child of the wise, but aging king. She was loved by the people for her kindness and would frequently do good to the citizens, release prisoners and serve as a judge in cases of dispute. Her charm also made her popular with the leaders of adjacent realms, leading to good diplomatic relationsships and peace and wealth for her homeland.
    But her father passed away, and when it was her turn to take guidance of the country, stress and the weight of responsibity made her vulnerable to corruption, while the agony of suddenly being on her own poisoned her soul. And when the dark mage extended his fingers over the land, her mind was too clouded to see through his lies, and she fell for him. No longer did she care about protecting and helping her people, now her thoughts began revolving about power and she grew greedy and selfish. Instead of releasing prisoners, she now began to torture them for confessions, and instead of feeding the poor, she indulged in orgies and gluttony. As her heart turned darker and darker, the once so glorious kingdom fell.
    Attachment 767115

    That's it! Attached are the pictures that we felt lost too much in the process of cropping them to the required format.
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    Team McFly (Lucky us! we get to post after that!)

    Team Sketchbook

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    Our very own team site!

    All copyright info = Team Chönyid bardo/Characters/Fantasy/photoshop.
    (thumbnail at end of post)

    Team Chönyid bardo: Team Activity

    Hala (team leader): Hala has been a fantastic leader and an invaluable member of our team. Right for the start she showed true organizational talent coming up with design idea charts ( See here ), and fantastic calendars and deadlines ( See here ) not to mention great reference images and sites!
    Too top of the amazing organizational effort she even started our own site which can be viewed Here .
    As well as a leader, she has produced some beautiful works of art (hala’s finale images are the two Queen characters), and like everyone has contributed extremely helpful crits, advice and paintovers to help the team along and to enhance the learning process.
    And she has done all this while moving house!

    Snootchy: Snootchy has shown himself to be an irreplaceable member of the team, and also an amazing team player! Snootchy was to one who organized got our team together in the first place. Like everyone he gathered some great reference images, and has organized and managed the many team conferences we have had over MSN.
    Snootchy has been producing some amazing wips and finished works of art all though out this competition, which have always motivated and inspired our team more. His finale images are the 2 Rook characters.
    Again like everyone Snootch has contributed heaps of critiques and motivation which have been invaluable to our team’s progress!
    Thanks Mike!

    Grandmassa Mr. Spect: Haha, what the fu*k hasn’t this guy done! Right from the get go he was on to it with a heap of great reference and inspiration images and sites to get the creative juices going!
    Grandmassa has brought his world famous energy (which can only come from 6 redbulls before breakfast) to our team once again… And boy has it helped!!!! This dude really has been rocking from the start, producing a great amount of art, critiques and advice to get this team moving!
    Grandmassa really has been the motivation we all need, (drop by your local Wal-Mart and pick one up today!) and is always there to sprinkle the crack!
    His two finale images are the two super hot Knights riding both a gorilla and a dinosaur! He ROOOOOOCKS!!

    JailHouseRock2 (Myself): I believe I have also done my fair share for this awesome team! From the start of this competition I have started and consistently managed our team sketchbook (which is now 9 pages long), submitted a lot of reference and inspiration images, and helped form our team along the way. I have also contributed to the overall design features and look of our team’s artwork, and have made many, many critiques and advice and making sure to be as honest as I can with all of them.
    Like everyone one I have produced countless wips, sketches, character models and finished works of art, (in fact our team has submitted over 100 images in our SB).
    I have produced 4 finale images for this competition, which include both good and evil Kings, and both good and evil Bishops.
    As well as this I have finalized all portraits, adding borders and final touches, written up Team Activity reports and character profiles, and submitted all here.

    And we also have to mention Waild, who didn’t make it to the end (he moved to Belgium) but has been a great supporter and Cheerleader! And also to all the fantastic people who have supported our team, and given crits, especially Jigie, Dwardo, Peetaer and Jason Rainville. Thanks guys!

    The Characters: (in order of appearance)

    King: The king is a giant of a man - literally. He is descended from a line of warriors, Brawlers and Fighters that actually breed with the giants… to save you cleaning up vomit; I won’t got into any detail.
    He gained his power by a mixture of brute force, strategy and marriage. He has always been a strong general, capable of commanding the large numbers of solders at his command… but it was the marriage to his Queen that won him his crown… even if he’ll never admit it.
    But in spite of his strategic knowledge, some say he still has a much darker, more violent side… something left over from his barbaric heritage. He still craves the battle field, and the smell of blood.

    Queen: While her King and her people are fighting on the front lines, she moves through the castle defenses and the thick forest trees, healing and buffing her fellow war mates. Feeling the need to appear regal and superior at all times; her armor is rather grandeur and decorative. She is a lady to the finest degree; decked in fur and layers; elegant and refined.
    However she is quite petty with keeping her appearance--If an enemy's blood happens to stain her skirt or shoes, she will run to her King whining and crying like a child until he adequately dismembers the enemy's body for such a sin. Her Childish antics and fragility often annoy people, but it is what keeps her on her toes, moving swiftly from one wounded warrior to the next, evading many attacks and messes. This capability however also leads her to be quite boastful.
    After all, there are not many people who can brag about healing a thousand soldiers during a bloody battle while keeping their appearance perfect and pristine.

