Hi Guys, I've been working on this character called Sirius, the first concept drawings (Good drawings) Were done by Pilar Berrio and Ruben Romero, I worked with them on this project to create a character from concept to a 3d model. I did all the modeling, after some point to push even more the character I started to explore by myself new accesories and details for her skin. I think I'm a good modeler, but not a good drawer [ though i'm trying and practising.

I would like to have your opinion and advice about how to improve this character, I don't mind If you want to paint over the image lifedrawing

This are the images

Concept: Done by Pilar Berrio, and Ruben Romero

3d, and paintover photoshop

360 of the 3d model on zbrush, also looking for details on skin

3d posed (This was my first try with the model posed, but I wasn't happy with accesories over his body, i'm trying to find a way to make his skin with enough details so accesories are minimal over his body

I really appreciate all your help, thanks.