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  • .Elec7ro

    0 0%
  • Jerik

    0 0%
  • Gumish

    0 0%
  • evolvingeye

    0 0%
  • darkly

    2 2.17%
  • JakkaS

    31 33.70%
  • dwinbotp

    3 3.26%
  • lkjhgfdsa

    8 8.70%
  • Einen

    6 6.52%
  • The Searle

    0 0%
  • Lee

    4 4.35%
  • Arbinn

    9 9.78%
  • Verehin

    2 2.17%
  • scorge

    6 6.52%
  • NickTrip

    0 0%
  • jrbarker

    0 0%
  • Syhn

    0 0%
  • GoldenSerpent

    7 7.61%
  • PowleyMan

    0 0%
  • jouste

    2 2.17%
  • feralcoconut

    0 0%
  • Pierropod

    0 0%
  • kimliatach

    0 0%
  • Steve Somers

    10 10.87%
  • Steve Marworthy

    0 0%
  • Mike D

    0 0%
  • Mike Burns

    0 0%
  • Crustibian

    0 0%
  • abyssopus

    0 0%
  • alive

    1 1.09%
  • wanwan

    1 1.09%
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    Thank you Arbinn and Scorge! I'll keep that in mind next time and try to push my design more I appreciate the feedback!
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    scorge Thank you scorge!

    I'm "worried" about my skills because I'm a perfectionist and compare myself to the best artists and artwork I know. It might not do good for my mental health and motivation right now but at least it's pushing me forward (apparently) pretty fast.

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    .Elec7ro: Your entry is very rough and could overall use some more refinement.

    Jerik: Cool creature, I especially like it’s jagged thorny wings.

    I really like the concept of these guys. The little diagram of the trapped animals and the way the flames spread is a nice touch. The picture its self could use some stronger highlights and shadows in relation to the fire. Overall good.

    Evolvingeye: Cute description, and the picture works well, but the evil hamster’s designs could have been pushed a little further.

    Darkly: Amazing critter, its a very intimidating creature despite size and a rather joyful and bright color pallet. I especially like its strange compound eyes and little bug-like legs. The little black and white scenario at the bottom is definitely the icing on the cake. Great work!

    JakkaS: Total eye-candy, the textures on the tentacles are beautiful and small details like the oozing mini- mouth on the creature to the left and the small hairs on the creature to the right are great. I also like the idea you had of the creatures themselves being halved, but that also sort of leads me to feel more sympathy for them, than an evil sort of vibe.
    And congratz, you completely dominated this weeks round!

    Dwinbotp: A wonderfully disgusting and evil little blob you have there! Nice humorous approach to this topic it certainly gave me a chuckle.

    lkjhgfdsa: I like the built in jingle bell on its tail and the pentagrams are a nice touch. Something about the creature’s pose seems a bit stiff to me though, other than that great work.

    You’ve got a really nice art style; the colors and little speckles of light are great. I also like the subtle radioactive symbol and the diagram to the side is very well done.

    The Searle: It’s not bad but it doesn’t really feel evil to me :/

    Lee: Awesome work, I like how you used a wacom tablet to show your creature’s size, very creative. I like everything except the shadow underneath the creature. It doesn’t seem to line up with all of it’s legs and it makes the tablet surface appear more textured than it should be.

    Arbinn: Really good work the creature’s head is nicely done and the motion of it pulling out that chick feels very fluid. The yolk looks great as well. Since most parts of the picture no longer have the black outline it started out with it’s a bit distracting to still have some outline’s showing, and I think the dead chick in the background seems a bit to bright. I like the addition of a traumatized and still living, for now, chick in the background.

    Verehn: Nice creature, and really well done feathers, the positioning of its legs bother me though; it looks like a very unnatural position.

    Scorge: I really like that lower mouth; the little upturn of its lip gives it personality. The textures especially on the skin of the creature is also great.

    NickTrip: First off I love the name, and giving a bird-like creature behavior similar to a parasitic wasp is cool. It looks pretty creepy, but I think the design could have been pushed a bit further. Go completely crazy with your design in the beginning and then scale it back down.

    Jrbarker: Pretty good, a bit to humanoid for my taste. I’m not sure but it looks like you used the Photoshop fur brush for the hair on its body. It’ll take a bit more time, but if you zoom in and draw in the hair yourself with a small brush you’ll get much more natural looking results.