    Rook: Born into nobility due to their protective nature, succubi reside close to their king's. They are either looked down upon by the human race and feared for their frightening appearance or love struck in awe of their beauty.
    Their appearance could be described as demon like with wings that keep them warm in the winter solstice and horns and tails that protrude from their head and body. Succubi create false perception by invoking climate changes, whether it be a misty fog to create a screen of some sort or to create hazardous blizzards to cloak the location of their kingdom. One uses the power for protection while the other uses the false perception to kill their enemies furtively.

    Bishop: The kingdoms chief Holyman isn’t really a man at all. His is a frost Elf, the oldest indigenous race in this ice covered land. He has been allies with the King for longer than anyone can remember, making sure the King only slaughtered innocent beings in the name of God, and then saying a quick prayer afterwards.
    Hi is a worthy Mage, keeping the enemy busy from afar, and his motivational speeches are legendary! And he can always be seen with a Bible/spell book in hand, constantly quoting from it… Or at least clams to quote from it, as they are written in a text no one has spoken in centuries!

    Knight: This young half-elf has been in the center of some controversy lately. Her lineage has been called in to question once again, its well known she’s a half elf… but whats the other half? Some are saying she’s the kings long lost daughter, and if this is true things could get very heated a round the courtyard. One things for sure though… this pretty little thing can look after herself! One of the fastest, strongest warriors in the land, she can slice your head of and sever it with pork and beans before your friends can say “Duck!!!!”.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gutss View Post
    yesterday, God came to me in a dream and told me that if I don't become a comic book artist, he has decreed that I shall instead be a burlesque dancer.
    And I said, "But God, nice panties are so expensive!"
    And he said, "Welp, I suppose you better shut up and draw."

    SketchBook (updated)

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    Team White rabbit
    Dark Eyes


    Ionic did the good and evil elf priest, Dark eyes did the good and evil alchemist Goblin and i did the Good and evil human fighter and thief half-elf.


    The main idea is that the "player" can choose wich side want to play.

    Good:A peasant who raise in arms against the local autorities.
    Evil:the peasant choose to join the local army

    Good: A priest who comune with nature and a diplomatic for the human world
    Evil:A priest comsumed by rage, wants to erradicate elves and humans alike.

    Good:A rogue that use tricks to steel(a stick to fake leg problems, for instance.She lives among the humans but keep a special nostalgia to the elves world that she never live.
    Badhe turn against humans and elves forming an alliance with the dark elves.

    Good:A young student of alchemy who travel the world seeking information and challenges.
    Badhe want power, so she betrayl her path and the lessons of her mentor.
    She form an alliance with the human dictatorship.


    Sketchbook with progress:

    Attachment 767235

    The portraits:


    Attachment 767238

    Attachment 767236


    Attachment 767255

    Attachment 767252


    Attachment 767249

    Attachment 767243


    Attachment 767251

    Attachment 767250

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    Team Fluffy Fledglings

    Attachment 767264


    Eventhough AvisNocturna and Katanasoul didn't have the chance to finnish, they were great especially during the initital (and most crucial) stages.

    Race: Ogre
    Class: Bard

    Av'Oig was born deep within the dark mountains of shak'dath, the home of a brutal axewielding ogre clan. Av'Oig was noticed at his very birth as someone special, this due to his rare gift of having two extra arms. Ogres with six arms were always handpicked, and trained from birth in the use of weapons. They were to become berserkers, the most feared warriors known to this world. Av'Oigs Masters trained him every day, the young ogre was hitting everything that could be hit using all his arms simultanously, but to no avail. What Av'Oig did learn though, that no one else noticed, was how the sounds he made when using the weapons affected the mood and morale of those nearby. He got better and better at his skill, but no one else noticed or knew of this possibility. He was soon considered useless and thrown out of the clan, told never to return. (continue at either good or evil from here)


    That very day Av'Oig decided that the typical ogre life was nothing for him, and decided to use his skill for good. He travelled around the world, making instruments, playing for everyone he met to make their life better. Eventually learning how to even heal wounds through music, and rumors even went of the travelling ogre bard that could ressurect the dead.


    Av'Oig was filled with rage, and swore to one day get revenge. He left that day, and practiced day in and out playing sounds for sentient beings that crossed his path. Eventually learning how to both kill and torture through his "music". We don't really know how he got his revenge, as there were no survivors, but what we do know is that he succeeded. Av'Oig still wanders and spreads fear through the world.
    Attachment 767263

    Elen'oir Liz
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Butcher

    Elenoir Liz is a strange name for a Dwarf. Every little girl in her village got an axe the day she would make her first step. Once she killed a polar bear and she was still 4 years old! Due to a supernova collision with a lazy asteroid at exactly 34.21 light years from her and due to a wizard training spells at exactly the opposite face of the earth... well , the polar bear's soul never left the fur of the of the corpse... since it was no more confined in an animal body the soul could speak, well,of course he could speak... as if he couldn't. Anyway she now is a wild runaway, sometimes work as professional chef or as wood and iron artigian looking for adventures


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    team cobra yawn -
    process /wip

    Adronath is an unrivaled swordsman and travelled the land fighting the strongest man he could find in everywhere he went. He’s never seen without his platemail and is almost always scowling.

