Hey guys this is a long one so grab a snack. I have a question/dilemma/pickle. I have been attending college now for about a year and a half in a BS of Game Art and Design degree. I first started this journey at Westwood College Online. After attending there for about a year I decided it was time for a change (I felt like I was paying for an A). I started a couple months ago at the Art Institute Online. I did some research and found Ai Online was one of the best online schools out there (I think I saw it on Gamasutra). I also looked at some recent graduate’s work that was pretty decent (nothing compared to the pros here on CA). Then I started reading all the threads bashing the Art Institutes. And CA is starting these streaming classes which will eventually become an art school. So now I am torn... Let me give you some background info. I have to go to online school right now because I am active duty Air Force and I am also stationed in South Carolina (seemingly the worst state to live in if you want to study art). My six years is up next May and I am getting out to pursue a career in art. I have a wife and a step daughter. We are planning on moving to Texas as there are a lot of job opportunities there and it is much less expensive than Cali. I am $25,000 in debt from school loans right now. If I quit going to school my GI Bill will stop and I will have to start paying the loans back. I purchase a lot of downloads from CA and the gnomon workshop which seem to be teaching me more than actual college. But most of the money allowing me to do this is from the GI Bill. I would love to get out of college and just do a bunch of workshops, also while working hard on my own end but I don’t think there is any hope for that now. It seems like I am stuck in this path. Which isn’t a bad thing I guess a BS degree would be awesome to have, I just think I could become a much better artist learning from actual pros in workshops (and they are way CHEAPER!). I am going to continue to work hard on my skills everyday and start looking for a job when I get out of the military, but who knows if I will be able to get one. I honestly wish this CA school would start up and get its accredibility so the GI Bill would cover me, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. What do you guys think? What should I do? I know what I want to do but it doesn’t seem financially possible. Anyone went through this kind of experience before? Does anyone know if I quit college and started doing workshops frequently would the financial aid sharks approve that as “attending school.” Thanks a lot for listening I know I am rambling a little but I have a lot on my mind. Any advice would be paramount.