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    Trying to create a grass/dirt/etc brush


    I'm just trying to create some brushes for environment painting - I'm trying to create a brush to bang in some quick stones, grass blades, or something like that. In Photoshop it would be just a few spots as a captured brush, with spacing, scatter and angle jitter for example, I can't seem to get anything which basically stamps down some marks. Is it possible to create something which would behave like this?

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    All About Captured Dab Brush Variants


    We can make custom Captured Dab brush variants in Corel Painter, This means the brush dab shape and opacity is based on an image.

    The image can be anything you want.

    Read the instructions in Painter's Help Topics:

    Painter X Help > Help Topics > Contents tab > Customizing Brushes > Managing Custom Brushes

    On the right panel, click the link named Capturing Brush Dabs.

    Important info that may not be mentioned in Help Topics:

    Tip One

    1. Before you begin the process of creating a Captured Dab brush variant, select any brush variant that comes close to behaving the way you want (you'll be able to adjust the settings later to fine tune it), then go to the Brush Selector menu and choose Save Variant to save it as a custom brush variant with a unique and descriptive name.

    2. Restore the original brush variant to its default state.

    3. Select the custom brush variant you just saved, then procede with the steps to create your custom Captured Dab variant.

    4. Immediately after using the Capture Dab command, save your custom brush variant again, with the same name. Otherwise, you'll loose your dab-capturing work then need to do it all over again. (After any changes made to the custom brush variant, save it again with the same name... unless, of course, you want to save more than one based on the same Captured Dab image. Sometimes I end up with several, each a bit different in the way they behave.)

    Tip Two

    When you make the "square" selection around the image you'll be using, don't hold down the Shift key as Painter will think you want to add to an existing selection and the Brush Selector menu command, Capture Dab will be greyed out. Instead just make a square-ish selection around the image.

    In the post linked below, you'll see examples painted with Captured Dab brush variants, some included with Painter and some my own custom Captured Dab variants.

    The first and second images are demos of the same Captured Dab variant, the top with Impasto enabled, and the second just a series of brush strokes painted to show how this custom variant interacts with several different Papers to create texture.

    The Nature Brushes example (bottom half of the third demo image) is from Painter as are the two arrows examlples.

    The rest are my custom Captured Dab variants.

    Captured Dab brush variants can be created from any image, drawn, painted, even something selected from a photo. The possibilities, in combination with Painter's powerful brush controls, are unlimited.


    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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    Thanks a lot, that helped me out big time!

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