    Both shamans are traveling mages and potion masters that travel the land in search of unique ingredients, for application in their potions. Both collect many unique items that correspond to the type of magic that they use, one focusing on the destruction of life, the other the creation, and rebirth. The evil of the two is a worshiper of the night, and draws on its creatures and plants to be the basis for his potions; the good is a traveler of the day, getting his materials from daytime creatures. Both the mages are of elderly age and thus they carry their supplies strapped to a brace located around their neck and across their shoulders. The purpose of this is to allow them to quickly access these materials. With these ingredients they mix up potions and fix them to their belt, in order to be able to quickly dip their sharpened finger in, and apply their magic. Both shamans travel only at the time of day that they collect their goods, and have thus never seen each other, however only the hand of the other shaman can counteract each one’s magic.

    Embraced by the shadows this faceless assassin uses his dark cloak, long gangly appendages and endless collection of masks to slay his targets. With no actual face under his warped collection of masks, this night creature is completely untraceable and can walk among all facets of life unrecognized. With a barrage of weapons, in-human agility and an endless obsession to fulfill his objective this dark fiend can locate and slay any target.
    Normally found in black markets and dangerous bazaars, this unnamed assassin is always for hire and is willing to make a deal. With no use for money apart from purchasing his endless collection of masks, he is purely in love with the hunt. Armed with small daggers and poison tipped needles, this unnamed killer also has the innate ability to overpower and strangle his enemies with his long muscular arms and fingers.

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    Attachment 767348

    Nobody remembers exactly when the zombie outbreak started, the only thing that everybody knows is that from one day to another, the most powerful kingdoms were plunged into complete anarchy. The civilized races have joined forces to protect each other from this devastated world, even some hostile races such as orcs and gnolls joined this crusade to survive the great plague. These are times of chaos and darkness, there is no law, there is no order, only death.

    >> Sketchbook thread <<

    Attachment 767338 Attachment 767337

    Attachment 767341 Attachment 767339

    Attachment 767344 Attachment 767343

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    Attachment 767394

    Deep in the heart of the forest, lives an elfin man who is said to have an amazing gift with almost God-like power, being able to heal all wounds, cure all sickness and restore life to all living things. Living in solitude amongst the wild has allowed him to lead a quiet life away from civilians who would likely end up selfishly exploiting his powers for their own means.

    With the power in his grasp to build a better world, the healer is held back by moral issues which plague him, does he have the right to use his powers to their full potential and play God? Or should he remain hidden and do nothing unless the opportunity presents itself?

    When an unforeseen event occurs the time comes for him to make a choice...

    The daemon armor calls from afar....

    Which path will he chose?

    Attachment 767362Attachment 767363

    RACE: Halfbreed (Elf/Troll)
    CLASS: Killer (Dark) & Rogue (Light)

    Light Description: words can't hurt me anymore. I know ignorance runs deep, but I shall endure and overcome...I've seen the goodness that is buried within. If it were not for them, if it were not for love and companionship, I fear what might have been.

    Dark Description: the meat-sacks have their fun.....night comes all the same. I'm not your dog to kick around anymore, I won't grovel for your affections, for your love...I don't need love. You can't use me anymore...not after what happened. Hmm, look at that one....yesss...he looks just like that bastard healer. Your nose will look wonderful in my collection...

    Attachment 767360Attachment 767361

    RACE: Human
    CLASS: Inquisitor (Dark) & Paladin (Light)

    Light Description: Brotherhood and humility, these are my daily bread. If we are not bound by compassion, we are lost to the void that is despair. After many trials and tribulations, our path lead a man to salvation, and perhaps redemption. With the healer's blessing upon me, I shall spread this seed of hope among the fallen and abused.

    Dark Description: Compassion?!? You speak of compassion! Pah, you've not seen the darkness in man. I have witnessed the insidious heart that beats within you all. I shall not stop until I have that bastard orc's head upon my mantle. The truth my dear friends is out there, and I shall seek it out and pluck it from their skulls.

    Attachment 767358Attachment 767359

    RACE: Human
    CLASS: Mage

    Light Description: The incident pushed her to the absolute edge, but she pulled through, and death was no longer something to fear. She accepted her place in life, and vowed to live out her remaining years to the fullest, spreading her vast wealth of magical knowledge as she travels through new towns and cities, eager to explore the wildernesses she was once afraid of.

    Dark Description: The incident brought the terrible childhood memories back to her, stuck in those devillish jaws, screaming for the handsome prince who did not come..the trauma of battle mixed with the pain was too much for such an old soul to handle. It cracked, as did she, now hopeless and devoid of humanity, she wanders, causing death and destruction as she passes through...

    Attachment 767353Attachment 767351

    RACE: Orc
    CLASS: Fighter

    Light Description: Its been 9 days since I put on this God forsaken armour, 9 days since I felt it slice into me and take hold, 9 days since the first time I felt it breathe, speak to me and try to bend my mind to its will. The others...if it wasn't for sure it would have consumed me, I owe them my mind, my life, my soul. I can't let this abomination from the depths take me.

