simple perspective ruler
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Thread: simple perspective ruler

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    simple perspective ruler

    Hi guys, I now came with another idea for a handy tool that is not bound to any application (plugin). It is only running under Windows OS though.
    I have quite many ideas about various helpers, but this one seems for me as the most urgent one. It's the ability to as quickly and easily as possible do basic perspective foreshortening meassurement without the need to mess up with lines, grids and another layers.
    The concept is simple, providing 3 mouse clicks you can easily provide all the needed informations : vanishing point position, position from where to meassure lengths and the length itself.
    So this tool doesn't help you find your vanishing point, it's just computing foreshortnening with the distance from vanishing point.

    Run exe and press Ctrl+Shift+1. Next three left mouse clicks is going to be considered as base points :
    1. Vanishing point position
    2. direction
    3rd click together with 2nd click gives also lenght unit (the order doesn't matter, 3rd point position will be corrected to be exactly on the line 1 - 2 )

    After the computed points appear (default value is 30 points towards vanishing point), you can freely draw/paint, whatever you want, 'cause dots are printed on screen. But you should know, that if you move your canvas or zoom it in/out the points (default is red color) are out of context. But you can recompute them whenever you need just pressing Ctrl+Shift+1 and do the meassure clicks again. If you want the points to dissapprear just press Ctrl+Shift+2.

    When you start executable, an icon appears in tray from where this script could be suspended or closed. For those who don't trust my exe there's human-readable script from which it is compiled (you can download autohotkeys and adjust/compile it yourself).

    Here is the tool

    That's all.

    Edit: I did some bugfixes as response to first users. I was also noticed that people are affraid of not to see any GUI . Yeah, that's the purpose of this tool, to be there when you need it but don't get into the user's way. It's simple as click Ctrl+Shift+1 to activate it and Ctrl+Shift+2 to deactivate it. I use mouse gestures provided by StrokeIt tool to make it even quicker to activate (backslash drawn upwards to activate and backslash drawn downwards to deactivate it).
    I also noticed that somebody migh have some doubts about the program be really running. Again, the icon should appear in tray from where you could pause it or even exit it without any fear.

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