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    Exclamation 601: Bad Man from Bodie - A Vampire Western

    Bad Man from Bodie

    Bad Man from Bodie is not like your typical vampire story. what we are doing is far from anything you've seen on or liked about "twilight." But hey if that's your cup a tea, then hey, whatever floats your boat. the town of Bodie is located in the eastern high sierras of California. the story takes place in 1882, towards the end of the gold rush. the story is complete and all we're doing now is getting our artwork together and trying to create a permanent look for our three main characters: the GUNFIGHTER FRANK BODIE, the MARSHAL JACK WALLACE, and the Demon KILLION. so once our main guys have a face we'll put'em up. we have already started dropping teasers on other comic websites in hopes of creating a buzz in time for a JANUARY 2010 release. anyway, we hope what we created is something you'll enjoy. . if nothing is clear and you have a question please feel free to drop a question.

    thanks for stopping by


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    Exclamation 601: Bad Man from Bodie teaser#1

    just as we said we would add teasers here and there to get everyone familiar with some of the main characters. the format we're using is similar to a screenplay just so its easier for everyone to read. we hope. also, most of these teasers that are posted are events that take place 1 to 8 months before the comic Bad Man from Bodie begins. just to add back story. i hope it all makes sense. if it doesnt, it will after a few more teasers.

    thanks for stopping by


    2 months before Bad Man from Bodie begins


    Frank Bodie stood looking around the campsite, six mexican outlaws lay dead on the ground. a look of admiration on bodie's face. he sees a bottle of Whiskey lying by the campfire. he walks over and picks it up. he twist the cap off and takes a large gulp.
    BODIE: Shouldnt be killing folk in my town.
    He looks up the wagon trail on top of the hill, he sees the pack of the wolves he's become too familiar with. he smiles to himself. he suddenly senses something beyond the campsite. out of the darkness the Demon Killion appears
    KILLION: admiring your work my friend?
    BODIE: they was bad men they had it coming
    KILLION: im sure they were. you were never this fast. you're starting to embrace who you are. acceptance is where it begins.
    BODIE: go away killion, isnt there an angel somewhere you can go harrass.
    KILLION: im sure there is. but i'd much rather spend my time with you, bonding
    BODIE: there's no bonding here
    Killion looks up at the wolves still sitting at the top of the trail
    KILLION: amazing arent they, the way the follow you. watching over you?
    BODIE: i never asked for them. i dont need them.
    KILLION: not now you dont. but you will. right now no one has caught on to your little deeds out here. but people will get curious. they'll eventually come for you. and when they do, you call on them and they'll respond.
    killion looks up at the wolves
    KILLION: the wolves of bodie. a nice compliment
    bodie says nothing and takes another drink from the whiskey bottle. killion shakes his head
    KILLION: your only weakness. if you only had some kind of control. in due time. well my boy, i'll let you admire your work in peace. for now.
    BODIE: --you wont be missed
    KILLION: ah, so clever. try to get home before dawn now.
    BODIE: just so you know im still not doing what you've been asking
    KILLION: that a fact?
    BODIE: yep, that's a fact
    KILLION: then i guess i'll have to stand by your side until you think differently. time is not a problem for either of us.
    BODIE: i can always kill myself. then what are you gonna do? you're a fool.
    Killion laughs for a few seconds, then glares at bodie.
    KILLION: let me tell you something, you think it's that easy? if i was you i'd forget that idea real quick. you take your own life I'll make sure your afterlife is hell. you wont ever sleep. you'll feel like every inch of your body is being ripped apart. every second. forever. you understand what im saying my friend? or, I still sound like a fool?
    Bodie says nothing and takes a large a gulp of Whiskey, defeated.
    KILLION: you should take it easy on that. See you soon
    Killion looks at the blood still protruding from the neck from one of the outlaws.
    KILLION: why dont you try to indulge more. get some nutrition in you.
    Killion turns around, walks away and disappears into the darkness. bodie sits there. he looks at the dead outlaw. he takes another drink.
    BODIE: bastard

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    Exclamation 601: Bad Man from Bodie - teaser#2 - introduction of jack Wallace

    more teasers for you all. they 'll continue to be short. some of these events actually take place before the story of "Bad Man from Bodie" so we can give everyone some back story. at times it wont seem very vampirish. that's because it's a set up. art work for this project will be up shortly. thanks for stopping by.