    Dark Description: That armour...that beautiful armour. 9 days since it took hold and still its power surges through me, changing me. I no longer see it. I no longer see anything. I feel it all around me. Power, pure, surging and infinite. I am no longer alone. Nothing will stand in our way, the hunger has begun.

    Attachment 767355Attachment 767357

    RACE: Elf
    CLASS: Healer

    Light Description: Choosing to remain on the boundaries of civilisation in the aftermath, keeping his gift hidden from others, the elfin man is contented living besides nature which flourishes around him. As a man of the forest he is happy harvesting and growing herbs to make his own cures and medicines. These healing potions for common ailments he distributes amongst the towns folk when passing through. This allows him to help others without having to reveal the extent of power he has in his grasp. Despite preferring to keep his gift hidden, the healer is prepared, if such an opportunity arises, to step in and help those who seek out the need for his amazing power.

    Dark Description: Giving in to his intoxicating power in the events aftermath, the elfin man quickly becomes a saviour to the people who are instantly in awe at the extent of his healing abilities. Through the use of his gift he gradually begins to exploit all who come to him for help, charging them for home made remedies and the curing of any ailments or injuries they may have. He becomes a figure who is revered and feared amongst the townsfolk. Lost in the depths of megalomania, the healer’s original good intentions for his gift have been warped turning him into a power hungry man who cares little for the feelings and needs of others. He is not well liked and even nature, where he is always been at home, has begun to wither in his presence.

    Attachment 767365Attachment 767364

    RACE: Gnome
    CLASS: Summoner

    Light Description: Tiny, yes. I am very small. Yet, within me, like this small bird, lies a great power. No, not magic, you silly. Unity. Individually we are weak, however, together, united, we are invincible. As the healer has taught us, it is through unity, compassion, and love that we shall triumph over the darkness of night.

    Dark Description: Everyone...I can see it. They look down on me. They pity me...weak and insignificant little me. Ah, but things have changed...I've power now...I am strong...the deamon armor has taught me well, and you will know me by the trail of the dead.

    WIPS, Planning, & Discussion:

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    Team Obsidian:


    The wandering swordsman, Taliriktug.

    After swearing vengeance against the demented tribe that ransacked and destroyed his village, raping and killing his wife, and defiling his family's burial grounds; Taliriktug sought out the lands for a trail to their lands with his ancestral battle gear. His blood hot with rage, and his body unrelenting moving against the cold frigid landscape he finds what he's been looking for. His family and friends' murderers making camp across the snow dunes. Now not even heaven nor hell will stop him.


    The murderous blademaster, Tukugaq

    This fiendish man wielding a most unusual blade has been infamous across the Great Northern Territories. It was said that he was a warlord's vice general until slaying him and his entire platoon of soldiers all with a smile on his face. His massive set of scars that run across his body, a signature of his battles and a measure of his skills as a swordsman.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Foxtayl Icerunner

    Born in the wilds of the arctic tundra Foxtayl Icerunner was fostered by the local inhabitants until she came under the tutelage of Elder Andrake in her seventh winter. Skilled in the arts of healing and herbal magik she soon adopted the ways of a true healer. News of her astounding abilities soon reached the ears of the Vanic Council and she was asked to provide aide to the outlying villages. Upon witnessing their plight she applied her skills and protected the small populace, acquiring a reputation of fierce loyalty to those clans dotted along the remote rim of the icelands.


    Silverfrost Icemoon

    After receiving a blow to her head and left for dead Silverfrost Icemoon awoke to find herself one of the few survivors of a bloody massacre. Witnessing the rape, mutilation and slaughter of so many of her family and friends she found herself emerging with a renewed purpose, to make them pay. In one brief and unexplicable moment Silverfrost found herself ripped from her world and thrust into one where all she could feel was hate and vengeance. Blind rage pumped through her veins until nothing of her true self was left. From this point on she would live on the edge, scoffing at the laws and leaving a swath of destruction from city to city.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Female Human Mage


    Female Human Mage

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

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    Milk of Amnesia

    Member: Burtzum, Fluorine, Nightblue

    Attachment 767421

    Dwarf - by Burtzum

    The Good

    Attachment 767416

    The Evil

    Attachment 767417

    Personal History

    Attachment 767418


    Elf - by Flourine

    The Good

    Attachment 767423

    The Evil

    Attachment 767424

    Personal History

    Attachment 767463


    Human - by Nightblue

    The Good

    Attachment 767432

    The Evil

    Attachment 767434

    Personal History

    Attachment 767436


    Character Lineup

    The Good

    Attachment 767441

    The Evil

    Attachment 767443


    Sketch Book


    Special Thanks to Moai, you created some great characters, and we had a lot of fun brain storming together~ Too bad you can't be with us till the end Hopefully we can work together in the next Team Chow
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    thx for the great time people!

    Estaog Satyre

    I see the wind. My arrows ride the
    currents to their resting place in the heart
    of darkness a half days travel away. I do it for my
    people, to preserve their way of life.

    Estaog Satyr

    I have been robbed of my vision. My precious
    wind now whispers in my ears, begging me to give it
    the gift of death and I gladly comply. My only joy
    is the sound of your lungs crushed by my arrows.