    Syhn: Cool creature, I like the coarse hair/spikes congregating around its joints.

    PowleyMan: Nice concept, it could use some harsher shadows and highlights and the line of the jaw showing through the saliva doesn’t work too well. Try just erasing out that line, or replacing it with a value change instead.

    Jouste: Really great critter, it has a nice sense of weight to it’s dangling, and that hand is very nicely detailed as well. Also nice touch to the description about it actually being a herbivore.

    I like your rather humorous concept and your creature looks interesting, but that background sort of obscures it. A different color other than that yellowish-tan that blends in with your creature’s yellowish stripes would work. Otherwise he gets a bit lost.

    Pierropod: I’m not really sure of the description but the creature is pretty good. I like it’s skull structure and the little antennas on its head. The teeth seem a bit to exaggerated to me though, it’d be awful hard to actually open and close it’s mouth with such chompers, maybe if they were a little shorter and skinnier.

    Kimliatach: Nice design but it doesn’t look evil to me :/

    Steve Somers: Fantastic! The squiggly naked-mole rat, serpentine pink thing of doom is beyond despicable! Which of course means its great The Brainscrambler’s victim really helps sell the piece too, and I actually like how his throat looks bloated and a bit liquefied, not to mention that extra tendril popping out. The whole thing gives me a bit of a grungy horror flick, I can just imagine someone walking into a room and finding this guy sitting on the couch watching tv. White noise blaring away on the screen and as the protagonist grows closer, and then suddenly the bloody reveal that the man is really dead and the Brainscrambler is whipping it’s tendrils around violently, ready for it’s next meal! Great, great stuff!

    Steve Marworthy: I really like the feathery hair on your creature, it’s very interesting, and I also like all the details you put into the texture. The small cracks in its head crest and beak, and the leathery hide on it’s body. It ends up having a sort of hyper-realistic feel that’s really nice. I think the muscles on the upper legs could use some work though, they aren’t bad, but they do look a bit off. Trying to compare and contrast your picture with a diagram of bird or human leg musculature would probably really help.

    MikeD: Try using less black for your shadows, the hair also looks a bit odd, I can’t quite tell if you used a brush tool for it or not, but zooming in and carefully placing the hair with a small hard round brush can do wonders. Nice detail on the ears though, they’re something a lot of people neglect and yours turned out very nice.

    Mike Burns: The pattern on this guy’s back is pretty cool, and all the green venom is nicely done as well. Some highlights on the branch will make it integrate better into the picture. Your Leech’s pose is a bit stiff too, try letting its whole body arch in a nice curve instead of just its tail.

    Crustibian: I really like your concept, very creepy and definitely evil. Your picture is pretty freaky too, the texture over your creature’s body is interesting, especially around the pelvis area where it sort of looks dried up and stretched thinly over the bones. There’s a significant amount of disconnect between the creature and the background though, maybe having its toes clutching the wall would help.

    abyssopus: Pretty cool, I like his large pincers and his multi-eyed head. Overall he doesn’t feel very small though; putting something in for size comparison would probably take care of that though.

    Nice touch with the pokeball. I think this is a really cool design my only problem is that it looks a bit to machine like with the square panels and metallic sheen.

    wanwan: You have some nicely depicted vermin in this picture, the flies especially are well done. The shadow of your creature in the top right looks really nice, but the shadows underneath it on the ground don’t quite match up.

    The two I struggled to decide between in the end were Darkly and Steve Somers. I love that Darkly’s little critter gives off an evil vibe while being pink with blue spots, definitely not the classic evil design specks and that panel at the bottom is great as well. In the end though, Steve Somers gets my vote for this one, with his freaky brainscrambler. : )

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    Nice work all! Vote went to dwinbotp - fun critter, great rendering and zany quotes to sell the story. Top notch.
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    my vote goes to Arbinn for successfully conveying the evil act and giving the sense of scale for size and weight at the same time!!

    JakkaS come as a close second

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    Sorry I didn't make it back in time to vote, but this looks like a landslide anyhow. great job JakkaS. I wanted to try to give some feedback to everyone though.