    601 - six feet under, no trial, one rope

    Ext. Nevada territory- Day

    Several miles out of Virginia City

    Marshal Jack Wallace and his Men stand over a group of outlaws they have taken prisoner. they have them face down, hogged tied and gagged.except for the youngest prisoner they've all been beaten into a bloody mess. Wallace kneels down next to the one who appears to be the leader of this outfit, named Briggs.
    WALLACE: you see what happens briggs when you kill one of my men and have your way with his wife? see my men are loyal to me and Im loyal to them. So I take what you did very personal. you might as well have killed me and raped my wife.
    Wallace pulls the gag out of Briggs' mouth
    BRIGGS: listen you let me go and I'll return with more gold than you know what to do with. I swear it.
    WALLACE: more gold than I know what to do with. tell me something briggs do I look like a man in dire straits? hmm?
    Wallace stands up and walks over to the youngest outlaw
    WALLACE: What in hell are doing wit these pieces of sh-- huh boy?
    YOUNG OUTLAW: Look jack we didnt want to--
    WALLACE: --jack? jaack? try marshal. or Mr Wallace.or Sr
    wallace grabs the young outlaw and pulls him toward a tree, he throws him up against it wraps his arms around and ties them at the wrist.
    WALLACE: you made a bad decision joining this crew son. i hate rapist. now, before mabel died she said you were the only one who didnt stick your little friend between her legs. now what Im going to do for you is a favor, and let you die quickly.....because,you did shoot my favorite bartender. And he was also a friend of mine.
    Wallace turns around and walks several yards away from the young man. he takeshis coat off, revealing four daggers holstered on his torso, two on each side.
    YOUNG OUTLAW: please mr. wallace have mercy on me.
    WALLACE: I am. you should see what im gonna do to your friends
    with lightning speed and force wallace swings a dagger into the young man's leg. he screams. then,with the same velocity he swings the remaining three into his chest. within seconds he dies. wallace turns his attention to the others
    WALLACE: get'em up.


    Wallace's men have put up several wooden poles and tied the rest of the bandits to them. twigs and brush have been placed around them and up to their knees. someof wallaces men have lit torches. fear overcomes briggs
    BRIGGS: you're crazy jack, you're goddamn crazy
    WALLACE: That's what ive been told. but, i call it justice.
    wallace turns to his men
    WALLACE: light'em up
    just as wallace hops on his horse his men light the brush at the bandits' feet. just as he rides away they scream obscenities at him. after he gets several yards away the obscenities turn into screams of agony. After a few moments the flames have completely consumed their bodies. Wallace never turns around. seconds later he's joined by Mike Larsen, his right hand man
    LARSEN: little theatrical hey jack?
    WALLACE: lets people know who did it.
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    You may want to post your script on or if your looking for the appropriate feedback.

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    Did you really need to make 3 different threads for this?
    Was the information just too mind blowing for a single one to handle?
    - Dan Dos Santos

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    Nothing like pitching you`re little story by saying that an insanely popular book series is shit and your 4 paragraphs are going to fucking blow my mind.
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    Yeah, i've stuffed these into one thread for now, no pointed cluttering up the lounge.

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    Posting piles of words instead of art on an art website is usually not the best way to generate buzz.

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    Well to make this thread somekind of usefull. Redevelop that Bodie guy, he is not really consistent. And changes personality about 3 times in the little bit of text you posted. Its not really good for the immersion of your reader. Especially if you want to pull them into your world. Not gonna bother reading the second bit now
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    Exclamation 601: Bad Man From Bodie - teaser#3 AND #4

    we're gonna keep posting little teasers til our january release. the first issue i think will be released on the web. I apologize for not having artwork up just yet but, my artist seems to be moving in sloooow motion. someone sent me a message saying this was not art because it was a bunch of words. i disagree, anything you create can be art. it's my imagination. now if its shitty art, well thats for you decide. i really appreciate the feedback that was given to me. anyway, but thanks for stopping by.


    Excerpts from the journal of James Wolfson. An employee with the "the Daily Bodie Standard" and worker for the district recorder. this was found in his room at the Wheaton and Hollis Hotel.