    Grann Centaur

    My son should not need to know the wretched
    hordes I have slain. Had I have been stronger,
    faster, niether would my beloved. Every thrust
    of my pike, every stroke of my steel, a tribute to her.
    I know that some how she is able to see the
    good I have done in her name.

    Grann Centaur

    The took them from me. My sorrow filled my
    bones till that's all could feel. I was weak.
    Now the warm blood splashing against my chest
    keeps my alive. My memories fade into oblivion
    with every Moist shatterd helmet and tug of my flail.

    Isaan Human

    The day my sister died I made a promise,
    I would study, I would focus.
    I would learn the ways of beings not of this realm
    and use their power to right the wrongs of this world.

    Isaan Human

    The day my sister died I made a promise,
    i would harness the power of gods
    and use them to destroy those who would harm
    innocents. Until one of these beings made me an offer...
    ...the chance to become a god.

    Garrin Half-Giant

    The day I was born i was already this size.
    I was not born of a man and a woman but of magic
    I was hated for this, but some saw me as a
    friend, others a brother and more a protector.
    It is for these people I fight.

    Garrin Half-Giant

    They hated me, mocked me, spit on me and
    stoned me. It is only because they fear me.
    Soon they will all learn to fear me as I wipe
    their species out one by one.

    Sindor Wood Elf
    Beast Tame

    I travel with my faithful companion, who I have
    raised from a pup. The forest has served as our
    training ground and our home until this day,
    when we are called upon to protect it from those
    who seek to ravage this land.

    Sindor Wood Elf
    Beast Master

    I am the master and he is my slave.
    Much in the way that my armor has consumed me and
    is now guiding me to victory. Though my servant
    could crush me, I have broken him. He is mine to command.
    Together we will decimate anyone that dares cross our path.

    Rason Human

    In my mountain sanctuary, I am most at peace.
    This is where I gather my thoughts and prepare
    for the coming battle. It will be difficult but I know
    my faith will guide me and I will prevail
    with a pure mind intact.

    Rason Human

    What do you know of corruption?
    With a thousand rotting corpses at my disposal,
    I am unstoppable. And those that tremble and fall before me
    will soon join my ever-growing army of undead
    and I will sweep like a plague from sea to sea
    until there is no one left who
    does not answer to me.

    Dezba Avian

    Mastering the sword is a life long discipline.
    Its takes patience, focus and total commitment.
    To understand the blade is to understand yourself.
    And when you understand yourself you understand your connection to all things.
    I am one with this place as the sword is one with me.

    Dezba Avian

    I haven't spent my whole life mastering an art to simply waste away...
    I've been wandering this world, training my mind and body for countless years.
    Watching a creature die is truly something to behold.
    To take in the hot air rising from a corpse.
    To know that I have taken what god granted... That is true power.

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    Team Ken-Do-Pu-En-Ds

    Attachment 767481
    Team Ken-Do-Pu-En-Ds
    Sepu, AmbientSounds, vshen, SirKenneth and dwardo

    The type of game we wanted to make. A mixed bag.
    Like those mixed bag of lollies in grade 3. Remember.
    WIPS n Sketses

    Attachment 767505

    Attachment 767497
    Attachment 767498

    Attachment 767492
    Attachment 767493

    Tavarian Knights
    Attachment 767502
    Attachment 767503

    half minotaurs
    Attachment 767501
    Attachment 767500

    Attachment 767496
    Attachment 767494

    Character descriptions.

    Gender: Female
    Race: Half-dwarf
    Class: Mountain animal healer
    Alignment: Good

    Epu mountain dwarves are half-dwarf half Tasmanian. They love shoes and fake leather.
    Anything that's not made from the slaughter of animals they totally dig.
    They love shiny things especially found mage sticks for those dark mountain nights.
    Real earthy souls that can tame short, dangerously built, little big horned, hybrids.

    Gender: Female
    Race: half-dwarf
    Class: Wastelands disease spreader
    Alignment: Evil

    Ultura's are half-dwarf and half-necromancers. Turning dead materials into fashion accessories.
    With the power to communicate with spirits, they instigated the war that began the internal
    conflict between the anitos.
    As initiially planned, the war has transitioned into the human world. More accessories - Excellent.

    Bonus fun fact: Ultura's can transform rough bearded knights into half-Minotaurs.


    Short History.
    The anitos were first borne out of the 'A' section of an old book on Asian Mythology, the page
    preposterously ripped out by a dude named Edward, and used as a bookmark while researching for Team CHOW II -
    He left it within the pages of 'Classical Mythology' by William Hansen. (ISBN 0-19-530035-1)

    In time (0-4 days) they developed and learnt to live within the Greek and Roman mythology stories.

    Gender: unknown
    Race: spirits
    Class: Peacemaking troublemakers (they can't decide)
    Alignment: Good

    The good spirits have transitioned into the human world.
    As shape and colour, with no mouths, their actions are the only way they can communicate to humans.
    [Actions speak louder than words].

