I am working as a regular extra for a TV sitcom. I showed my figure drawings from various workshops to fellow extras. a few used to work as models, and one gentleman was really curious about it. He asked me if I feel OK with all the models in the buff in the classroom. My answer was "Not really.". And one lady backed that there's nothing sexual about figure drawing.

Well, that's mostly true.

I've heard stories about some models asked not to comeback to a workshop because they make really revealing poses. In some rare cases some models are really stunning but don't know how to pose well, so they end up posing like Playboy Playmates.

And some models are...not so self conscious. Years ago I went to a big workshop/party and one stunning model posed with really revealing poses constantly, exposing everything. I mean, everything. And the model was a really stunning girl. But I never saw her ever again. Maybe she moved onto acting or something.

And I know of a certain once-instructor at one prestigious art school who nailed a bunch of figure models. And he didn't even sound like a lothario or something. He always sounded dazed and stoned. And this one particular model constantly monologues about all the relationships she had with various painters and other artists.

So the stereotype is not entirely false. And that was what I told to that gentleman on the set. "Well, the stereotype is not entirely false, you know..."

And me and other artists used to joke about marrying models so that we can draw them all the time.

And no, I am not making things up. What happened was what happened and all the discussions actually happened. Yep, sensitive issue.