    I was up at the Bonanza Saloon with Katie last night After we were done doing our thing she was pretty worn out while i was still wide awake so i walked out to the balcony to get some air. I liked her room because it sat on the second floor with a view of Main Street. I remember that night not because of how manly I felt going at it with katie for several hours, but because it was such a different night than most. unlike other nights there were very few gunshots. a few skirmishes between some of the local miners in the early hours but nothing to put the locals on edge. i guess everyone got drunk early and passed out. we have a saying here, "why cant a man get along in Bodie without fighting? it must be the 8500 ft elevation. really we cant say it's the altitude. There must be an irresistable power in Bodie that impels us to shoot and cut each other.......the clashing of revolvers can be heard up and down Main Street, and.......a man cannot go to his dinner without getting a bullet hole in his hat, or the seat of his unmentionables cut away by the knife of the desperado. yes it is sad, but only true, that everyone that comes to Bodie must fight." well, this is what happens when you have over sixty saloons and only a few churches. as i was saying, it must have been four in the morning when i was out in the balcony. i sat there for about ten minutes looking up at the stars and enjoying the silence that rarely fell on this town. Then, from the opposite side of Main Street Frank Bodie appeared staggering out of an alley. The fastest gunfighter and most feared man in this side of the territory was not only a killer but a drunk who spent most of his time bendin' his elbow and looking up the neck of a whiskey bottle. but that night i saw something that made me freeze in my seat. a pack of large menacing wolves were with him. it was four of them. two of the wolves walked in front of him maybe twenty feet or so while the other two came up behind about the same distance. at first i didnt know what was going on, then it looked as if they were his personal protectors. as if he needed it. Bodie usually made his way back into town by himself. But the place was dead quiet that night so bodie and his furry friends musta put their guard down. they walked down Main Street for several minutes and were approaching the Bonanza. in a few minutes they were about to be in front of me. without making a sound i tried repositioning my chair so i could get a better look at them. But i must've made a sound loud enough for them to hear because they stopped in their tracks. all four wolves shifted their heads in my direction. Despite sitting in darkness the banister offered me little little cover . I knew they were looking right at me. i could feel a chill up my spine. bodie staggered for several feet before he stopped to take a drink of whiskey, then said "you forget what you saw unnerstand?" I was still frozen not saying a word. 'you unnerstand?" i managed to nod yes. 'You plan on doin' me wrong they'll know." as two of the wolves growled I could see their eyes glowing red. It almost felt as if they were making sure i understood what bodie said. then he spoke again. "I can protect the women and children in this town, but if you men want to shoot and carve each other up that's your business." a few seconds later frank bodie walked several feet, dropped to his knees, fell forward and passed out in the middle of main street. Then, almost on cue his friends moved closer around him. they looked at me before shifting their attention to four different directions of the town. they would stay right where they were until the sonova bitch woke up. even drunk n' passed out i knew no one was going to lay a hand on him. after several minutes the shock wore off and i was feeling a little safe to move, so i stood up and walked back in the room. i picked up a bucket by katie's bed, stuck my head in it and threw up. i haven't said a thing to anybody.

    Teaser #4 more Jack Wallace

    This event takes place six months before jack Wallace assumes control of the marshals office in Virginia City. also FYI 90% of the events we are adding take place before the story of BMFB begins just to add some back story. we know it's not starting off very vampirish at the moment but eventually with several more teasers it will become more clear. just try to imagine THE UNFORGIVEN meets THE SHINNING meets DRACULA all in one, and hopefully you'll see where were going with this.