    Gender: unknown
    Race: spirits
    Class: Troublemakers
    Aligment: Evil

    anito -
    The evil anitos live in their natural habitat, in the subconscious of any being
    who yearn for world domination, no matter the cost.
    An anito’s sole purpose is to outlive time… (and be ) like a god.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Unknown, but he looks Filipino
    Class: Rogue Ranger
    Alignment: Good (sometimes)

    Minotaur-ED likes to take things appart and put them together.
    He likes to Wacom and occasionally play around with dangerous rusty looking weapons.
    Siding with the humans because he likes a good challenge. He's very eager to take on the
    war monger half Minotaur on the other side of the mountains.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Baywatch hair and half Slow-motion
    Class: Warmonger
    Alignment: Evil

    Luscious just likes a good fight. Old rusty weapons, a favourite.
    He doesn't like his extremely pale greenish skin, and salvates at the day when he'll have
    that perfect tan. [Never gonna happen].

    Tavarian Knight
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tavarian
    Class: Warrior
    Alignment: Good

    Tavarian's are known for their aggressive expansion.
    An Empire constructed on war and domination.As
    the civilization grows in power they push into new
    realms, facing new foes and bartering only in blood.
    Once the Tavarian's gain control they rule through
    order and prompt justice. The communities flourish
    and fuel the ever growing empire. The saying of the
    Military leaders is "Through war we make peace"

    Gender: Male
    Race: Tavarian/Minotaur
    Class: Warrior
    Alignment: Evil
    These creatures, once strong Tavarian leaders and
    soldiers pose a great threat to the Empire. It is
    believed that a rogue dwarf witch helps the Minotaurs
    enslave them. They fall ill or disappear for a time
    Usually cowering in the bowels of the fortresses as
    they transform into the abominations. The creatures
    develop a feverish craving for Tavarian flesh (much like
    the Minotaurs) and hunt their friends and family in
    the night. The attacks have the entire Empire cowering
    in fear and calling on the Gods and Spirits for help.

    Twins, borne of the same mother, with different life paths. One is a 10 and
    the other a 21.

    The good demigod is as corruptible as a human.
    The bad demigod knows how he is already.

    Members and position.
    The group pretty much worked like a secret society (freelancers) made up of different cells.
    The occasional Internet connection each member actioned was to update the collective thread.
    After this CHOW II, one wonders whether this secret society will ever collaborate again.

    Sepu: Guidance councillor & first place getter.
    -Checked on the rules and enforced the rules, like a witch from the east.
    -Finished first with her characters. Woohoo!
    -Strict disciplinarian. She drops the bomb and they exploded next to our ears n eyes mightily.
    -She has alien eyes. Googley.

    AmbientSounds: Future animator, poet, mechanical engineer. A sleeping tiger, scratching panda.
    -The deep set gaze holds within funny ideas and quick wit.
    -Has a fawdness for fauns. Diggity!
    -She could rule the world if she wasn't so easily distracted.

    SirKenneth: Rock and Roller.
    -Founding member of Team Ken-Do-Pu-En-Ds
    -Brought about rule with his 4 Ws.
    -Star gazer and rendering machine.
    -He eats bears in the wilderness.

    vshen: Render artist. Light and Magic.
    -Has a MAC BOOK Pro that loses Internet connection occasionally.
    -His mobile phone loses connectivity sometimes.
    -Busy schedules eat up most of his brain.

    dwardo: Spammer
    -Presses the send email button too early
    -sends random dandom messages that hardly makes sense and it's always, always, full of
    grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Always.

    -The End

    This message was brought to you by '-'
    Team Ken-Do-Pu-En-Ds/KDPED/Kendo-PED martial arts/Martial arts of Kendo foot.

    In order of appearance

    Attachment 767481

    Awesome month! Thank you everyone who participated.
    Catch up sleep anyone?
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    Made through crunch time.
    our WIP thread:
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    Red face team baguette!

    fantastic entries all. Brothers of Baguette: present arms!

    Team Baguette SB
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    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Team Roles :
    Kvick - Supercoolmasteroftheuniverse(or team leader ), wrote stories, painted & created Russell Whitewater, Drae, and Hungorr
    Desian - Token Korean, Painted & created Krushgroove, Violet, Sean Locke
    Chaser226 - Organized website, COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN , Painted & created Krahr, and Shawshank

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil
    --- Rebel Captain Russell Whitewater --- Rebel

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Pirate Lord Sean Locke --- Pirate
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Drae --- Rebel

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Shawshank--- Pirate

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Krushgroove --- Rebel

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Violet --- Pirate
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Hungorr --- Rebel

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    --- Krahr --- Pirate

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Great entries everyone.
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    This was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone for all the inspirational work!

    Attachment 767508
    Adam Schumpert
    Team Sketchbook

    Noggrin - Goblin Paladin
    Attachment 767512
    I want to show the world that we aren't all savages.
    My people can be better than the filth the world has
    made us out to be. My people can bring light into this world,
    and I will prove it. I will be a light in the darkness,
    I will be the shield in the night.

