Okay, this is my first post in a very long time... almost 6 months i think... or more..

Either way. I am trying to get a good image of one of the main characters in my story arc. He's the world former of the planet that my stories are based around. I am perfectly fine with his image. I do not want to change anything about the way he looks. Hes nude and loving it and has fire for hair and glowing molten eyes. DONE.

Now, for critique and suggestions on how to bring about a better painting. I know my contrast is still lacking as well as some lighting issues with the top of his head and generally the rest of his body. What I need suggestions on are portions of his body are still being formed out of molten lava. He is made of the stuff. So how can I improve upon the lighting and contrast without adding too many more colors. I'm not sure about complimentary colors coming in ruining it.... so yah... suggestions and critiques please!

Thank you!