Band link: (the music and lyrics is in spanish though). At least listen to the first song in their playlist, which is the one I made the EP for.

The band is kinda like alternative pop rock, and they sing about lots of stuff: sex, domination, addiction, love, etc. Their kinda influenced by the indie rock scene (bands such as TMGT).

Finished these about two weeks ago. These are all Photoshop. The first is the finished Single for the "El Cuadro" EP they are releasing. The next one is the first initial poster i designed for a gig they have in Guayaquil about 2 weeks. It was rejected, so I made another one (the 3rd image), more "pop" (as they suggested). Hope you like them

PS: it's all Photoshop, I took about 10 hours for the cd cover, and the gig posters took me about 5 hours to do.