    Noggrin - Goblin Blackguard
    Attachment 767511
    I wanted to show the world that we weren't all savages, and I did...
    but they threw it back in my face. They slaughtered my family, burned
    my people for sport and forced us to be their slaves, but no more...
    I gave them a gift and they betrayed me... Now I will give them my hate
    and they shall burn in the fires of my fury.
    Their blood will be my wine, their flesh will be my meat,
    and their screams will be the lullabies of my children

    FeyVictus - Litch Tyrant
    Attachment 767516
    Countless years I toiled. Begged at the feet of sages,
    served wise clergy on my hands and knees, always hunting for knowledge... for power...
    and I came to realize that it did not matter who I served or where I studied
    how studious or penitent I was, I would never gain the power I sought
    in my life time... I came to realize the only way to gain power... true power
    is to take it. Take it and destroy anyone who rivals you.
    Consume their power and make them bow before you.
    FeyVictus, suffering to the conquered! All of creation shall bow before me!

    Attachment 767514
    How many years has it been... I can not remember...
    I'm haunted by the nightmares of my youth... can it really be called youth?
    I guess I was young and foolish... oh so foolish... I can never atone for
    the evil I created... for the evil I was... for the evil of my very existence...
    I know that now. My soul is damned, cursed to slowly deteriorate in this husk of a body.
    I will never be forgiven for what I've done, but I still have some power within me.
    Never again will I allow darkness to rule this world.
    I shall become the unbreakable stone that stands in defiance of the raging storms,
    the one who will stand his ground before the insurmountable host of darkness!
    I have wrestled death and I have thrown him bloodied and broken
    to the ground!
    I will stand upon the crest of the world and throw back the tempest of Chaos!
    For I am and shall always be InVictus ~ the Unconquered!
    Last edited by Adam Schumpert; September 1st, 2009 at 11:35 AM.
    WAAAAAY WAAAAAY way out of Date!

    My Sketch Book
    I'm always trying to improve.
    Any help, encouragement, crits,
    or comments are greatly appreciated!
    Please let me know what you think

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    The Real Atelier

    Attachment 767522

    Team The Real Atelier team

    Attachment 767517
    Yrbrid il Maustrel
    "A glowing sight met me at the base of one of the great cliffs. A traveler, gilt in white and gold, bleeding from a grievous wound. She seemed to take no notice of the gashes in her side and beckoned me to the waterfall. 'Share some peace with me, friend. Life is short.' What else could I do but sit down?"

    Attachment 767518
    Lhor il Kulphicet
    "I turned from the murder before me, startled by the screams of the angry ghosts rushing up from behind me. I closed my eyes and held my shaking arms around me as they rushed past. I heard the murderer's receding voice above her steps, 'You'll have to wait another day, spirits!' And then it was all gone, and I was alone with naught but the corpse for company."

    Attachment 767519
    The Good Elf Sorceress "Every time I fix something up nice she goes and ruins it, she hangs up those skulls and lures those dumb men back to her cave... she really is an evil mistress"

    The Evil Elf Mistress "You know I'm just trying to have a fun time, But all that goody two-shoes can do is get all up in my business... Honestly she should care less about me and more about herself"

    Attachment 767520
    Igor Crumb
    The elite guardian of The Great Cloud Towers, he's tougher then a ten ton rhino and has defeated entire armies on his own...but if you ask any of the lovely orc ladies, its his luscious flowing locks of dark hair that he's most proud of.

    Attachment 767521
    King Thunder
    Leader of the Northern Orc Armies. If he's not plundering or looting he's usually killing and murdering. He finds his great strength in eating the beating heart of a Unicorn...the last unicorn.

    He is the W.I.P thread

    "If you ever give your best... well give it better"-Maniac...

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    Attachment 767694

    Team Tall, Grande & Venti consists of the following members:

    Daestwen :: Dished :: Sunroamer :: Yoitisi

    The Team Sketchbook can be found here:
    Team Tall, Grande & Venti Sketchbook


    Below is our teams effort. A short note here, since we are with four team members but only delivered 6 images. Due to health reasons yoitisi had to resign in the last week and take some rest, and since there was not much point in creating a character which showed only one side instead of both good and evil we decided to leave it at six.

    Attachment 767797Attachment 767798

    Name: Ren
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Cleric

    Having grown up as one of the highborn in the xenophobic human nation of Imperium, Ren too carried a deep hatred for the so called demons and the wretched pagans who collaborated with them. From when he turned 13 years old he had always been prepared for his warring duties, which included physical and mental as well as magical training. Finally, when he was 20 years old, he first rode into real battle, soon becoming one of the most feared Dux militum in Imperium's short and bloody history.

    Still drunk on the bloodshed of a previous slaughter, Ren and his soldiers were ambushed during a campaign deep within heathen-territory. Taken by surprise, he only managed to barely keep his life, however he lost his right arm. In fact, he only survived thanks to his panicking horse which ran off and pulled him along, throwing itself into a river running nearby.
    He had passed out and, when he regained conciousness, found himself bandaged and obviously treated by a skillful physician, however still too weak to move. To his great dismay he soon realized that he had been saved by the demons he'd hunted down so vigorously before: the rebellious elves of the Magoth deltas had saved him, although his armour and weapons had clearly identified him as an enemy. Even though he was distrusting at first (in fact, the elves were too) he came to like his saviors over the time and even helped them out. He learned much about them and he found it largely confusing, because these people definitely weren't the demons he'd been told of.
    Then, one day a little war band of Imperium soldiers raided the village and started to slaughter all its inhabitants; knowing full well that they would leave nobody alive Ren made his final decision: he turned against his former comrades, his patria, his familia. He decided that they were the true demons.

