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    Incognito is a go

    This will be a one-month contest. It will run alongside the regular chows, so if you aren't interested in participating, you don't have to feel left out of the regular activity, and if you'd like to do both, you have plenty of time.

    Here's how this is how it's going to run:

    -Teams will consist of 2-4 people. How this works is up to you, and how many people you want to work with. You may not play by yourself, you must at least have a partner. If there is a group of 5-6 people that wish to participate together, you may PM me with why you want such a large group and I may let it pass.

    If I happen to miss your team in the thread, just send either me or Poshspice a gentle PM and we will correct the error.

    * You will get FOUR TO EIGHT CHARACTERS that your team must design. The characters will have a genre or time period associated with them.
    * You will have to work together to come up with an over-all design, theme, genre and time period for the project. You may start on this now. But you will not know the exact characters you have to create until next week.
    * If you participated last time, you may choose either to stay with your team or create a new one. If you stay with your team you do not have to stick with the same world/genre/period, but you are free to if you'd like!


    This month's Team Chow is going to be a little different! This time, we are creating fantasy portraits for player characters - with good and evil versions! It's both a wide open brief and a very strict one! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a random team from the options given to you below, and to create 4-8 fantasy portraits that read well together and still look awesome separately. Thus, as a team, you must create a compatible 'look' for your characters.

    ConceptArt.Org is going to be running game design activities and it is our hope that some of these characters could really inspire people doing activities on the other parts of the site too! Fuel for their fire so to speak. :]

    Also, Jason has allowed me to offer you some fabulous prizes!

    The winning team will get four downloads of their choice each and a pass to an upcoming live streaming course right here on!

    Also, individuals within teams are also up for a prize! These will be given for leadership, and for extra effort in making great characters. This prize will consist of four downloads and the pass to attend ca live streaming event.

    On to the nitty-gritty:

    Here are the rules!

    1. Teams of two MUST create at least 4 portraits, teams of three or four need 6 and teams of five need 8. You are perfectly welcome to create more images that the requirement if you feel your team is up to it.
    2. You must take a random selection of the choices below. Please don't do 4 elven fighters, or only orcs, for example. Please take a randomized selection. If you would prefer me to give your team a specific assignment, I will generate the selection for you. If I see teams doing more select parties, then I will request you to change to something more random.
    3. You must follow the format provided. See it below, please!
    4. You must do a LIGHT and a DARK version for each character, please! This means that for each character you need two portraits.
    5. You must submit a paragraph about each character. Do a short write up for each character you create. I want to see some interesting, stereotype-breaking stuff here, folks!


    Gender: Male / Female

    Race: Human / Elf / Half-Elf / Dwarf / Orc - (and anything else you can think of!)

    Class: Fighter (Barbarians, Knights, Dark Knights, Brawlers, etc) / Thief (Assasins, Rogues, etc)/ Spell Caster (Wizards, Sorcerers, Druids, etc) / Healer (Priest, Cleric, White Mage, Medic, etc) - (feel free to make up something for this, too)

    Alignment: Good / Evil (please do both for each character)

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    Alchemist? Not sure if the change in age is too extreme to count as one character...

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