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    Tornado in Toronto

    I was having a normal day and all, about to go watch District 9 and what do you know the lights go out and a small tree flies over my roof on to my patio. It took a while but we got a small generator hooked up to our TV and we where watching the mayhem unfold.

    Fortunately all we got was a free ficus, but some people got there roofs and houses destroyed.
    Anyone else from the GTA have any stories or pics to share.

    Here's a link to one of the stories.

    Pic of the tornado.
    Tornado in Toronto

    And finally my patio (had to cut it into pieces with a hand saw to get it out of the house).
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    Holy sh*t, hope everything is all right

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    The tornado missed here, but it was thundering like hell and I was watching the news play out on TV after the power came back on. I assumed the tornado warning was just going to be yet another false alarm, but the "TAKE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY" line on the end of the broadcast raised my concerns a bit. I'll probably be pulling a bunch of branches out of the yard in the morning, but that's all. It wasn't much worse for us than that storm from a couple of weekends ago.

    Hope you're all okay and that your patio didn't get too beaten up.

    Edit: I must say that love the weird yellow sky that came after the rain. I tried taking a picture of it, but it didn't come through nearly as well as it does in that picture you took of the branch. The way that it lit up my living room through the window was really eerie.
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    Yeah, I'm right downtown so I didn't actually see a funnel cloud but man it was crazy. We didn't even lose our power so I was watching the tv footage for a while! There was one death in durham.

    Really, really weird.

    For those who live outside Toronto, I've *never* heard of tornadoes here before, certainly not more than one in a single storm! The storm was crazy, I've never seen lightning light that... non stop. Kind of awesome though, but weird when the tv is telling you to go to your basement!

    Ontario does get a few tornadoes (something in the range of 12) every year, but not this close to the lake, usually further north.

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    I didn't even know tornados could exist at this location. I wasn't fortunate enough to see any of them but the photos look cool. There was a massive thunderstorm though but that's probably not as exciting as seeing a friggin' tornado.

    chriskot, it's funny you mention the yellow sky after the storm because I started to paint it the moment I saw it. Lovely ending to a violent storm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daestwen View Post
    Kind of awesome though, but weird when the tv is telling you to go to your basement!
    I'm glad there are no tornados where I live. I don't have a basement, and neither does anyone I know. I have no idea what I would do. Msybe I should start digging now.

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    I've seen that yellow glow before too. Not after a tornado but after a real heavy thunderstorm. *Really* cool, surreal light.

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