    Still drunk on the bloodshed of a previous slaughter, Ren and his soldiers were ambushed during a campaign deep within heathen-territory. Taken by surprise, he only managed to barely keep his life, however he lost his right arm. Even though rendered defenseless, he survived as he was favored by Imperium's deities: as his blood gushed forth and his enemies' blades came down a last time to take his head, he unleashed powerful magic which seemed to spill out of his wound just like the blood did, breaking all the heathen warriors and gruesomly deforming them into they were utterly unrecognizable.
    When he returned to Sanctum, the capital of Imperium, he was declared Divinus by the Pontifex and forever cherished by the people, becoming one of their greatest heroes.

    Attachment 767799Attachment 767800

    Name: Vaerach
    Race: Half-Orc
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Shaman

    Vaerach always found within her the innate ability to connect with all things living, whether they be sentient or almost barely truly alive.

    Living as an out-cast from both cultures, Vaerach lives on the outskirts of the empire, silently trying to re-grow the burnt down forests and destroyed land left in it's wake. Covered with tattoos to increase and control her power, she channel's the earth's energy to do her will and heal itself.

    Captured by imperial forces, she was tapped as a power source for their mages, using her body as a direct line between them and the earth energy she so naturally called upon. Overloading on the energy, it twisted her mind, body and soul, and she coldly killed every one of her handlers in a power-frenzied state. Covered in slave-tattoos from the empire, she can no longer reintegrate with society - not that she would if she could. Her mind half gone, she hunts down any that cross her path - Imperial or otherwise - and rips the life force out of them. The corspes she leaves for her slugs.

    Attachment 767801Attachment 767802

    Name: Cressech
    Race: Lizardman
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Warrior Monk

    Born in the hot and humid swamps of the regions south of the Empire, Cressech is the sole survivor of his nest. After brutal fights for survival while growing up, both with predators and their own kin, he and his sister emerged from the swamp in search of ancient knowledge hidden in temples and libraries spread across the world. They were a couple that fought side by side, a rarity amongst their solitary race. However, as soon as they hit the Empire they were betrayed and his sister killed by the xenophobic soldiers of the Empire, though she took at least two dozen of her foes with her.
    Though his hatred for the Empire started here, Cressech himself was saved by a few sympathetic souls and helped past the lines of the Empires forces. He now roams the world to continue what he and his sister started out to do, though any soldier of the Empire crossing his path is in mortal danger.

    After the death of his sister, Cressech decided the Empire needed to be wiped from the face of the earth. Although being just a single warrior, he set out to seek ancient knowledge of evil and dark arts to enhance his skills and powers, crossing the line between good and evil. He is a feared enemy of the Empire, and kills without remorse. His might in battle and skill with his weapons, powers he obtained from ancient scrolls and masters in the dark arts, makes him a warrior like none other.

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    Team Supreme


    Name: Merehim
    Race: Druid
    Class: Cleric
    Gender: Male


    A lonesome soul, Merehim wanders the defiled forests of Kandor in search for peace. Using his gift to bring new life into what once was decayed and rotten, a memorial more than a calling, he mourns the loss of one most dear to him. Waiting.. for the call that never will come.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Contaminated by the essense of Kandor, Merehim turned to the blood of innocence. For too long had he wandered among death and decay, seeing nothing but hatred. His once lifegiving gift was captured and twisted into a tool of darkness. He walks no longer as a giver of life, and no longer does he have a cause. He justs wants to see the world bleed as his heart could not.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Name: Narcelus
    Race: Narcelii
    Class: Brawler
    Gender: Male


    The last known member of the lost Narcelii race, Narcelus has been fending for himself in the Kandor forest for practically his entire life. However, when he encounters a druid also living in the forest, they form a bond and help each other survive. Together they have survived in the forest while avoiding hunting teams from the nearby human village.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    The last known member of the lost Narcelii race, Narcelus has been fending for himself in the forest for practically his entire life. Due to being constantly hunted by a nearby human city, Narcelus has developed tremendous hostility towards humans, and none who have attempted to track him down have survived.

    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil

    Name: Ophelie
    Race: Human
    Class: Theif
    Gender: Female


    Ophelie is a thief, but not in the usual sense of the word. She is more of a reclaimer someone who is able to relocate lost or stolen items. Items of much greater worth than any peasant could lay claim to. Her clients usually include lords and ladies who's treasure larders had been ransacked by bandits or jails who have misplaced some convicts. She was raised in a traveling circus and spent most of her formative years as a carefree girl. She is a free spirit and claims loyalty to no one.
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil


    Ophelie works for the township as a gatherer of information and a woman who knows how to get things. Orphaned and homeless as a young girl, she learned the art of theft and the ability to avoid being seen to survive. Her formative years were spent alone and in darkness. She owes her allegiance to the lord of the land for giving her a home and she carries out his every wish, even dealing death at his word. She has become a bit of an urban legend, her masquerade mask has become a symbol of tyranny and fear.
    Team Chow II :: VOTING :: Good and Evil
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