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    Renaissance drawing media

    hey guys any of you know of any renaissance drawing media excluding chalks and silverpoint? seems that the red chalks have been all used up, and silverpoint is just really tidious..... im just looking to use it for like sketching, but i dont really want to use pencil, and the pens i like are pretty expensive... so if any of you know of any of these, itd be much appreciated to share! thanks!

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    Conté crayons were developed as a substitute for natural red and black chalk, give them a try.

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    You're kind of at odds here, art materials have definitely evolved with ease of use in mind, so if you want to use materials that artists of the renaissance used, then you should be willing to cope with the drawbacks such as the tediousness you proclaim silverpoint has. Now if you're just looking for materials to have the renaissance look, its more the way you use your media than what media you're using.
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    thanks guys

    ive tried conte crayons, not extensively, but they were pretty difficult to use for me... theyr really pastelly and what not, i think they make pencils too tho, so i was going to give those a shot when i get to the art store..

    yea, ive actually tried to cope with the drawbacks of silverpoint.... but about a week or so into a project i knew id never use it for that again..... and it was very clear to me why they used it the way they did, great for detail, impossible to make a mark thicker than a strand of hair..... haha yea tahts another thing that i figured; i saw a video on youtube of someone who said they were using prismacolor verithins and got a pretty damn close similarity to the look of red chalk, and of course he could get detail with pencil, but again, have to get to the store! haha Thanks for the help guys

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