    - Looks like you could have something interesting here, it just needs to be taken to the next level.
    Jerik - Cool idea. I think the top ortho silouette is more interesting to look at because we get more of an idea that this isn't just a crow/raven and perhaps if rendered from a similar perspective would make this a much stronger piece.
    Gumish - I like the back story and the way you've placed them in the food chain. the rendering and contrast on the male head is fantastic, but the rest seems to flatten out.
    evolvingeye - Hamsters south of Heaven. Too funny. Digg the whole concept. My only crit is that the image looks washed out to me as a whole. A simple levels adjustment might fix that easy enough though.
    darkly - Dude, I love this design and your rendering. The color choice is the only thing I question. Great job!
    JakkaS - You rock! I know exactly what these things would feel like if I was holding one from their texture. Great descriptive excerpt, too.
    dwinbotp - That's one evil little turd! And I know about those kinds of friends, aka couch villains. Great piece of art.
    lkjhgfdsa - Twisted. Absolutely twisted. The only weak part for me is the hands. They don't have near the same volume that the rest of the piece does. Good use of background elements in the comp to lead the eye. Does this fall into the "human-like" category though?
    Einen - This is cool little design. I think it wold be stronger without the radioactive symbol, but I understand the tone you're going for as well. It just seems to detract from the overall design (which is very strong) for me.
    The Searle - I really like your style. It has the feel of cut paper. I can't say that you're really pushing the envelope concept-wise, but that aside I think this is a great looking piece.
    Lee - This guy looks viscous, and truly looks small. And though scale references help in that regard, I'd says it the fact that the viewer's perspective is looking down on the Mocaw that really adds to its diminutive stature. Awesome work!
    Arbinn - This one hit close to home, living on a farm and all. I love the lunatic look and I can just hear the slurping and sopping as in licks it chops. Good use of point-of-view here as well, Arbin. My only qualms are that its feet don't seem planted on the ground and I don't like the use of black to define the edges on the "fleshy" arms and feet. Thanks for the feedback.
    Verehin - Your concept has a very mythological air to it that I verily appreciate. This is the sort of evil that sits and watches you, unflinching and aware of you more than yourself. Beautiful work.
    scorge - No sir, I believe the craziness goes to you. This is truly one disgusting little SOB. I can imagine getting sick just at the sight of it. Nice palette and all around composition. Thanks for the feedback. A couple minutes on a drop shadow would make a lot of difference. Hopefully in the future I can have an actual setting.
    NickTrip - Cool style. Would like to see the concept pushed farther. Technically speaking, I think you should drop the value of the background a little more and that guy would pop right off the page. What are you working in btw?
    jrbarker - I like your mark-making, the "stringiness" of the musculature. your could get more volume out of areas like the fully visible leg if you would run your marks perpendicular to the way they are now; around the leg (think cylinders) as opposed to down it. Keep up the good work!
    Syhn - Those front two appendages really pop of the page with dimensionality. The body, even though I realize is fairly "pancaked," does have near the volume as these though. Good thought to use atmospheric haze to to give a sense of depth but maybe let it grow more gradually, each segment of the creature being more "faded." And I think I would have left the floor from the front elbows forward the lighter blue, save for the drop shadows.
    GoldenSerpent - Not the hand,man. That's my livelihood! These are sick. The most evil vermin I've ever seen. Like a 'possum on meth. Great rendering. I like how your "simpler" areas still convey the necessary info. Killer job! Thanks for the input. I here what you're saying about scale on mine. Some sort of reference at least would help.
    Powleyman - Nice design. Good coloring/markings to the GD Blasphemer. Just really needs darker values in the foreground image and stronger shadows where it meets the the surface to really anchor it to that book of lies.
    jouste - Big fan of your style. And I'm mean beyond the line art, but more to the style of your line art, if that makes any sense. Cool little beatsie and back story. Keep 'em coming.
    feralcoconut - Very witty and unique. Solid rendering, but the background is overkill. It's really distracting. Look forward to seeing more from you.
    Pierropod - I love the head on this thing. Body seems a little small for it but... Goos use of light and shadow to create volume.
    limliatach - Neat design but definitely cute, not evil.
    Steve Somers - This is an awesome piece of work, but I'm afraid the great job on the corpse might take away from the creature. i even dig your touches on the type. Kick ass, man.
    Steve Marworthy - This is really looking good. just think the legs fall behind the rest of it as far as having a sense of volume goes. Thanks for the comments. I'll try your suggestions for sure.
    Mike D - Some sickly looking coloring. Like some little hairless sabertooth. You might try to get away from using black when painting. Traditionally it's generally frowned upon. Hope to see more.
    MikeBurns - Really cool design. I like to coloring and markings a lot. I little more work on that limb would help it feel like it's actually hanging from it. Even if only right around the tail itself. Nice work.
    Crustibian - Nasty bugger. I believe someone suggested softening the edges of it to help it blend to the background better and I agree.
    alive - Cool biomech feel. Solid work. Think I'd like to see some "eviler" eyes, but that's just me.
    wanwan - Very interesting style. Design seems a bit haphazard to me. Great rendering though.

