I was an avid Painter user at school. I fricken love that program. wait, let me rephrase that. I love painter 5.0... I knew it well enough to give a workshop in it to the underclassmen. I did about half my senior film on it. Then Painter 7 came along and I graduated. I can't stand it. it makes me feel ... :bash: all over. why? what happened? Can painter 7 work like painter 5? what's with all these layer thingys? I hate them!!! why can't I use a watercolor brush over the pen tool, dry my paint and erase?or, you know, any combination of whatever I want. why did they change the look and feel (not to mention the placement) of all the brushes? I feel as if someone played a horrible, cruel joke on me because nobody else seems to be having these problems. I finally bought my very own wacom tablet and I feel powerless against the 7.0. What do I do? did it change that much in two versions? is this better for others? This is like some twilight zone episode. ok.. this is a really long post, sorry! HELP!!!