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I know what you mean about the people that just seem like naturals. But are they really naturals, you really have to think about it do you know how much they draw lol no one can just draw out of the blue (without practice) and do an awesome job at it.
Its funny cause Nephew A practices 100% more then B or C and you can tell that he does because is so much better. Some might say hes a natural but I've been him practice, and hes only 6 lol B and C are 9 and 7
and for the lost of lust for drawing I know what you mean 100% but for some reason that is when I draw the most. Its weird but idk. updated my sb if you didn't see Happy Trails
LOL, it seems our Diarum here has become an art instructor of sorts. LOL! Do you give them exercises from Betty Edwards' book? It's noble of you to encourage them to draw, because this world needs more attention on the arts. Imagine how great it will be if the entire Wall Street is replaced by Art Street, or Renaissance Street, or if Obama and leaders of the world spends all their energy on promoting art education instead of stupid wars.

Keep at it, dude! There seems to be significant improvement in your line confidence in your latest update, especially the last 2 drawings! Now, that's exciting! You'll be catching up with me real soon!

Now, I guess I gotta devise new methods to improve my drawings.

Nice day and Happy Trails!