    Sorry if these got a bit brief towards the end. Time is not my friend.
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    haha thanks for the crit abyssopus! For some reason I can never get enough contrast in my paintings. I think its that I paint in greyscale first then color it. I should just start with base colors.

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    GoldenSerpant, Abyssopus, Thanks for the crits! I'll get those legs right next time

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    Scorge wrote
    Mike Driginal desgin. Colors are way over saturated. Like the hairs. Nice touch.
    I'm having issues with learning color values. Been trying to see my errors, but I keep falling back into the "bright is good" thought process. Thank you for your C&C!

    GolderSerpent wrote
    MikeD: Try using less black for your shadows, the hair also looks a bit odd, I can’t quite tell if you used a brush tool for it or not, but zooming in and carefully placing the hair with a small hard round brush can do wonders. Nice detail on the ears though, they’re something a lot of people neglect and yours turned out very nice.
    I think my black issue is related to trying to figure out how to color glaze properly. I have been experimenting with coloring techniques, and right now I'm attempting to learn to color by using black and white and using a color brush over the top. Maybe I'm doing it horribly wrong, lol.

    Hmm maybe my hairs just didn't work out well. I did use a small hard brush and did create them one at a time, but I probably just need to work on my hair skills a bit more.

    Thank you for the C&C and my rat ears =)

    Abyssopus wrote
    Mike D - Some sickly looking coloring. Like some little hairless sabertooth. You might try to get away from using black when painting. Traditionally it's generally frowned upon. Hope to see more.
    I hear you loud and clear about the blacks. I'm thinking that I might not be doing the color glazing technique correctly. I've been working black and white first and then coloring over the top. I think maybe I should just go back to using color to work with instead of black, white and grayscale.

    Thank you for the honest C&C!

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    Opossums, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, possums, etc, etc,... are they too 'human-like'?
    Your point is still valid abyssopus, I am just having a laugh
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    Ok, finally got some crits done, sorry for taking so long to do it. I didn't go through and read all of the crits everyone else gave so these might be a little repetitive, but I hope its at least a little bit helpful. I did respond to crits recieved here too. Thanks everyone!

    .Elec7ro - I like the red and black color comabination and the glow you've given the piece, but the image is way too dark and it's hard to make out the creature.

    Jerik - Good creation. I like the style and the story, it all has a good feel to it, I just wish you had worked some other colors into the bird. Even if all of the creature is to be black, you can still cram a bunch of color into it.

    Gumish - Nice image and explanation of how they hunt. Their arms look a little stiff, though.

    evolvingeye - I like the back story for these little guys. I would say that you should try to work additional colors into them though. Maybe try variating the color for each segment of light (highlight, light side, midtone, dark side, reflected, cast shadow: each being a different color across the same form)

    darkly - Your image is iconic and well done. Good job! Everything is well done, I find the edge of the cloud behind him a little sharp and distracting though.

    JakkaS - Great job! Everything is designed and executed really well! Its hard to give any suggestions for improvement, but I would say that the creature on the left, his right hand, the fingers seem little thin compared to the rest of his body. Nitpicking though.

    dwinbotp - Really amusing piece, well thought out and well done. I think he use a little bit more sharpness around his eyes, like to the degree that his teeth are rendered. Good work!

    lkjhgfdsa - That little guy looks mean! I like all the rendering and textures. I would just say to give him a little more color variety.

    Einen - Great idea and I love the nice soft rendering and glow you've got going. It would be kinda cool to see some more details pulled out on it's face.

    The Searle - I like the style and the traditional feel you've added to it, but some of the forms start to fall out, especially his tongue.

    Lee - Great creature design and I really like how you brought the tablet into it! I would just say that the whole image is a little bit too gray though and could use some more color on the creature. It seems like that blue light is the most saturated spot in the image.