    There is a company of about 60 soldiers spread across what is an apparent battlefield. lying dead across the perimeter is over two dozen dead Apache Indians. JACK WALLACE along with his most trusted companions MIKE LARSEN, RICHARD HAMILTON AND DIEGO GARCIA sit mounted on their horses surveying the situation. after a few moments mike larsen dismounts and walks over to a Dead Indian. he kneels down and reaches into his side pouch and pulls out a Six Shooter.
    LARSEN: this is henry's gun
    WALLACE: i guess the search is over. and this should confirm it. this should Justify us coming out here.
    HAMILTON: suppose so. now what, we return to camp?
    WALLACE: I prefer not to. I was thinking we go after black wolf
    HAMILTON: lobo? that's a long trip to california
    From a short distance away a group of soldiers are approaching wallace and his men. they have yet to see them.
    WALLACE: hey diego, you feel like goin' to california and track down Lobo Negro?
    DIEGO: si. you want. maybe they no want us back at fort.
    Mike Larsen spots the troopers and points them out
    WALLACE: well, i guess we'll find out soon enough. nobody mention going after Lobo.
    LARSEN: I wont. but it looks like you're on your way to being court-martialed
    WALLACE: maybe. i dont give a damn. not I'm looking to become captain.
    Several seconds later the Official reaches them. he looks upset.
    OFFICIAL: what the f--- is this sh--?
    WALLACE: how about a thank you?
    OFFICIAL: how a about a go f--- yourself and a court-martial to go with it?
    WALLACE: wow, looks like you called that one mike
    the men laugh
    OFFICIAL: haha. shut up, all of you. dont know what it is with you men, but this is gittin' old quick. gibbons isn't too happy.
    WALLACE: they killed several of our men, including henry dalton. and these red niggers needed to be made an example. show the rest of them if they come into our camp and kill our people they should expect a fast response. i was surprised you didnt do anything before i did. but i guess that's the difference between you and me
    OFFICIAL: dont start getting into your honor, loyalty speech crap jack. you have no authority to be leading an outfit this size out here. you making your own rules now? doing as you please without the consent of your superiors?
    WALLACE: i have no problem questioning their tactics. and some of those officers arent making the best decisions. if i was in charge i guarantee we wouldnt have so many dead men.
    OFFICIAL: that's not for you to decide. and dont think the colonel dont see you and your men huddled in the corner. whispering amongst yourselves.
    WALLACE: i dont see how planning preemptive strikes is a bad thing. we like communicating with each other. how is being a close group wrong?
    OFFICIAL: we dont have a problem with that jack. it's your attitude. you always have something to disagree on.
    WALLACE: and for good reason. General Miles couldnt find his own ass in a back house
    the official just glares at him
    OFFICIAL: it was miles and cook who won that last battle. dont allow your reputation to be tainted do to your arrogance and anarchist attitude.
    WALLACE: why am i an anarchist, because i prefer sow beans to beef. a winchester to an eight gauge?
    the men laugh again. almost over doing it
    OFFICIAL: (shaking his head) you men just refuse to understand how it works. well, here's something you'll find amusing. you've been ordered to attack the comanche in the north sector. from the black valley
    WALLACE: what, the black valley. that's there strong hold. it's suicide.
    OFFICIAL: not my call. but i want all you men back at the fort for briefing. dont know what's gonna happen to yas. now move out.
    the Official pulls the reins on his horse toward the road. Wallace's men dont even flinch. they just sit there. the Official stops
    OFFICIAL: come on jack we gonna do this again. you men know what's good for ya, i suggest you git.
    ignoring him the men stay put
    OFFICIAL: i wont hesitate to recommend a court-martial.
    WALLACE: we're not going back to the fort captain. don't interest us anymore. Sheridan's got a vendetta against us
    OFFICIAL: you men just gonna become deserters?
    LARSEN: at the moment it might make better sense to.
    the Official looks at wallace for a second. thinking.
    OFFICIAL: so that's it huh? that's the way it's gonna be?
    WALLACE: that's the way it's gonna be. no other choice
    OFFICIAL: I dont understand you sometimes jack. but i think you know i wouldnt recommend your dismissal. hell if it wasnt for you i'd be a dead man. I wont forget that. i'll explain what happened out here. what i saw. i'll try to make everything right. tell them you did it for henry and the men who were killed. i think deep down Gibbons knows you did
    WALLACE: appreciate it
    OFFICIAL: last time though. never again though. you're on your own after this.
    Wallace nods. the official looks around the perimeter.
    OFFICIAL: unbelievable what you've done out here. anyway,.....
    The Official begins to ride away. after a few seconds he stops and turns around.
    OFFICIAL: hey jack if you're thinking of going to california dont bother.
    WALLACE: what makes you say that?
    OFFICIAL: Im looking at the proof. I know you jack you're obsessed with revenge. i know you dont forget. you want to go after Black Wolf. wasting your time. he's dead from what i hear. but if you have other business out there to take care of so be it. i'll stick to my story when i get back to the fort. but I suggest you come back with me. we can figure something out. get you and the men ready for your next mission. Gibbons will look after yas
    WALLACE: suppose. so who killed lobo?
    OFFICIAL: some gunfighter out in california. shot him down near Aurora.
    WALLACE: what's the gunfighters name?
    OFFICIAL: Uh, i think his name is Frank Bodie. come on jack, lets get back
    He pulls on his horse's reins, turns and rides away
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    At least do us a favour and keep it all in one thread please. I'm not at all sure we should indulge your self promotion, but when you're doing so please respect the forum etiquette.

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    Should have gone with your gut:
    Quote Originally Posted by Losdog View Post
    so if i have a new comic coming out how do i hype it up? I Know this is not the place so where do i go from here? thanks
    Enough is enough.

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    Damn you got there before I did Elwell

    He send me a nice PM and all:

    oh really,....
    isnt there a large number of people here who are self promoting? you're just a hater. get a girlfriend already.
    Nr. 1 way thing to send an admin after getting a warning, really.

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