    Arbinn - Great job with everything! You've got a great idea and all the textures and forms are reading well. I think you've put the dark shadow a little too low on your monster's face though.
    I'm glad my style is distinctive. I just have to work on making it good! hehe

    Maxim Verehin - I like the design and rendering of your creature, but it would be nice to see a few brilliant highlights pulled out on it a little bit.

    Scorge - Great job with the scene! Your creature is really creepy and well rendering. Your image seems to get a little muddy in the darker areas though. Good job!
    Thanks for the crit. Sometimes my drawing gets little sloppy and I fail to notice the weird things going on. I'll definitely try to double check things in the future.

    jrbarker - Cool looking guy you've got going. I like the soda can in the bg for size reference and your color choices. His hands and feet could use some refinement though.

    Syhn - Nice design and textures, I think it could be a little brighter though.

    GoldenSerpent - Nice job! I wouldn't want to run into those things. You've got a really great style for these guys. It looks like the jaws on the left-most and right-most devils are quite matching in their shape.
    Thanks for the crit! I need to work on my drawing and design skills a little bit. I'll try to kick it up a notch.

    PowleyMan - I like the colors for your creature and you did a great job with the bg. You should put some cast shadows in and it would help your creature to look like its standing on the book.

    jouste - Excellent style and composition. Your creature looks like its really ready to dig in. I kinda wish his tattoo were a closer representation to the creature he's holding. Right now it looks like something else entirely, which doesn't really make sense. Unless I'm missing something.

    feralcoconut - That's messed up. Its a cool idea and you're tie monster looks cool. The bg is a little distracting though.

    Pierropod - I like the design and the size reference, I feel like he could use some more details, especially on his teeth where the viewer's eye is most attracted. Nice job with the gesture and sense of movement though.

    kimliatach - Nice idea and design. It's pretty disturbing. I think you have have made it a little more expressive though. Especially the "hands" and "feet".

    Steve Somers - Really nice painting! Its a great idea and you carried it out really well. It looks like overall, the creature is about the same color as the man though, which isn't necessarily bad, but it could pop a little more if they were a little more different.
    Thanks for the compliments. I used to try to make paintings for the weeklies, but I couldn't get them done quickly enough. This seems like a good comprimise.

    Steve Marworthy - You did a great job with this, I like all the details you put into it. I feel that the hair on his back is a little less detailed than everything else but it looks good!
    I'll think I know what you mean and I'll try to figure out a solution. It could be the contrast, or the arrangement of color. Thanks for the crit.

    Mike D - It has a good expression and feel to it, but the forms seem to be a little bit too round and not all that natural.

    MikeBurns I like the new design and that slime looks really cool. The image overall looks a little dark though.

    Crustibian - Cool idea and design. The color is a little bland and your darks seem little too punchy. But the effect the creature brings is nice. I like the style of your last one a little bit more than this.

    abyssopus I like the design and execution, but it looks more like a giant creature than a small one. Also, watch that your marks on his body follow the form, it gets a little loose in places.
    Thanks for the crit! I'll try to keep the overall view in mind a little more in the future. These are charcoal drawings colorized in photoshop.

    alive - I really like your style and the colors you chose for your piece. And the pokeball is a nice touch. The creature seems a little angular though. I kind of like that, but at the same time I'm wondering what more natural forms painted by you look like.

    wanwan - Nicely done. It was fun to watch you work on this live. I really like the mood you've got going in this piece. The only thing I would say is that in the darker parts it's a little hard to see what's going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkjhgfdsa View Post
    Opossums, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, possums, etc, etc,... are they too 'human-like'?
    Your point is still valid abyssopus, I am just having a laugh
    Oh, I'm with you. Mostly I'm asking for my own understanding of the rule. I'm pretty much a noob here and am just trying to figure out what flies what doesn't.
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    This was a great round, sorry I couldn't finish mine (I got about 60% done, I'll try to finish it).

    A few favorites:
    Scorge: Love the scene you painted and the disgusting appearance of your creature.
    GoldenSerpent: I like the hand you added, the creatures look vicious and definitely evil (like little rat t-rex's).
    Steve Somers: Great addition by having the creature come out of the head, looks gross!(in a good way)

    I voted yet again for JakkaS (I promise he does not pay me to vote for him every time!) Creature looks awesome I stared at it for a long time trying to see what kind of brush strokes you used and how you got that fleshy "fish-out-of-water" look. He is kind of adorable in a sick way. Cheers!

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